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One of the most important things I look for when wanting to purchase a new garment is its design. Will I want to wear it 10-20-30 years down the road? It may seem like a far off time to think of, but I plan to still dress 'sustainably chic' at the age of 60 & so on. These 3 words: Timeless, Minimalist & Sophisticated drive a lot of my purchases. While I do sometimes love a trend, I don't love it because it's what's hot at the moment, I love it because it fits my style. I want my closet full of items that don't have an expiration date in fashion & quality. I think Mila.Vert is for women who want to value a piece of clothing for years, and who care where & what it's made from. 

Why I Love Mila.Vert

1. The aesthetic. I'm drawn to a 'clean' look, and Mila.Vert does is so effortlessly. Their timeless designs have added detailing giving them a modern day feel, and the fabrics are always so crisp & fresh. I love that they keep a minimal palette focusing on shades that are easy to wear, and pair with your existing closet. 

2. The local design. Transparency is a big deal to Mila.Vert. They want you to feel confident your clothing was produced ethically with the smallest carbon footprint as possible. In order for a brand to really keep track with how something is produced, they need to be near it. Therefore, Mila.Vert collaborates with two family-owned sewing companies, both located in  their home base of Slovenia. They are able to visit the companies often, and form a great relationship with the makers. Having the local advantage makes sure the product is made under fair working conditions, and the quality is constantly met. 

3. The fabrics. Mila.Vert knows you can't have slow fashion without an eco-minded textile. Their fabric of choice, organic cotton! They even use a lovely linen which is one of my favorite natural fibers. Wish you could feel the clothing I'm wearing here! The quality of the fabric is top notch. It's all about the little detailing, too ;)

What I'm Wearing

Trench Shirt Dress in Blue Denim: Made from 100% GOTS organic cotton, this dress was a huge hit amongst you conscious ladies on Instagram the other day! It's inspired by the classic trench coat so how could you not love it? The sleeves can easily be rolled up like shown on their site, but I've been loving the length. I'm sure you'll see future photos with them rolled up! This is definitely a dress that will stand the test of time.

Linen Shirt: Oh, how I wish you could see this fabric up close. The detailing is absolutely lovely, and the cream color is so fresh & clean. I love rolling the sleeves up when wearing a pair of denim shorts. It's one of those shirts you can easily dress up or down {like I've done here!}. 

Where to Buy

Shop Mila Vert's entire collection - here - & if you live in the Slovenia you are lucky enough to find them in two concept stores! For other European residents, stay tuned because you may find them in your city soon thanks to the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin helping spread sustainable fashion all over :)

oh & don't forget to stay up-to-date with new products and beautiful photos on Instagram

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