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Mayamam Weavers

By now you know I'm a sucker for some gorgeous textiles {but who am I kidding, aren't most of us who are reading this blog?!}. The first time I saw Mayamam Weavers, I knew they were a perfect fit for Sustainably Chic. The colors, the patterns, the sustainability - a match made in heaven for me! 

Why I Love Mayamam Weavers

1. The Tradition. There is nothing I appreciate more in a garment than the tradition behind its creation. I've always been drawn to textiles, and if they have a story, all the better! The Mayamam Weavers use weaving techniques of Mayan culture. The cooperative making up Mayamam Weavers was founded in 2008 in Cajolá, a Mayan town in the western highlands of Guatemala. 

2. The Sustainable Jobs. The women came together to form this cooperative in order to overcome poverty while not having to migrate in the U.S. & leave their families behind. They have now grown to 20 weavers, all who are making a fair wage and learning how to run a business. They even have on-site childcare & adult literacy classes for the community. These women are quite the inspiration!

{Mayamam Weavers are based in Morriston, NJ & are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation.}

3. The Collection. From home goods to clothing goods, Mayamam Weavers collection is full of bold colors and beautiful patterns. They carry aprons, kitchen towels, table cloths, coasters, you name it.. you can deck your home out in vibrant colors! For accessories, they create wraps {like I'm wearing}, scarves, bags, belts and even a few little things for the men in our lives! 

4. The prices. I found another affordable, fair trade brand for you :) The wrap I'm wearing is $44!!! Pretty amazing, right?!

What I'm Wearing & Using in my Home

Soft & Neutral Wrap in Champagne & Blue Grey: Is this not the perfect background for these colors?! They even create a special visual effect with the woven pattern. Since it is made from 100% cotton, you can get away with wearing this for most of the year. It's long enough to even lay out on the sand, and catch some rays.. which I will be doing soon! 

Celebration Coasters: Made on a traditional backstrap loom, these guys will be sure to add a nice burst of color to your living room and dining room. I've got a lot of wood furniture, and I hate rings from cups {my Grandmaman has always gotten after me if I didn't use a coaster. Now, I have zero excuse!}. So many fun colors to choose from, too :)

Where to Purchase

Shop Mayamam Weavers entire collection online, and don't forget to follow all the beauty on Instagram

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