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A Guide to Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Clothing for Children

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Elliott is about to turn a year old, and I finally feel as if I’m qualified to be writing this post - or maybe I should say, I’m interested at this point in my life to write this kind of post. I’m thinking more about what he has in his closet, before what I have. Growing up, my mom would always joke that she never went shopping for herself because she was always shopping for my brother and I.

Well, okay.. now, I see where she is coming from.

All I do is think about that little booger, and I’m sure, if you’re a mom, you are the same way.

You want the very best for them, and {if you came here} you probably want to make sure their clothing respects the planet, too.


Second-Hand Clothing

The very first thing I do, when shopping for Elliott, is buy 2nd-hand. I love going to Once Upon a Child, and other pre-loved stores for kids. I usually always find what I’m looking for, and you can’t beat the prices. Plus, you can sell the clothing back after it’s been worn. Kids grow too quick to have a brand new wardrobe every few months.

Online swapping sites like Swap Society also have a great selection of used clothing. You can read more about how their system works here.

However, I’m a firm believer in supporting the makers within the fashion industry. I don’t think it’s sustainable to always buy second-hand - lots of us would lose our jobs.

buy-back programs

There are some online stores and brands who offer new product, and buy it back after you are finished to resell on their site.

Mini-Cycle offers a variety of baby brands, and will take back anything you purchase from them. Their closed-loop system allows you to keep recycling clothing through a trading system. See how it works here.

Little Lentil Clothing is an organic line who also takes back clothing to sell in their Loved Again section. Read more about their send-back program here and how you can save 15%.


organic clothing brands

While Elliott wears mostly 2nd-hand, there are a few organic brands I love to support. Not only are they creating a more sustainable industry for childrenswear, but they are dressing our little ones in fabrics that are safe for their skin!

I mentioned Little Lentil Clothing clothing above - their organic separates are really great for mixing and matching. Mini + Meep creates the CUTEST illustrations for their onesies, some even mama can wear. Soul Flower is for the peace & love child, and Fresh Little Love helps you build a capsule wardrobe through a subscription service so you don’t have to think about what to get! A few other online stores who carry multiple organic brands are EarthHero & Green Roost.


I’m constantly updating my Brands to Love page, so be sure to check out the Kiddos section from time to time!!

Enjoy those little ones <3

Weekly Thoughts: Not a Zero-Waste Disney Trip, but One to Remember

Natalie Kay


We’re Engaged

hah, I bet many of you are thinking - ‘I thought you were married?’. After 6 years and baby, we are finally doing what all the other couples do :D I’ve never been a big wedding person, but now that we are engaged and thinking about who we want there to witness our marriage, things are starting to get bigger than I had thought. I’ll talk about all my wedding planning in future blog posts, but first.. the ring!


I told Travis years ago, if he was ever to propose, I wanted a pearl ring. I love how engagement rings were once pearls instead of diamonds. The history always intrigued me, and the aesthetic felt right. Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend to me. Vintage pearls are much more special ;) We don’t know exactly how old this ring is, but we can at least trace it back to the 1920s. I’m just still in shock on how beautiful it is - Travis did amazing.. I figured he would though. He can be pretty good like that.

He proposed to me during the end of our Disney trip. We took Elliott down to Orlando for a few days to celebrate his first birthday. We were watching the fireworks, and he asked right before the finale. I did not see this coming at all. Our friends who came with us were holding on to the ring, and left to go back to the hotel before he did it. I despise staged engagements, and Travis knows this. I don’t like when people take photos and everyone claps. We were in the middle of a crowd with thousands of people, and not one person even knew it happened. Elliott was there, the fireworks were going and everyone was focused on the castle. A couple even asked if we could take their photo after it ended. It was perfect.

can you do Disney zero-waste?

This was tough for me, and to be honest, I gave up after the first afternoon. I thought I would be able to come out of this trip with not creating any waste, but that was impossible for me - especially having Elliott to look after. What we did do was bring our own water bottles, which I think is essential when visiting the parks. It is so hot, and there are tons of places to refill your bottle. Buying water at the park is rather expensive and .. wasteful. What got me was eating out. Pretty much anything you bought food wise would come in a disposable container. I packed Elliott some snacks, but we needed to buy actual meals - and most of the meals were quick and through a cafeteria line. Even though I made some mistakes on this trip, I think I will feel better prepared for the next. We used to go the parks quite a bit, and I never really thought about my impact during my leisurely time. I’ll make sure we do better next time, and then maybe I can write a guide to help others who feel overwhelmed like myself - especially for the mamas!

Also - We didn’t buy any souvenirs except a Pikachu for Elliott at Epcot {not Disney related at all, hah}, and my Minnie ears are ones I’ve had for years and wear every time I go!

Disney is sustainably chic, too

I have to give credit to Disney and their effort on being more sustainable despite the great amount of people who come to their parks everyday. Epcot has its own greenhouse that supplies for food for several of the parks restaurants, and they recently have given up plastic straws. To find more information on their green initiatives, you can check out this fact sheet - here -

Elliott’s birthday is tomorrow on Mother’s Day, and we will be starting our search for a wedding venue on Tuesday! I’m also speaking on a sustainability panel next week.

More to come <3



7 Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry Brands for the Minimalist

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

Rebecca Mir Grady

Ethically Made Fine Jewelry

I love simplicity when it comes to jewelry. I want to be able to wear it everyday and with anything in my closet. It needs to be light, but with enough charm to be noticeable. I find Rebecca Mir Grady does this beautifully. Rings are petite, necklaces aren’t over the top and bracelets are exactly what stacking should look like. 


Little by Little Jewelry

Timeless, Transparent, Inspired by Beauty Found In Food. 

Founded by jewelry designer Annabel Cox, and food editor, cookery book writer & photographer Georgina Fuggle, Little by Little Jewellery is a merge of their love for graphics and food. All pieces are ethically-made in Lima, Peru, and partial profits are donated to Action Against Hunger.


Charmed by a Cause

Ethically Crafted Fine Jewelry Designed for the Altruistic

Their name suits them perfectly. Charmed by a Cause donates 20% of the purchase price to a cause YOU want to support. They are so transparent in the dollar amount that you see exactly how much goes to your cause of choice.


Siku Jewelry

Recycled Metals, Ethical for Ice

All of Siku Jewelry pieces are made right here in the US with 100% recycled and refined metals from the jewelry industry {never from a mine!}. Even the packaging and business cards are thoughtful and made from recycled paper. 


Puck Wanderlust

Mindfully Made for the Modern Wanderer

Created by two London girls - Ranelle & Hannah, Puck Wanderlust is bringing us the finest stone and artisan quality jewelry made with the planet in mind. All designs are created in England, and then ethically made in India. PUCK is a mischievous fairy in English folklore  & WANDERLUST is a strong desire for adventure. 


Tribe Alive 

About Women. Intentionally Designed. Ethically Manufactured. Artisan Made. 

Handmade in Honduras, this 18kt gold-plated brass necklace makes a statement without being too dramatic. It’s modern, geometric design works perfect for a minimalist. Their entire new collection of jewelry is absolutely beautiful and is inspired by Tribe Alive’s love of clean lines.


One Happy Leaf

Eco Jewelry that Plants Trees

One Happy Leaf is more than a jewelry line, it's a collection that fights to protect our Earth & the beings that live on it. Using quality eco-friendly bamboo, each piece is lovingly designed & created by Anna Anagno - an environmental scientist by education {so, naturally, she knows her stuff!}. Plus, for each piece sold, a tree is planted.

use code sustainablychic15 for 15% off


aid through trade

Empowering Women Artisans in Nepal Through Fair Trade

I lied when I made this post ‘7’ brands because I couldn’t not add Aid Through Trade! They are the creators of the Original Roll-On Bracelet, and the are the only bracelets I can wear all day without them flying off my baby wrists. Truly my favorites!!

Weekly Thoughts: New Glasses, Thrifting for Baby & Print Features

Natalie Kay

why hello there

I’ve decided to start writing down my thoughts on sustainable fashion {& living} during the week so I can better reflect on my journey. This will be a sort of diary for me, and if you are struggling with being more ‘green’, you might like it, too. I’m constantly doing things out of convenience for my own mental sanity. I mess up a lot. I don’t adopt things I should. I do something really well for a week, then forget to do it the next.

Anyway - I’m going to jot down all my random thoughts for you to see and for me to remember.

The big news over here is I went back to work this past Wednesday after being gone for 7 weeks. I feel like a new person. That break was exactly what I needed in order to figure out a better balance between being a new mom and owning my own business {yes, this blog is my job and takes a lot of work to maintain}.

romper by Accompany / bracelet by Clare Hynes / rings by Rebecca Mir Grady / mug by GlobeIn

I can see now

I got glasses, as you’ve probably noticed by the photo above. I did not want to go to the eye doctor the last few years {I didn’t think it was completely necessary}, but Travis set me up an appointment so we went. Turns out, I really did need some glasses :P I’m still getting used to the prescription, but I’ve already noticed an incredible difference in reading, driving and computer work. I also made sure to get the blue light blockers since I spend so many hours in front of a screen. My first pair of eyeglasses aren’t really considered ‘sustainable’, but I’ll be better about my next. Send me a message on Instagram if you have a favorite ethical eyeglass brand! I’d love to check them out. p.s. I feel like a have a new boost of confidence in them.

dress by Ahniko / bracelets by Aid Through Trade


thrifting for baby

We are getting ready to go to Disney this weekend, and I was able to snag a few Disney tees from Once Upon a Child for $2.50 each. While I love supporting organic and sustainable baby brands, most of Elliott’s clothes are second-hand. I found so many treasures the other day - he is pretty set for the next 6 months.

I’m going to try my best to be as low-waste as possible during this Disney trip. We got our water bottles and snacks ready to go!

stroller by Greentom / pants by Little Lentil Clothing


Hot off the Press!

Sustainably Chic was featured in UK parenting magazine Baby - I’m still awaiting my copy, but this one is made for all the ‘green’ mamas.



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Create an Organic & Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe for Your Baby with Little Lentil Clothing

FashionNatalie Kay

Little Lentil Clothing

Before Elliott was born, I had made up my mind. If I were to buy new clothing for him, it would have to be organic! What we put on their brand new skin is incredibly important. What’s also important is picking brands who make clothes you can easily mix and match - and styles which are practical and everyday! 

Reasons to Love Little Lentil Clothing

Safe & Soft for Baby: All of their clothing is made from 100% certified organic cotton making it incredibly comfy for your baby {& you.. since after all, you are holding and snuggling them so much :D}. Plus, they use low-impact dyes and always produce with fair labor practices!

Capsule Wardrobing for the Little Ones:  I wish I had thought of capsule wardrobing for Elliott in the beginning. We had so many things - mostly gifts - he only wore a couple of times because they weren’t super practical. With Little Lentil Clothing, you can make a 6 [$98] or 10 [$152] piece capsule wardrobe helping you save time and money.

Love the Clothes & Send Them Back: Okay, this is just too cool and isn’t done enough. Kids grow SO fast, and being able to send clothing back to be appreciated by other children is wonderful! PLUS, you can send back your old Little Lentil Clothing and receive 15% off your next purchase. Learn more about their Send-Back Program - here -

psst.. also check out their loved again vintage denim selection!

What Elliott is Wearing

This color is so beautiful, and the name would have had me sold before seeing it. Now that Elliott is becoming a lot more mobile, I like being able to throw a tee over his head with pants that easily slide on. He moves way too much for me to use snaps or buttons. This set is just perfect for both our energy! 


Where to Purchase

You can find Little Lentil Clothing’s entire collection online - here - and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all new products via Instagram!

Sustainably Supported by Little Lentil Clothing. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored