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Hey, Parents! I’ve Found the Greenest Stroller on the Planet

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When I found out I was pregnant last fall, one of the first things I did was search for a stroller. I was so excited to push around a little human being, and go on longs walks through the neighborhood. There was A LOT to choose from, but hardly any were checking off all my requirements. I wanted a mindful product I could use throughout Elliott’s first 4 years, and something I could pack up easily.

The Greentom has absolutely everything I want in a stroller, and we’ve enjoyed using it since Elliott was a week old!

Three Reasons to Love Greentom

Eco-Conscious Materials: Can you believe this stroller is made from recycled plastic bottles?! Each fabric style saves a large amount of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfills. The strollers pictured above save 74 & 51! The little bag I have attached in the back saves another 23. Plus, the fabric keeps your child’s skin safe with 50+ UPF built in. Even the frame is made from high quality recycled plastic so that the entire stroller can be recycled…or saved for another little one ;)

Versatile Frame: One of the greatest features of the Greentom stroller is its ability to transition to fit with your child from newborn to 4.5 years. The frame can hold the carrycot, reversible and classic style, and they are all incredibly easy to put together. Not to mention, it’s quite a smooth ride {& our neighborhood has a lot of bumps}!

Incredibly Lightweight: When I first started testing out strollers and car seats, I would immediately try to pick them up before all else. I wanted to make sure I could actually carry the product up and down stairs, and pack up in my car without any issues. The Greentom, by far, was the lightest stroller I tried out. At about 16 pounds {depending on which fabric style you choose}, you won’t have any troubles moving this stroller from house to car. We can’t wait to travel with our Greentom to England this winter!

What I’m Strolling

Reversible: Elliott is only 5 months old, but wears size 6-9 months and has outgrown his bassinet. He is so long.. didn’t get it from me… but once we switched from the carrycot to the reversible, he became much more aware of his surroundings during walks. He loves still being able to face me, but being slightly inclined he can see more of the world.

Classic: This style will be able to stroll your child up to 4.5 years old. I really like how easy this one is to travel with because it can stay in one piece when folded up rather than having to detach the seat from the frame. You can also put it into three positions - full recline, relax or upright.

Carrycot: See my post from earlier this year. I would take this bassinet everywhere because it made for a great on-the-go crib when outside of the home. He slept so sound on that organic mattress!

*You can purchase just one frame and build it with any of these fabric styles. I have two frames because my family gifted me the classic long before I took this project on, but it ended up working out great because I can keep one with other family members!*

Where to Purchase

You can shop the Greentom USA website - here - and make sure to follow them on Instagram for all the sweet photos of kiddos cruisin’!

Special Savings

For Sustainably Chic readers, you can use code SustainablyChic10 for 10% off!!

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25 Affordable Ethical Fashion Brands

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Ethical clothing at a great price? Yes, it exists! I’ve compiled a list of brands I’ve come to love over the years that I find have very reasonable price points. & as always, quality and style is not compromised!

warning.. you ain’t gonna find a $5 tee

affordable ethical fashion


To be honest, I haven’t worn anything from this brand until very recently. I like to keep everything on my blog genuine, so knowing the product is super important. I decided to order a pair of jeans because I’m in need and the price was super reasonable. I think their line has every design to build the perfect capsule wardrobe. I’ll be sure to update this once I get to know my new denim!

sustainablefashion (1).jpeg

Swap Society

Well, not a brand, BUT it doesn’t get much cheaper than this {not to mention, eco}. Swap Society is the best online place for clothing swapping & has two types of monthly memberships - LUXE & BASIC. The site works on a point system. When you send your clothing in, a certain amount of points are awarded to you based on brand and quality of garment. With those points you are able to swap it for something of equal.

affordable sustainable clothing


This brand makes zero-waste look so good. Every design from Tonle is made from dead stock fabric. Besides their great eco fashion practicies, Tonle believes in hand made and creating fair work for their Cambodian makers. Their site even breaks down the impact you’ve made from buying a piece of their clothing - like how much water you saved, as well as emissions and pesticides avoided.


Tamga Designs

Beautiful prints and lovely fabrics, Tamga is making ethical fashion fun and cheerful. I love how they break down how you save on resources by purchasing one of their pieces. For example, the Lia Kimono saves 12 liters of water, avoids 3kg of CO2 emissions and saves 2kWh of energy! Plus, the print is hand drawn by their print designer, and printed at their fabric mill using GOTS / Bluesign certified dyes.



Effortless clothing for the spirited woman, Kestan is an ethical brand run by a brother and sister duo. They believe in mindful clothing, and building a collection for a thoughtful lifestyle. Designs are made with sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and tencel, and the people who make the clothing matter. Therefore, they are paid a fair wage and work within a safe & clean environment free of discrimination.

afford ethical clothing


An online shop I’ve gotten to know well over the past few years, EcoVibe is a boutique located in Portland, Oregon carrying several thoughtful brands, as well as their own private label. They are great for staying on trend, but always giving us the eco alternative. EcoVibe's collection focuses on conscious fabrics like modal, tencel and recycled fabric blends with timeless and comfortable designs for the modern woman.


Passion Lillie

An ethical apparel brand empowering women, Passion Lillie is full of sweet prints and designs! Their pieces are either all hand blocked or hand woven with eco dyes including veggie ones. They believe in reversing poverty by purchasing ethical products that employ artisans under a fair wage. All designs are thought up in New Orleans and then executed with their Indian teams in the cities of Bangalore, Jaipur, Tirupur, and Hyderabad.

affordable sustainable clothing

Ash & Rose

Ethical, sustainable & beautiful fashion, this online boutique is home to several thoughtful brands, as well as their own private label collection. They make sure to use organic and recycled material while designing their line, and for the curated collections, they make sure all products are made fairly. Ash&Rose is a woman-owned business so they love to support the brands who are creating economic opportunity for women around the world.

affordable ethical fashion


These aren’t your average tees. They are soft with a great drape, AND they tread lightly on the planet. Made with a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, you’ll look good and feel good when wearing them! I’ve always found statement tees to be a great conversation starter. It’s also a wonderful way to communicate a positive or important message. Bold words like ‘Courage’, ‘Self Love’, ‘Journey Wisely’ & ‘Educa Tu Ojo {Educate Your Eye}’ are hard to forget.

affordable sustainable fashion

Thought Clothing

Based in the UK, this ethical brand considers their impact every step of the way. Besides the stunning aesthetic, Thought Clothing is one of my favorites because of their choice in fabrics. I'm a big textile nerd, and love that they use so many natural textiles. Some of them include; wool, organic cotton, tencel & hemp. They even use reborn polyester! I think my fellow textile lovers would appreciate their sustainable fabric choices.

affordable sustainable clothing.jpg

Threads 4 Thought

This is clothing for people who care about the planet and want to vote with their dollars towards a sustainable future. I haven’t tried this brand out personally, but have heard of them several times over the past few years, and have seen many of my blogger friends speak about their clothing. It looks pretty comfortable, and they choose great eco-friendly fabrics. They even have a line for mens if you are looking for your hubby!

affordable ethical clothing


One of the largest online consignment and thrift stores, ThredUp is making secondhand shopping fun and very inexpensive. They have thousands of ‘like-new’ styles from you to choose from with 90% off the estimated retail price. Each product is thoroughly examined to make sure it’s in great condition before reselling, and you will never see a counterfeit item in their designer section.

affordable ethical fashion.jpg

People Tree

The fair trade fashion pioneers, People Tree is probably one of the most well known brands in sustainable fashion. All of their clothing is made with eco-friendly materials with most of them being Fair Trade certified. Can you believe they have been around for 27 years?! I’ve always found People Tree to be one of the most knowledgable and transparent brands when it comes to sustainability and treating workers fairly.

affordable ethical fashion

LA Relaxed

Dana Weinstein, their very own #GIRLBOSS, created LA Relaxed out of a need for a clothing brand which didn't sacrifice quality for style, and always kept the environment in mind. She, also, knew the importance of supporting local workers and paying fair wages for a job well done. LA Relaxed is the brand to know, and I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have!!

affordable sustainable clothing

Sustain by Kat

Sustain understands what we decide to wear impacts our health. Why not wear fabric that is actually beneficial to your health or at least safe? Plants seem to always be the right choice when wanting to make a product more natural and sustainable, and that's exactly the route Sustain went. This brand has great basics all made from organic cotton and dyed with natural dyes from plants like avocados, madder root, logwood tree and indigo {just to name a few}.


JJ Winks

This brand uses one of my favorite fabrics - Lenzing Modal. It’s a fabric, in my opinion, that offers the comfort cotton can’t while still being mindful of the planet and harvesting from sustainably grown Beech trees. I also always suggest this type of material to my friends who prefer not to wear silk - it has that smooth and sheen like appearance and it’s hard to find anything softer!

use code Natalie20 for 20% off



This cozy line is great for building a capsule wardrobe! Their mission is to provide comfort every day. YALA says, "No matter where life takes you, embrace your strengths, wear your passions, and find your comfort". Their designs are very classic and modern, yet they never sacrifice being cozy! The few pieces I have I could easily wear to bed and wake up the next day ready to go ;) 

ethical fashion


Something that stood out to me when I first went through Sassind's collection was their garment's versatility - they aren't made just for lounging. The silk collection can go from bedtime to out for a drink. Nothing more than a capsule wardrobe enthusiast could want than a garment you can use morning, noon & night! Plus, their palette of neutral colors and soft pastels is ideal for smaller wardrobes. 



The functionality & minimalistic design of Encircled garments make this brand one of the best for minimalist closets. Most of their garments can be worn more than one way. That means more versatility in a smaller closet. Not only are their clothes comfortable to wear, they are great for packing. You don't have to worry about wrinkling, and they don't take up too much space so you can pack light. Their choice of fabrics make garments last longer, too. 

affordable ethical fashion

Aeon Row

Aeon Row only uses recycled yarn to create their line. This means they don't require land, water, chemicals, or cotton dyes to produce! Having to use less resources also means having to spend less money so it ends up being better for our pocketbook, as well. They say, "The average t-shirt requires 700 gallons of water and 1/3 pound of chemicals to be produced. At AEON ROW, the last thing we want is to add to the problem”.

use code CHIC15 for 15% off

affordable ethical clothing


Each piece from Pamut Apparel is made in small batches in Raleigh, NC with USA organic cotton. All of their prints are uniquely hand designed by local artists, and dyes are always low-impact. They even believe sustainable fashion should be cost conscious & available to everyone. Therefore, their prices are extremely fair for all the love that goes into creating the garment! 

affordable sustainable clothing

Moth Oddities

A shop for both men & women, Moth Oddities travels all over the US to find you super unique vintage pieces. Plus, the owners Yana & Ian are awesome people, and I've been lucky enough to hang out with them :D Their photoshoots are hip/trendy/sexy/cool, too, so be sure to follow their Insta for all the shots! 

use code MOTHCHIC10 for 10% off

affordable ethical clothing

Soul Flower

With lots of hippy vibes, Soul Flower is a natural clothing brand for kind souls and free spirits. Their comfortable range features everything from dresses to leggings, and even some things for the guys and kiddos! Wearing one of their pieces will surely put a smile on your face :) p.s. their leggings are among my favorites if you are in the need for a new pair!

w-morainedress-umber7828_2000x (1).jpg

United by Blue

This brand creates responsible durable goods perfect for outdoors. Not only are their designs thoughtful, they help clean up trash in the world’s oceans and waterways! So far they have removed 1,108,117 pounds of trash!! If you are in the market for a new flannel or coat, I highly suggest you check this brand out - snag one for your man, too!



Probably one of the most affordable organic brands, Pact has you covered on any basic piece you can think of. I love their lace undies and bras, and Travis has a ton of their tees. Everything washes well, and stays nice & soft. I’m constantly looking at this brand online to see what new basics they come out with!

