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Clean, Ethical & Sustainable Curated Boxes, This is a Wonderful {& Affordable} Way to Learn About New, Conscious Products

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Botanic & Terre

If you’ve been following along the past few years, you may have remember seeing this box on the blog before. It’s evolved to offer more than just beauty products, and this new box is amazing! All the brands included in the Botanic & Terre Winter Box were completely new to me {& the serums are on top of my beauty list, now}.

Reasons to Love Botanic & Terre

Consciously Curated: They go above and beyond to find you some wonderful, conscious products every three months. Each quarterly box contains 5-8 items with a value of $250+ for only $69.95 {$263.80 a year}.

Great way to learn about sustainable products: It’s my job to learn about sustainable brands, and I had yet to come across the great ones included in this box. If I’m learning something new, I’m sure many of you will appreciate this subscription, too!

Affordable: Some of the products within the winter box are priced higher than the entire box! How amazing is that?! That’s some incredible savings for clean, quality products.

What’s in the Box?

{psst.. this box is valued over $300}

Melie Bianco Aly Crossbody: I’ve been wanting a crossbody style like this for a while, and the burgundy color is perfect for my wardrobe {don’t forget to specify which color you want at checkout - olive, black or burgundy}. The chrome rings add a little something special! & for my vegan friends, this guy is completely cruelty-free <3

Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster Serum & Daily Repair Moisturizer: Okay, I may have found my favorite serum and moisturizer, yet. This stuff is total luxury {at the price of $90 & $195, you’d hope so}! The serum works to protect against the harsh environmental elements, while the moisturizer repairs your skin for a younger, smoother and healthier looking glow. I’m not sure my skin has been this soft before!

Audre Leigh Botanical Candle: A blend of eco-soy and coconut wax, this eco-friendly & vegan candle has been such a refreshing scent in our bedroom. I absolutely love its inspiration - ‘the light of lanterns lining cobbled streets, a blend of star anise and tangerines’ - how romantic!

Where to Purchase

Sign up for their quarterly, auto-renewing subscription for $69.95 - or, if you are looking for a one-time buy, it’s $79.95- & always free shipping for US & Canada. Plus, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with new boxes and products on Instagram!


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Inspire Your Yoga Journey with These 8 Limbs of Yoga Practice Cards

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OM Matters

Two summers ago, I posted about OM Matter’s mission and their yoga practice cards. Since then, the deck of 8 has expanded to 30! I highly suggest anyone who has a lot on their mind or a very busy schedule {I’m sure most of you!}, have one of these on their coffee tables so when you are enjoying that cup of joe in the morning, you take the time to read at least one card and think on it. It can seriously save my hectic mind sometimes :D 


Reasons to Love The 8 Limbs of Yoga Practice Cards 

Great for Self-Care: From physical postures to breathing exercises, meditation to philosophical practices, this is the perfect excuse to give yourself a few minutes of the day to work on you.  

Improve Your Yoga Skills: I’ve taken several yoga classes in the past, and have done a little reading, but I am no expert. I really love how these cards are made for just about anyone, no matter where you are in your journey of yoga.

Gives Back: We all love a product that goes beyond the purchase. OM Matters contributes 10% of the sales of these cards to support yoga for at-risk youth. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga, such as building confidence and lessening anxiety, making it a great outlet for vulnerable kids.

Plus, the cards are practicing the teaching of ahimsā {non-harming} so they are made on recycled paper. How fitting is that?! 

Where to Purchase

You can buy the complete pack - here - and make sure you enter the Giveaway we are running through Instagram this week - 3 lucky winners will receive their own deck! 


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Become Ethically Elevated with Made Trade, A Sustainable Online Store With Some of the Best Conscious Brands in the World for Men, Women & Home

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Made Trade

The world of ethical shopping is expanding every day. I have a lot of new viewers tell me they are just starting their journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, but one setback most of them seem to have in common is finding the right place to shop. It’s quite overwhelming trying to figure out what products align with your own principles and which are transparent enough for you to support. Made Trade is on the top of my list of places for you to check out first. The website is inviting, wonderfully organized and lovely to look through. It’s inclusive of many different price points, sizes, styles and values so no matter where you are in your sustainable journey, you’ll be sure to fall in love with something. 

Three Reasons to Love Made Trade

Beautifully Curated: The creators, Cayley Pater and Andy Ives, have an eye for style. They met back in 2005 in their Fair Trade Club at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill so they’ve been a part of the conscious movement for a long long time. They have done such an incredible job at picking the best brands and products for us to shop. I love a one-stop shop, and with Made Trade you are able to buy for your living room to your man’s closet under one roof. 

Easy to Shop Your Values: Made Trade makes sure each product covers one {or more} of these values - Sustainable, Fair Trade, Heritage, USA Made & Vegan. Each value has a little symbol that is placed right next to the product so you know exactly what category it falls under. Read more about Made Trade values here.
Great Way to Learn About New Brands: Even being in the industry for almost 5 years and working with hundreds of brands, I’ve found some new ones through Made Trade! I even introduced one of those new brands to my own living space. 

What’s In My Home

Kiliim Rosetta Rug: Fairly designed and handmade in Egypt, this sustainable rug comes with a lot of tradition. Kiliim is an Egyptian social enterprise and lifestyle brand reviving and sustaining local craft of handmade Kilim. They are combining modern designs with ancient technique to create some eye catching and vibrant rugs like the Rosetta shown here. They are all made with quality wool yarn and dyes in Fowwa, a small village near the Nile Delta. The craftspeople are paid a fair wage while being able to continue their craft and share their heritage with people like you and me! I know I will treasure this piece for many years to come.. and maybe get a couple more ;) 

You can also find my slippers, jacket and shoes at Made Trade, too!

Shop the entire Made Trade store & don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with new products throughout the year! 

Sustainably Supported by Made Trade. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

This Eco-Friendly Online Marketplace is Making Conscious Shopping for the Entire Family Easy

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There aren’t many online shops that curate conscious goods as great as EarthHero. Their product list is very comprehensive, and you can shop anything from clothing to audio + tech. They even have an awesome section dedicated to zero-waste shopping. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I can’t think of a better last business feature of the year! You’ll be able to knock everyone off that list of yours :D 

{keep reading for a discount code…}

Three Reasons to Love EarthHero

Brands You Can Trust: EarthHero has done their research so you don’t have to. I know how incredibly exhausting it can be vetting every product you purchase. I mean, who has time for that?! I love it when a curated shop can do all the hard work for us. They make sure all products have better materials {like hemp, bamboo, sustainably-harvested wood, up-cycled cotton & recycled rubber}, cleaner production {like low impact dyes, energy efficient, sustainable manufacturing, handmade & BPA Free}, a lower carbon footprint {such as offsetting carbon, recycled/recyclable packaging, compostable packing and made in the USA}, high quality {like in their recycled stainless steel, wool, sustainably-harvested rubber and recycled cotton} and less waste {such as compostable and recyclable}.

One-Stop Shop: Go grab your list of x-mas gifts and see just how much you can find on this site. I bet it’ll be most of what you need! For the techies in the family to the outdoor enthusiasts, EarthHero has done an amazing job at curating their products for all lifestyles. This site is sort of like your ethical amazon - you don’t have to visit multiple sites to shop and it’s a wonderful way to learn about new brands.

EarthHero Rewards: With every item purchased and reviewed, you are able to earn rewards towards future purchases. Reach 100 points, and earn $5 back! For example, buy a Simply Glass Straw and you earn 9 points - how cool is that? You get rewarded for buying better ;)

What Elliott’s Been Using

Kozy Koala Plush Toy: Made completely from organic cotton, this cute little guy is soft and toxic-free for your little one! He even has a rattle inside for some added fun. Let’s just say, Elliott has spent a lot of time with Kozy Koala :D 

Under the Nile Onesie: While this particular style is out of stock, there are still several sweet onesies from the same company found here. All of their designs are fairly-made from Organic Egyptian Cottons, and are incredibly soft & safe for your baby’s skin.


A few more suggestions for your holiday shopping…

stockings stuffers

zero-waste gifts


Follow this link to start shopping for everyone on your Christmas List - from your pet to your co-worker & don’t forget to use code Natalie10 for 10% off :D

Happy holiday Shopping! 

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Hey, Parents! I’ve Found the Greenest Stroller on the Planet

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When I found out I was pregnant last fall, one of the first things I did was search for a stroller. I was so excited to push around a little human being, and go on longs walks through the neighborhood. There was A LOT to choose from, but hardly any were checking off all my requirements. I wanted a mindful product I could use throughout Elliott’s first 4 years, and something I could pack up easily.

The Greentom has absolutely everything I want in a stroller, and we’ve enjoyed using it since Elliott was a week old!

Three Reasons to Love Greentom

Eco-Conscious Materials: Can you believe this stroller is made from recycled plastic bottles?! Each fabric style saves a large amount of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfills. The strollers pictured above save 74 & 51! The little bag I have attached in the back saves another 23. Plus, the fabric keeps your child’s skin safe with 50+ UPF built in. Even the frame is made from high quality recycled plastic so that the entire stroller can be recycled…or saved for another little one ;)

Versatile Frame: One of the greatest features of the Greentom stroller is its ability to transition to fit with your child from newborn to 4.5 years. The frame can hold the carrycot, reversible and classic style, and they are all incredibly easy to put together. Not to mention, it’s quite a smooth ride {& our neighborhood has a lot of bumps}!

Incredibly Lightweight: When I first started testing out strollers and car seats, I would immediately try to pick them up before all else. I wanted to make sure I could actually carry the product up and down stairs, and pack up in my car without any issues. The Greentom, by far, was the lightest stroller I tried out. At about 16 pounds {depending on which fabric style you choose}, you won’t have any troubles moving this stroller from house to car. We can’t wait to travel with our Greentom to England this winter!

What I’m Strolling

Reversible: Elliott is only 5 months old, but wears size 6-9 months and has outgrown his bassinet. He is so long.. didn’t get it from me… but once we switched from the carrycot to the reversible, he became much more aware of his surroundings during walks. He loves still being able to face me, but being slightly inclined he can see more of the world.

Classic: This style will be able to stroll your child up to 4.5 years old. I really like how easy this one is to travel with because it can stay in one piece when folded up rather than having to detach the seat from the frame. You can also put it into three positions - full recline, relax or upright.

Carrycot: See my post from earlier this year. I would take this bassinet everywhere because it made for a great on-the-go crib when outside of the home. He slept so sound on that organic mattress!

*You can purchase just one frame and build it with any of these fabric styles. I have two frames because my family gifted me the classic long before I took this project on, but it ended up working out great because I can keep one with other family members!*

Where to Purchase

You can shop the Greentom USA website - here - and make sure to follow them on Instagram for all the sweet photos of kiddos cruisin’!

Special Savings

For Sustainably Chic readers, you can use code SustainablyChic10 for 10% off!!

Sustainably Supported by Greentom. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored