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Certified Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free, This Skincare Line is Using Hemp to Make Our Skin Feel Great

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You may remember seeing Hempme’s Face Cream on my blog a few years back. I loved the fact the product could be marketed easily towards men and women, AND it was rather unique with its ingredients. It was the first product I have ever tried which used hemp seed oil - and it’s great! Plus… they come in biodegradable tubes and are now selling at Urban Outfitters in the US!

Reasons to Love Hempme

Hemp Seed Oil: There are so many benefits to this ingredient, I could write pages - but I’ll keep it simple. Hemp Seed Oil, also known as “the most balanced seed oil”, is rich in several antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and even plays as a low broadband spectrum UV protectant (SPF 6) while enabling you to get your Vitamin D from the sun. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and doesn’t block your skin pores. Hemp Seed Oil also contains all 21 known amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. The coolest {& probably most unique} thing about this oil, is its optimum essential fatty acids ratio. Essential fatty acids are what help build healthy cells, and this is the only plant containing a perfect ratio for human health.

Other Beneficial Ingredients: Besides hemp oil seed, Hempme products are packed with several different ingredients to help nourish the skin - including; chamomile extract {anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic.}, aloe vera {improves blood flow and soothes the skin}, pomegranate extract {prevents moisture loss in skin cells}, jojoba oil {locks in moisture to protect from the elements}, kakadu plum oil {great source of vitamin c} and pink clay {helps reduce irritation and inflammation from irritating skin conditions}.

Easy on the Skin: Both the cream and cleanser are very light, and work on all different skin types - even dry and sensitive types! I really like the way my face feels after using the duo. Soft, refreshed & clean :D

What I’m Using

Certified Organic Face Cleanser: This is a new product for me, and I was surprised by its color the first time I used it! I guess it should have been obvious to me with the pink clay ingredient :P I love using this cleanser in the morning because it feels rather cool on the face making it a great, fresh start to the day. 

Certified Organic Face Cream: After using the cleanser, I go for the face cream. What I really enjoy about this product is how light it is on the skin. I don’t feel as if I’m caking my face on with cream, but it still feels very hydrating.

Where to Shop 

You can find Hempme products online - here - at Urban Outfitters! Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with everything Hempme on Instagram


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Feminine & Versatile, This Slow Fashion Brand is Dressing Conscious Ladies Day-to-Night

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La Fille Colette

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If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you may of seen La Fille Colette on my blog several years ago. I was wearing a long-sleeve dress, and remember it being so well constructed and very flattering on the body {I have a photo in the album below}. When La Fille Colette reached out to me about their sweaterjacket, I knew it was going to be a new favorite of mine!

Three Reasons to Love La Fille Colette

Day-to-Night Designs: I think for most of us, we prefer to keep our closets small. This means, we need versatility in our garments. With the new Portmanteau Jacket, you are able to easily pair it with jeans & flats or a cocktail dress & heels! I’m sure I will have more looks coming to you in the future ;)

Ethically Produced in the USA: The entire line is designed by Colette Chrétien, and fairly made in Massachusetts by skilled workers under safe conditions. Colette has been creating and designing dresses since a child, and was able to merge her love of art & fashion later on in college. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she has a way with creating patterns that fit your body so beautifully. They certainly are a piece of art!

Consciously Made: Besides making everything state side, fabric scraps are recycled and all designs are made in small batches to help avoid waste. Each piece is purposely made to last you many years because fashion shouldn’t be disposable. amirite?!

What I’m Wearing

Portmanteau Jacket in Forest: Probably my favorite jacket in my closet - I love the fit, the color and the versatility. The Lenzing fabric is so soft, and you can tell this piece was made with a lot of love. It even comes complete with pockets - and we all love those ;) Plus, this jacket is available in extended sizes up to a 2X! I’ve worn this piece with several different looks - open and closed - but I’m loving how they styled it off-the-shoulder, too. That’ll be next!

Shop La Fille Colette’s entire collection - here - & stay up-to-date with all new designs on Instagram

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Savings: Use code SUSTCHIC25 for 25% off your entire purchase.


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This US-Based Conscious Brand Has Made the Perfect Jumpsuit for All Different Body Types

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LA Relaxed

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I am SO happy to see LA Relaxed is back with a brand new collection!! I have a lot of their pieces from the last 4 years that I wear quite often. They have been in my top 5 favorites since the beginning, and I think you are going to love them as much as I do! …. I mean.. Oprah does! ;) 

Three Reasons to Love LA Relaxed

Comfy Fabrics: Modal, hemp, organic cotton, tencel - all SO cozy and run laps around polyester.  I speak about them a lot on the blog, but if you want a quick run down & see which LA Relaxed pieces are made from what, you can find that - here -

Practical Designs: Like I said in the beginning, I wear LA Relaxed a lot. Their clothing is great for busy women who want to still look good, but feel incredibly comfortable at the same time. 

Made Ethically in the USA: While not all of my clothes are made in the states, I do think it’s important for most of your closet to come from the country you live in. It’s easier for brands to ensure quality and working conditions, as well as reduce their carbon footprint by shipping shorter distances. 

What I’m Wearing

The Jumpsuit: In case you missed it, Oprah named this piece one of her favorites this past holiday. I mean, that’s a big deal - and it makes me very excited to see such a respected name highlight a product made here in the US with a great blended fabric of modal and cotton. Not only is the Jumpsuit extremely comfortable, it can fit a wide variety of body shapes. I’m quite petite - 5’2’’ - and most jumpsuits would swallow me, but it fits perfect and Oprah rocks it!! It makes for a great travel piece {I wore it on the plane for our trip overseas}, and even wonderful for breastfeeding. 

Shop the entire LA Relaxed collection - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all new products on Instagram. Plus, use my code CHIC25 for 25% off your entire purchase!


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From Beautiful Upcycled Fabrics to Timeless Vintage Finds, This Sustainable Brand is Made for the Bohemian in All of Us

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All the Wild Roses

I have my fourth piece from All the Wild Roses and my closet just seems more lovely, now! I’ve always loved their carefree vibes and flowey silhouettes - it’s refreshing in sustainable fashion’s  sea of basic tees and sack dresses!

Three Reasons to Love All the Wild Roses

The Style: I've always thought of this brand as the ethical Free People. It’s romantic, free-spirited and all around lovely. Their dresses are the ones you would imagine someone frolicking through the fields in a bed of poppies - which I did! ;)

The Fabrics: Another wonderful example of how someone else’s trash is another one’s treasure… All the Wild Roses uses a lot of surplus fabrics, which are too pretty to not be made into a new dress!! 

The Versatility: Several people ask me where they can find semi-formal dresses to wear to a  wedding or an event. I never have a ton of options to give them, but an All the Wild Roses design can easily pair with some heels to make it 'formal' ready! A love a dress you can throw all different types of shoes on and come out with a totally different look. 

What I’m Wearing 

Anneke Embroidered Cotton Dress: Inspired by one of Hang’s, the creator, favorite vintage dresses, the Anneke is made from a beautiful textured embroidered cotton. It reminds me of dresses I had as a young child, but the sophisticated and chic version! 

Vintage Sweater: This is new to All the Wild Roses since I last had them featured on the blog. They now have a great collection of vintage pieces that fit perfect into their aesthetic. & who doesn’t love big, bulky sweaters?! 

Shop their entire collection online - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with them through Instagram

Become Ethically Elevated with Made Trade, A Sustainable Online Store With Some of the Best Conscious Brands in the World for Men, Women & Home

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Made Trade

The world of ethical shopping is expanding every day. I have a lot of new viewers tell me they are just starting their journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, but one setback most of them seem to have in common is finding the right place to shop. It’s quite overwhelming trying to figure out what products align with your own principles and which are transparent enough for you to support. Made Trade is on the top of my list of places for you to check out first. The website is inviting, wonderfully organized and lovely to look through. It’s inclusive of many different price points, sizes, styles and values so no matter where you are in your sustainable journey, you’ll be sure to fall in love with something. 

Three Reasons to Love Made Trade

Beautifully Curated: The creators, Cayley Pater and Andy Ives, have an eye for style. They met back in 2005 in their Fair Trade Club at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill so they’ve been a part of the conscious movement for a long long time. They have done such an incredible job at picking the best brands and products for us to shop. I love a one-stop shop, and with Made Trade you are able to buy for your living room to your man’s closet under one roof. 

Easy to Shop Your Values: Made Trade makes sure each product covers one {or more} of these values - Sustainable, Fair Trade, Heritage, USA Made & Vegan. Each value has a little symbol that is placed right next to the product so you know exactly what category it falls under. Read more about Made Trade values here.
Great Way to Learn About New Brands: Even being in the industry for almost 5 years and working with hundreds of brands, I’ve found some new ones through Made Trade! I even introduced one of those new brands to my own living space. 

What’s In My Home

Kiliim Rosetta Rug: Fairly designed and handmade in Egypt, this sustainable rug comes with a lot of tradition. Kiliim is an Egyptian social enterprise and lifestyle brand reviving and sustaining local craft of handmade Kilim. They are combining modern designs with ancient technique to create some eye catching and vibrant rugs like the Rosetta shown here. They are all made with quality wool yarn and dyes in Fowwa, a small village near the Nile Delta. The craftspeople are paid a fair wage while being able to continue their craft and share their heritage with people like you and me! I know I will treasure this piece for many years to come.. and maybe get a couple more ;) 

You can also find my slippers, jacket and shoes at Made Trade, too!

Shop the entire Made Trade store & don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with new products throughout the year! 

Sustainably Supported by Made Trade. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored