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Organic, Carbon Neutral Clothing Protecting Our Oceans

FashionNatalie Kay

Facε à La Mεr

I love a good tee, and one that is cleaning up some of our most precious gifts the earth has to offer makes it all the better. No doubt, Facε à La Mεr is spreading some major love for our oceans through their fun graphic t-shirts for men, women and children!

Reasons to Love Facε à La Mεr

100% Organic Cotton: Facε à La Mεr has teamed up with EarthPositive to produce all of their tees. EarthPositive takes their organic production a step further, and manufactures solely on wind and solar power. They also have a strong code of ethics for their workers, and are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. Overall, with their GOTS Organic fabric and manufacturing process, they have reduced their carbon footprint by 90%.

Eco & Vegan Inks: I can’t even count how many organic tee brands have approached me over the years that didn’t take their printing process into consideration. Facε à La Mεr only uses water-based, eco-friendly inks which are vegan-friendly and never tested on animals. Even though they use a more eco type ink, the Kornit DTG printers do not budge on quality!

Ocean Conservation: Facε à La Mεr was started by Gordon Fava, a scuba diver who is passionate about the state of our oceans. He decided to partner up with Project Aware, a global force of scuba divers who have been protecting our oceans for over 25 years. For every shirt sold, a portion of all proceeds will go directly to this organization to support ocean conservation.

What I’m Wearing

The Ocean Heart Slim Fit T-Shirt: I’m a sucker for hearts, and this one is a great representation of love for the ocean and its creatures. & like Facε à La Mεr says - sweet, simple & comfy!

The Ocean Slim Fit T-Shirt: As much time as I spend by the sea, I don’t think enough about the creatures living in it. I really love how this tee illustrates some of the ocean’s greatest animals. Makes you want to protect their home all the more.

Pocket Turtle Scoop Neck: Did you check out my latest Fair OOTD? I’m wearing this adorable tee in burgundy! Turtles have held a special place in my heart this past year after my grandfather adopted a nest outside their home in Elliott’s name. This shirt reminds me of all 130 turtles making it safely to the ocean one early morning.

What Elliott’s Wearing

Sea Love Baby Tee: If you haven’t seen my Instagram stories with Elliott at the beach, you should know he LOVES the ocean. This kid has no fear and just wants to belong. He touches the sand and runs straight for the waves. This shirt was made for him with the words ‘me love sea’ :D

Where to Shop

You can find all the tees online - here - and don’t forget to pick up a few for the guys in your life. Oh & make sure to follow Facε à La Mεr on Instagram!

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The Most Versatile Romper for Your Capsule Wardrobe is Taking you From Day to Night, Monday through Friday

FashionNatalie Kay
sustainable romper

Encircled’s Virtual Romper

I’m sure you have seen Encircled sprinkled throughout my blog over the years. I love how they create designs to seamlessly fit into your wardrobe. Each piece has a point to be worn multiple ways, which helps keep our closets small, yet versatile. Today, I’ll be showing you their newest set, the Virtual Romper.

Made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, this three-piece set is comfortable, breathable and oh-so chic. It can be dressed-down or up, and can be paired easily with the rest of your wardrobe.

The virtual romper is comprised of the following…

The Remix Two-Way Top: This tank blouse has two different necklines with a body-skimming fit that flatters. I like to pair it tucked into the flared shorts and out with the crop pant for a dressier look.

The Remix Flared Short: I’ve been wearing these shorts a lot the past two weeks. They look so great with plain tees, and of course, with the Two-Way Top!

The Remix Crop Pant: I love how these pants flare out with the wide hem line. They also have pockets like the shorts, and a wide elastic-backed waistband for extra comfort.

p.s. both the crop pant and flared short come in Navy, too!

see how you can style it for the week with other items in your closet:

Where to Purchase

You can find the Virtual Romper online - here - and use code VIRTUALROMPER to save $60 on the entire set.

Working on building your capsule wardrobe? Make sure to follow Encircled on Instagram for product updates and new releases!


Responsibly-Made Activewear for Your Daily Workouts and Worldly Adventures

FashionNatalie Kay

Threads 4 Thought

As much as I love dressing up, I would say my usual daily uniform is leggings and a tee. We start our morning out at the Y, and then the rest of the day I chase around a toddler. Threads 4 Thought fits right into my non-stop schedule!

Reasons to Love Threads 4 Thought

ReActive Line with Recycled Materials: For me, I prefer my performance wear to have some type of polyester in it. Yikes, I know - it’s plastic! BUT, I don’t find all plastic bad. In fact, this polyester is made from recycled polyester, and if washed correctly to avoid micro-plastics, this type of fabric is great for active lifestyles. I love the way it hugs my body while feeling super supported!

Ethical Manufacturing: Threads 4 Thought only works with factories holding the highest certifications in the industry and ensuring the best working conditions possible. These factories also take sustainability into account every step of the way.

Social Impact: This is a really beautiful part of Threads 4 Thought. They have partnered with International Rescue Committee - a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization helping refugees rebuild their lives. So not only are these clothes treading lightly on our planet, but they are helping strengthen communities all over the world.

What I’m Wearing

Moto Skinny Legging in Raw Denim: I just love the fit of these leggings. The pleats under the knee are so flattering, and give them that extra oomph. These leggings are a part of the ReActive collection, and made with recycled polyester.

Jax Crop Bra in Raw Denim: I feel very confident in this top, I must say! It’s supportive and very comfortable. It’s the sister to the leggings so make sure to pair them up :D

Audley Tank in Sage: Gosh, this tank is SUPER soft!! It’s incredibly lightweight, and made from a blend of organic cotton, recycled poly & rayon. I like being able to throw this on over my ReActive set after a workout and go about my day.

Where to Purchase

Find the entire ReActive line - here - and don’t forget to pick a few things up for the men in your life.

Make sure to stay up-to-date with everything Threads 4 Thought on Instagram!

Left Edit’s Responsible Clothing Line is Here to Make a Sustainable Statement

FashionNatalie Kay

Left Edit

When I first saw this brand launch their Kickstarter last fall, I knew it was going to be a great success. The bold prints, versatile designs and style-driven attitude is what a lot of us women want in a conscious wardrobe. Left Edit leaves an impression behind, and it’s something new & refreshing to add to the sustainable fashion movement.

psst.. keep reading to find some contest details for your chance to win some Left Edit!

Reasons to Love Left Edit

Responsibly Made in LA: Thank goodness for more sustainable brands being manufactured state side! Left Edit makes every piece from their collection in LA at responsible factories paying fair wages in safe working conditions. Plus, the design studio and production sewing space is women-led, and they focus on working with conscious brands in the industry.

Fashion-Forward, yet Affordable: Creators, Kestrel & Holly, heard from several of us that there weren’t enough options for stylish sustainable clothing. You tend to find a lot of sac dresses, boxy tops and straight basics… which is all fine, but you don’t want to dress like that everyday! It’s fun to make a statement with the clothes you wear. The pieces are also very versatile and easy to create all different looks with.

Eco-friendly Fabrics: Left Edit uses some of my favorite textiles - Cupro (which you can find more information below), Tencel & Tencel Linen. They also use GOTS-certified dyes for lower impact processing, and even the notions are thoughtfully-picked. Buttons are made from Corozo nuts, zipper taps are made with Repreve (recycled plastic bottles), and interlining is made from recycled poly.

What I’m Wearing

The Vera: This is the first piece of clothing I’ve owned made from the fabric Cupro, and it’s a new favorite!! I love the sheen, and the way it mimics silk. It has a beautiful drape, feels incredibly soft to the touch, and lets your skin breath.

Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter, which is basically recovered cotton waste. Linter is the very tiny fiber sticking out of cotton seed that is too small to spin. You could consider this type of fiber a by-product of cotton production. Like Tencel, Cupro is produced within a closed-loop system so water and solvents are continuously recycled. Overall, it’s a gorgeous textile!

I love the versatility of the Vera, and know I will be able to style it so many ways in the future - I’m thinking, a turtleneck for the colder months and maybe I can fit a puff sleeve blouse underneath, too? :)

Where to Purchase

You can find the entire Left Edit collection online - here - and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with them through Instagram.

Okay, here are your contest details!!

06_19_2019- LEFT EDIT, invitation, flatlay0045.jpg

They are hosting their first ever Left Edit Dinner series to foster conversations around sustainability and community. Since Left Edit wants to meet their shoppers wherever they are along their sustainable journeys, they decided to come to them. In their Dinner Series, they welcome the winner's friends and other locals to a night of conversation and healthy, vegan eats. They want to know why your city should be our first stop!

Here's what you can win:

If your city wins, the dinner party is on Left Edit :) Your next Left Edit piece is free!

Here's the details on how to enter:

Snap a pic of how you style your Left Edit pieces and post a picture on Instagram.

Tag 2 local friends you want to have at the party + @leftedit

Tell us why your city should be our first stop

The deadline to enter is midnight on July 16th.

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Responsible Leather Goods Regenerating Our Land

FashionNatalie Kay

Central Grazing Company

Did you know we only have about 60 years left of top soil? If you aren’t familiar, top soil is the layer of soil containing the greatest concentration of nutrients, organic matter & microorganisms. Regenerative agriculture is one of the only ways to effectively restore the health in our depleted soil.

Central Grazing Company is surrounded by land with depleted soils. They are working on restoring its health through holistic management of their flocks. This is where animals mimic the wild, and through their grazing and stomping, carbon is reintroduced into the soil and health is restored.

To learn more about regenerative agriculture visit Kiss the Ground and my blogger friend, Holly Rose, who has several articles on soil health and regeneration.

Reasons to Love Central Grazing Company

Fashion that Regenerates: Handbags that help balance the carbon cycle? Yes, please! You don’t hear much about your clothing and accessories actually benefitting the planet. This is the future of fashion.

Traceable Supply Chain: Knowing exactly where the leather comes from in our shoes, handbags, etc. is rare these days. Central Grazing Company has a closed-loop fiber production process, and uses their livestock byproduct to create luxury handbags. Plus, they use veggie-tanning and natural dyeing to keep toxic chemicals away.

The Quality: This is one of those lifetime handbags. I'm sure, if I take real good care of it, I can pass it down to the next generation. You can tell a lot of thought, time and care went into making them.

What I’m Using

The Meg: This bag is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never owned anything so soft and durable. Lambskin is finer-grained and lighter-weight than cow, but it is just as strong and has a silky, buttery feel. The design is timeless, and you can find it in three different colors - all practical and beautiful shades. You can even choose from full leather or leather and suede. I have the Olive in full leather, and the color is very unique to my closet, but it goes with anything!

Where to Purchase

You can find the beautiful Meg online - here - and don’t forget to follow Central Grazing Company on Instagram to learn more about soil regeneration!

PLUS+ save 25% with code myfirstorder :D

Sustainably Supported by Central Grazing Company. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored