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featuring All the Wild Roses & Songa Designs

Two months later & I'm still editing photos from my France road trip! We stopped in Manosque for one night, and ended up in a beautiful garden/museum. Not sure what it was called, and after a few 1664s I wasn't really paying much attention. I just saw jasmine walls and ran over to smell :D Most of the places we visited in France were truly a shot in the dark. We didn't know what places were a must-see... I basically drew a circle around France and tried to break it up a few hours in between for driving purposes & voila - that would be the town we stayed at! I mean.. you can't really go wrong with finding beautiful backdrops in France. Made my Fair OOTD photoshoots quite easy ;)  

All the Wild Roses

I just found out this Australian brand is now offering Free International Shipping for orders of $100+ {which this dress qualifies for}!! There are so many reasons to love All the Wild Roses & I've laid them out in my post a few weeks ago. The aesthetic, mission, philanthropy & versatility make this romantic, free-spirited line an easy one to gravitate towards. It's also one of the first I think of when people are just starting to make the switch to ethical fashion. It has that boho look so many of us like! 

The Jane Dress I'm wearing here has a lace up bodice that is sexy, chic & sophisticated - I'm obsessed with the design! Oh & did I mention it has pockets?! It's a totally effortless LBD. 

 Songa Designs

Even more boho-chic designs coming at ya! The Orenda Handbag by Songa Designs is total eco-luxury. Each bag is handcrafted in Rwanda and takes a skilled artisan three days to complete. They are made from bananas leaves & the sisal plant, and the women behind the creation are able to invest profits into purchasing land with goats that make milk their family can then sell. Total women empowerment and entrepreneurship right there!  

Shop the Look :::

Jane Dress, All the Wild Roses $153

Orenda Handbag, Songa Designs $130

ColorinesMamahuhu $140