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Sustainably-Crafted, Veggie-Tanned Leather Goods Made to Last a Lifetime

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BRAVE Leather

Fringe, chokers & waist-fitting belts... I'm not sure it gets any chicer than that ;) I've always appreciated a good leather product, but not all leather is created equal. This Canadian brand is making sure it handles the material the best way possible. Therefore, this leather is veggie-tanned, meaning those usual chemicals used to create the majority of leather goods you see today aren't put anywhere near their products. BRAVE Leather wants to offer us the best quality possible while holding true to ethical business. 

Why I Love Brave Leather

1. The craftsmanship. To say a lot of hard work went into each piece is an understatement. It's more than just becoming exceptionally good at a craft. It's about pride, and creating a product a customer can love the rest of their life. Scott Irvine has been designing BRAVE Leather goods for 25 years, and his attention to detail is on point. Every single piece {they've made over 2 million at this point} have been ethically designed & manufactured in Canada. Irvine has some serious talent on his artisan team! You can meet all the makers, here

2. The tanning process. After becoming a bit more conscious about my carbon footprint several years ago, I've been on the hunt to find alternatives to my favorite materials. I've always loved leather because the thought of waste or a plastic faux leather jacket made me cringe. Unfortunately, not all leather is created with resources in mind. BRAVE Leather doesn't fall in that trap. All of the leather used is a by-product of the meat industry, and is only veggie-tanned so no harsh chemicals are ever used in the process. Even their water-based adhesives are Zero VOC.

3. The selection. BRAVE Leather isn't just for the women so you can go get your boyfriend excited about it now, too! Their large collection of handbags, jewelry & belts is quite impressive {have fun picking out your favorites - it's a hard task to do!}. Even the leather range is amazing. You can find their complete list of leathers, here. I'm partial to the Rugby one! 

What I'm Wearing

Jurgen Fringe Rugby Leather Crossbody: When I was in middle school, I bought this suede leather fringe purse from AE. I seriously loved the heck out of it throughout 6-8th grade, but it unfortunately fell apart {thanks, fast fashion}. This crossbody is like the old one went to get its master's degree. It has a richer color, it's a whole lot sturdier and the fringe grew to the perfect length. It's everything I wanted my original one to be, and what's so great is that I won't have to worry about losing the bag to the trash as long as I take good care of her. She's a beaut!! 

Ulyana Double Buckle Leather Belt: Okay, officially my new favorite belt!! Not sure how I've gone this long without a skinny, black belt but I'm glad I waited for the best. You can find it paired up in my Slow Fashion Staples post from yesterday. 

Leja Leather ChokerI've been wearing this choker a ton, and both ways actually {not sure if I made it reversible on my own, but I love that I can do that!}. I have an upcoming post where I have it on the 'right' way ;) always breaking the rules, natalie... oh & it comes in silver!  

Where to Purchase

You can find BRAVE Leather in over 14 countries, but their complete collection is available online - here

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