Shop Your Values & Become a Part of Something Bigger with this Consciously Curated Online Marketplace & Community

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Over the years, I’ve gotten many questions regarding one-stop shops for sustainable and ethical buying. I find, as consumers, we like to see several options right before us rather than picking from multiple websites. With Brightly, they make conscious shopping easy and even discuss important topics over on their news page, The Brightly Spot!


Three Reasons to Love Brightly

Beautiful Transparent Goods: All products found on Brightly directly impact peoples’ lives and the planet around us. They make sure all brands are made with eco-friendly materials, are easy on the earth, and their claims and certifications are accurate. The majority of these brands give back to a local NGO or charity, but Brightly takes it a step further and also partners with the organizations to create even more positive change.

You Can Shop Your Values: We all have different values, we all place certain aspects of a product higher than others, and with Brightly, you are able to easily find what fits with your passion most. Their categories range from empowering women to traditional techniques. Find them all here.

Community Feeling: Brightly is more than just a place you can shop conscious goods. The Brightly Spot is a place where consumers can come learn more about ethical fashion, clean beauty, wellness and ethical travel. They also have a few awesome projects in the works you may love to participate in…Look out for their loyalty program which will allow you to give back to your favorite sustainable charities AND a hub where sustainable bloggers and enthusiasts can share their instagram and blog posts!

Shop my Look:

Mother Erth Shoulder Bag: This bag has a mission - to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and empower mothers through sustainable jobs. Made from recycled plastic, the Mother Erth Shoulder Bag is exceptionally sturdy and handy! As a new mama, I love bags that are easy to clean off and can fit the many additional items I now have to carry around.

Indigo Dhurrie Pillow: This is a Brightly exclusive, and great example of how they are partnering up with brands and organizations to create even bigger impact. Made through their partnership with Art of Rajasthan, a weaving collective out of Jaipur, India, the Indigo Dhurrie Pillow will add a lot of character to your living space. I think it was made to go on our yellow couch :D

One lucky winner can win the Vinh Long Geometric Statement Buffalo Horn Earrings by entering their email below. Made with repurposed buffalo horns, these earrings are making sure nothing goes to waste. Plus, they are created without any chemicals and each pair come in their own variation of color making them all unique! 


Where to Purchase & Savings

You can find all of Brightly’s curated sustainable and ethical goods - here - and save 10% off your total purchase with code SUSTAINABLYCHIC {good through Black Friday}. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with product launches and conscious news!

Are you a brand? Help change the world with them, and check out their page ‘Sell With Us’.

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Bras Not Required | This Ethical Loungewear is Made to Live & Sleep In

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JJ Winks

A couple months ago, this brand sent me a few of their pieces and I have worn them A LOT. You probably have already seen their Hygge Robe in other posts :D psst.. here and here. But now it’s time to learn more about what makes this slow fashion brand so great…

Three Reasons to Love JJ Winks

You Can go Braless: YES! They have built in bras!! And they aren’t restricting at all. What they call their ‘light hug’, each top comes with a built-in bra that gives the right amount of coverage, yet ridiculously comfortable. As a breastfeeding mama, I’ve loved this feature. I can easily put in my cotton pads and they stay in place just great. It’s also rare I wear bras, and I’m now wishing all of my clothes had this!

Perfect for the Home & Around Company: Not only is JJ WInks the most comfortable to wear at home, you can have some friends over and not feel the need to cover up or ‘get dressed’. Or be like me, and leave the house to run some errands. I’ve worn my JJ Winks to the grocery store several times, and I like to wear them down to the beach and pool - if only I had these types of pjs in college! PJs you can get away with in and out of the bedroom is what I’ve always wanted!

Total Comfort with the Planet in Mind: This brand uses one of my favorite fabrics - Lenzing Modal. It’s a fabric, in my opinion, that offers the comfort cotton can’t while still being mindful of the planet and harvesting from sustainably grown Beech trees. I also always suggest this type of material to my friends who prefer not to wear silk - it has that smooth and sheen like appearance and it’s hard to find anything softer! Also, something very important to me is the way a garment washes. This particular modal washes very well, and the product feels just as soft as when it arrived at your door. Plus, all their pieces are made fairly right in the USA {Los Angeles}!

What I’m Wearing

The Weekender Top in Charcoal with Waffle Panel: Two features of this top I absolutely love - built-in-bra and easy to slide off shoulder to breastfeed! While this tee can pass as a basic, it has a few extras to make it much more special like its criss-cross back and flattering flutter sleeves.

The Walk of Fame Short in Charcoal: I like it when a pair of shorts sits a little above the waistline so you can avoid that pesky muffin top. Especially after having a baby, I just feel more confident when clothes flatter the waist area.

Hygge Robe in Grey Rib: This robe! I can’t even begin to tell you how perfect this piece is for the home. Like I said before, this is my go-to around the house {and I bring it with me when shopping to combat against the AC}.

Girl Trip Short Nightgown in Olive Rib: Olive is one of my favorite colors, and this nightgown is so comfortable to sleep in! I can just roll out of bed, throw the Hygge Robe on and go about my day like I really tried ;)

Where to Purchase

You can find JJ Winks entire collection online - here - & use code Natalie20 for 20% off your entire order!

Now, go get your JJs on <3


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A Brand After My Own Heart, This Zero-Waste & Ethically-Made Clothing Brand is Helping Solve Some Major Issues within the Fashion Industry

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Where Every Thread Matters

I'm not sure I can even think of another brand who does zero-waste fashion this beautifully. It amazes me how they can take discarded fabric and create something so fresh. There is definitely a lot of thought put into each design, and it takes a truly creative team to make this all possible.

Three Reasons to Love tonlé

Zero-Waste: If you aren't familiar with the zero-waste strategies within the fashion industry, there are two popular ones {1} where all the materials are used within a pattern {2} where garments are made from existing materials. tonlé believes in combining the two in order to honor their commitment to sustainability to the fullest. The process isn't at all glamorous, but worth every step. They start in remnant material markets where designers and brands have sent factory castoffs. {this is why I mentioned the creativity of the design team – you really have to have an innovative mind for this task} The fabric found in these large markets are then cut into strips for the new tonlé garments. They take the remaining strips and cut them down smaller and individually hand sew them into yarn which will then be woven into clothing and accessories.

Ethically-Made: Currently, tonlé employs 30 talented people within their Phnom Penh workshop in Cambodia. Their workers earn fair wages and benefits, including lots of extras like vacation packages, free lunch, training opportunities and team retreats. They even have the opportunity to rise up into management positions. tonlé also works with a weaving cooperative in Northern Cambodia employing 20 artisans who are experts in their craft for over 20 years.

Thoughtful Design: Their production process is a unique one, and truly makes the product even more stunning. The aesthetic is, of course, beautiful, but the way they create is what makes it exceptional. You can find a complete list of their production practices here. Like I mentioned with their zero-waste initiatives, nothing is left uncounted for. Even their smallest scraps are made into recycled office paper and sticky rice for their hang tags!

What I'm Wearing

Srey Oun Sweater in Palm & Black: Probably one of the most unique sweaters I’ve owned, the Srey Oun is handwoven from naturally dyed recycled cotton yarn and strips of remnant cotton jersey. Those little black tabs you see are those remnant pieces! How cool is that?! This sweater is a wonderful piece for multiple seasons because it’s lightweight enough to wear on its own and then great for layering when the cooler months set in.

Sreylek Trouser in Black {currently only in grey}: Officially my favorite black pants, the Sreylek Trousers are extremely versatile. They are basically an upscale jogger so they can pair well with flats, heels or sneakers. With the fitted ankles you are able to easily adjust lengths, and they are SO comfy {even when made from remnant cotton jersey}. Makes you happy someone decided to pick the fabric up before going into a landfill! By purchasing this pair of slacks, you are saving 480 days of drinking water and avoiding 21.6 miles of driving emissions & .5 lbs of harmful pesticides.

Where to Purchase

You can find their entire Fall/Winter Collection – here – and don't forget to stay up-to-date with the best zero-waste fashion on Instagram.


Sustainably Supported by tonlé. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored