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10 Sustainable Shoe Brands to Last You Season after Season

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

I've been asked to make this list several times over the past few months, and I'm finally sitting down to do so! When it comes to sustainability for a pair of shoes, there are many of things I look for - {1} Who makes them? {2} What are they made from? {3} Can I wear them for years to come?. If I don't see transparency within the supply chain, but they wear well, it's still a 'no' for me. I need fair work, materials that won't sit in a landfill {no PVC, please} & quality!! These brands check everything off my list, and there is something for everyone - vegans, adventurers & those who just need a darn good pair of shoes!  


1. oka-b

‘The majority of shoes sold in the United States aren’t recyclable, and most that claim to be are really just shoe redistribution programs. At Oka-B, we believe in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste. The average pair of Oka-B sandals made this year contain 15-25% recycled material.’

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2. Baabuk

My Swiss blood naturally gravitated towards this brand, but after trying on their shoes, it didn't matter what my nationality was anymore. Their sneakers are extremely comfortable and made from wool. Why wool, you may ask? Well, it's great at keeping your feet at the perfect temperature because of its wicking properties, and it's been made to be tear resistant & water repellant. You must check out their line of slippers, as well {they have them for the kiddos, too!}. 


3. everlane

I have quite a few pair of their shoes on my wish list! Everlane is probably one of the best brands at making classic, affordable sustainable shoes. They pretty much cover every kind of style, and offer each pair in a variety of colors.


4. able

I own a couple bags from this beautiful brand, but have been really wanting to try out some of their clothing and shoes. A few things are on my wish list, and I hope to add some pieces to my closet soon. FashionABLE believes in order to end poverty we must provide jobs for those lacking opportunity, particularly for women.  

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5. Nisolo

Probably a brand you have heard of before because all types of influencers have adopted them into their wardrobe over the past couple of years. Nisolo creates intentionally designed shoes you can wear everyday with any style. Their workers are paid beyond fair wages, and are given healthcare & a healthy working environment. There is also no middle man so shoes are sold directly to consumers avoiding any extra unnecessary pricing. If you are looking for a basic, solid pair of shoes you can wear with almost anything, I highly suggest checking them out! 

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6. Rothy's

Probably the comfiest shoe I've ever worn, Rothy's feel like a sneaker yet look absolutely feminine and chic. They are extremely durable and well-made, and best part - they use low-waste, low-impact materials! Can you believe these guys are made from recycled water bottles with 3D knit technology?! This type of material makes for a super sturdy shoe, and you can even clean them in your wash machine. Plus, you have several colors to choose from so your closet is covered! 


7. ocelot market

From Argentina to Turkey, Ocelot Market works with many artisans all over the world. It’s a platform the celebrates the culture of the talented makers and designers. They travel the world to find high quality craftsmanship to make your closet more colorful! Plus, by selling directly to you online, Ocelot Market is able to avoid traditional industry markups. 

8. beflamboyant

If you are looking for new sneakers that are both kind to animals and the planet, you need to check out Beflamboyant and back them on their Kickstarter! Their unisex sneakers are made from conscious materials like recycled cotton and recycled PU. Plus, their packaging is zero-waste AND a tree is planted with each pair sold.


9. made trade

Made Trade houses a bunch of different sustainable shoe brands. It’s nice to be able to shop from several different designers at once, and they have everything from sandals to boots. Some of my favorite brands can be found in there, too!


10. reformation

I actually don’t own anything from this brand, but I’m on their website at least once a week scoping out their latest arrivals. I love their style, and they just launched a line of shoes!! One of these days I’ll get my hands on something of theirs… :D