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The Best Dyes are Made from Plants

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Sustain by Kat

You may remember seeing this brand a few months ago - Sustain is quite unique when it comes to their choice of materials making them difficult to forget. The Indi-go Shirt I shared before was made from 100% ayurvedically dyed organic cotton. This means the shirt was dyed using a form of ayurvedic medicine called Ayuvastra, the notion your skin absorbs the chemicals {good or bad} within your clothing. Sustain understands what we decide to wear impacts our health. Why not wear fabric that is actually beneficial to your health or at least safe? Plants seem to always be the right choice when wanting to make a product more natural and sustainable, and that's exactly the route Sustain kept for their new products this month. 

side note: just because a shirt is called 'organic' it doesn't mean they used natural dyes. if you want to stay away from petroleum-based dyes {i'm sure you do} you must be on the lookout for natural dyes {which are mostly derived from plants}. 

So What's New at Sustain?

Ayurvedically-dyed Shorts: Okay, I've officially found my favorite summertime shorts! Like the Indi-go shirt, these shorts are dyed with over 20 medicinal herbs on organic cotton. Since the fabric is hand-dyed and handloomed, no one pair is exactly alike. Even the notions are thoughtful with natural tagua nut buttons & a YKK undyed, natural cotton zipper. The natural khaki shade makes it easy to pair with any color top, and the length gives you the perfect amount of coverage. I seriously can't brag enough about the fit! I'm super picky about my summer shorts, and these check everything off my list. 

Plant-dyed Muscles & Lace Tank: I love a good contrast in style - muscle cut with lace side seams gives your everyday tank an updated look. The grey color is achieved by using pomegranate, oak & iron on 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Pomegranate peels are anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial, and oak galls help reduce skin irritation because of its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Plant-dyed Racerback: I am obsessed with this mauve color. It's probably one of my favorite colors to wear, and it's achieved by using madder root and the heartwood of a logwood tree. Like the Muscle tank, this racerback is also made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Madder root is actually one of the oldest natural dyes, and you can find this resource used as far back as ancient Egypt where a cloth dyed with madder root was found alongside the possessions of King Tut! Logwood dye also has a long history, and dates back to Europe in the 1500s and used by the Mayans hundreds of years before that. 

Shop the entire Sustain collection - here - & don't forget to stay up-to-date with new products on Instagram