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Sustainable Outfit of the Day | I Feel the Need, the Need for Tweed

FashionNatalie Kay

If you don’t get my reference, we may need to talk ;)

I’m already in the mood for fall, but the weather hasn’t really been on my side. It seems like every year fall takes longer and longer to arrive. However, this warm weather really hasn’t stopped me from changing my wardrobe up a bit!

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Oversized Linen Tee, Sassind (sold out)

Woven Texture Classic Fit Leggings, The Parallel Connection $114

It’s like you’re wearing tweed pants, but with more stretch and comfort! However, the best part is the fact you can wear them from day to night. I can start my morning with some yoga and a tank, then put a tunic on for outings and then a big tee for bed. While the charcoal grey background resembles one of my favorites, tweed, there is more to the pattern with accent “threads” of terra cotta & brick, as well as the word “Confident” hidden within. Besides the lovely print, I particularly love the fit! The way they lay on top of my hips is very flattering. The Parallel Connection uses recycled poly to create their line of leggings and pants, and all are printed in Virginia & sewn in NYC. Plus, a portion of sales are donated to, an organization supporting learning disability awareness and giving parents the tools the need to help their children thrive.

Bracelets, Aid Through Trade $15+

James Oxford, Nisolo $150

Live In Hope with these Beautiful Handmade Handbags Supporting Colombian Artisanal Craft

FashionNatalie Kay

HOPE Made in the world

If you have been coming to this blog the past few years, I am sure you are familiar with this sustainable fashion brand. I showcased a mochila from their Weaving Hope Collection last Spring, and its one of the most unique and special handbags in my closet. HOPE Made has now expanded on their handbag collection, and I’m excited to share a new favorite with you!

Reasons to Love HOPE Made

Sustainably-Made: Founded on the principles of sustainability and fair work, HOPE Made wants to help preserve original craft, and support artisans & indigenous communities.

Affordable, Yet Fair: Time and time again, people request more affordable prices when shopping sustainably. Every handbag found at HOPE Made is under $200!

Unique Design: I’ve always been a fan of Colombian handbags. I love how many of the designs tell a story of their heritage. This adds a lot of character to such a usual, everyday fashion piece.


What I’m Wearing

Hoja Blanca Envelope Bag: I’ve been seeing quite a few straw bags scattered throughout social media, and I’m all for jumping on that trend. Any bag resembling a basket is a timeless look to me! Besides the amazing price (it’s $40!!!), the Envelope Bag is made from the Hoja Blanca tree. This tree’s fiber is grown around Río Quito, Chocó, Colombia, and is used to create many types of crafts and working tools. It is known for its durability and lovely aesthetic. Floricelda is the artisan behind this design, and was taught by her grandmother, Alminta, 37 years ago. This is her main source of income so this purchase goes a long way!!

Where to Purchase

Find their entire collection of handbags - here - and make sure to check out their line of baskets.

(& stay tuned for dining goods)

Plus, you can stay up-to-date with all new products through Instagram!


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Sustainable Outfit of the Day | The Belt Bag & Travels to Nashville

FashionNatalie Kay

I’m usually not one for trends, but the belt bag has taken my interest this year!! It’s like the new and improved fanny pack, and I LOVE it!


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Belt Bag in Ecru, HOZEN $240

Even though this feels like a buttery leather, it is made from completely vegan materials! HOZEN’s Belt Bag is ethically made in a fair-wage factory in Los Angeles with Italian biopolyoil "leather" body, recycled plastic / organic cotton lining, recycled plastic thread, recycled plastic zippers, natural rubber rope, recycled cotton label, and a vegan adhesive. I put two outfits in this post so you could see its versatility as a belt and a crossbody. It’s big enough for your phone, wallet, lip gloss - all those daily essentials! Plus, 10% of profits are donated to Mercy for Animals, an international nonprofit animal protection organization. While I’m partial to this beautiful color, the Belt Bag can be found in a yellow, red, blue, pink & black, too! Who else is digging this trend? I really love it because I feel hands free, and it’s a nice change from having to wear something on the shoulder. I even put Elliott’s snacks in there when we are out and about.

Leo Zodiac Charm & Birthstone Necklaces, Stilnest from $59

Black Onyx Eros Pendant, Puck Wanderlust $122

NYTT Jones Scoop Keyhole Bodysuit, Alternative Apparel $44 (sold out, but available in black)

Serena Sandal in Nutmeg, Nisolo $108

The Clarissa High Rise, ABLE $148

By the way, we had a wonderful time on our southern road trip! We went to Gulfport, New Orleans, Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville and Asheville. About 30 hours in the car with a 15 month old was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Elliott was a trooper! One of my favorite towns we visited was Nashville, and we had a great breakfast at Thistle Farms. This restaurant (along with a gift shop where they sell their natural body products) is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to supporting women who have survived trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. The teacups hanging on the ceiling all represent a woman and her story. You can check out their online shop - here -

Sustainably Supported by Hozen. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

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Fair-Trade Totes & Pouches with Inspiring Prints Empowering Survivors of human Trafficking

FashionNatalie Kay

the tote project

You may remember seeing The Tote Project on the blog in my 25 Ethical Brands that Give Back post. It’s a pretty popular list, and I can’t think of a brand more deserving to be on the cover!

reasons to love the tote project

Giving Back: This is the reason Fay Grant & Michelle Chavez founded the project! Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and there are currently over 20 millions victims worldwide (a number too hard to fathom). The Tote Project donates 10% of gross profits to Two Wings to support survivors of human trafficking in the US. Plus, they partner with factories who support women survivors.

Ethically-Made: Every tote is handmade by Oasis Bags in a sustainable factory in India from fair-trade certified cotton. These factories are dedicated to empowering women in the city of Kolkata. The pouches are made by Freeset, a fair trade freedom business offering employment to women escaping West Bengal’s sex trade.

Inspiring Illustrations: It’s always difficult to pick a favorite from their collections. They have so many beautiful prints, and they seem to get sweeter with each collection. Each come complete with a inspirational tag line such as ‘free to love’.

what i’m using

Free to Grow Veggies Tote: This is my new grocery bag, and it makes for a great on-the-go shopping list ;) I love the size of their new totes. You can fit a few days worth of groceries in here. The weather hasn’t been great for our last few farmer’s markets, but I’ll be taking this sweet thing with me next time!

Free to Dream Palm Trees Pouch: It’s hard to pass any image up with palm trees. Elliott and I have been going to the beach for at least 30 minutes a day to get outdoors and dig our toes into the sand. This pouch is keeping all our little beach essentials sand-free for us :D

where to purchase

You can find the entire collection from The Tote Project - here - and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all new products & prints!

You Asked for a Skirt & MATTER has Answered, The Wrap Skirt Will be the Newest Timeless Design Added to Your Wardrobe!

FashionNatalie Kay

The Wrap Skirt by MATTER

After wearing my two pair of MATTER pants over the last few years, I did not hesitate when I heard they added a skirt to their collection. They make such comfortable clothing, and I knew this piece would make a great addition to my closet.

If you are interested in seeing my other pieces from MATTER check here and here!

Reasons to Love The Wrap Skirt

The Fit: I’m always nervous when it comes to fit on skirts below my knee. I’m quite short (5’2’’), and that length can sometimes be tricky. However, the way this skirt wrapped around my hips with an uneven hem line, I instantly fell in love. I can see this silhouette fitting well on many different body types.

Super Comfortable & Practical: The Wrap Skirt has a 3 button closure option for more flexibility, a hidden tie closure at the knee to secure the wrap, a wrap tie closure on the side and the best, it comes complete with pockets!! It’s made from a medium weight cotton dyed by hand with azo-free dyes. The ikat fabric is completely hand loomed so no skirt is ever exactly alike. It feels so good on and it’s one of those styles you can take from work to travel. It’s both timeless and elegant!

A little more about ikat…

This particular ikat is woven by their partners in Pochampally, India. It is an artisan craft passed down from generation to generation. The tie and dye technique used is where yarns are resist dyed to create a final textile woven pattern. It’s probably one of my favorite techniques, and you can tell a lot of love and talent went into creating this textile. To date, MATTER has ordered over 14,300 meters of fabric from 3 artisan communities making up 427 individuals!

The Wrap Skirt comes in two different patterns…

Zalya Jungle & Iching Charcoal


Find MATTER’s entire collection - here -

& don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all things MATTER on Instagram!


Sustainably Supported by MATTER. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored