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Hey, Parents! I’ve Found the Greenest Stroller on the Planet

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When I found out I was pregnant last fall, one of the first things I did was search for a stroller. I was so excited to push around a little human being, and go on longs walks through the neighborhood. There was A LOT to choose from, but hardly any were checking off all my requirements. I wanted a mindful product I could use throughout Elliott’s first 4 years, and something I could pack up easily.

The Greentom has absolutely everything I want in a stroller, and we’ve enjoyed using it since Elliott was a week old!

Three Reasons to Love Greentom

Eco-Conscious Materials: Can you believe this stroller is made from recycled plastic bottles?! Each fabric style saves a large amount of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfills. The strollers pictured above save 74 & 51! The little bag I have attached in the back saves another 23. Plus, the fabric keeps your child’s skin safe with 50+ UPF built in. Even the frame is made from high quality recycled plastic so that the entire stroller can be recycled…or saved for another little one ;)

Versatile Frame: One of the greatest features of the Greentom stroller is its ability to transition to fit with your child from newborn to 4.5 years. The frame can hold the carrycot, reversible and classic style, and they are all incredibly easy to put together. Not to mention, it’s quite a smooth ride {& our neighborhood has a lot of bumps}!

Incredibly Lightweight: When I first started testing out strollers and car seats, I would immediately try to pick them up before all else. I wanted to make sure I could actually carry the product up and down stairs, and pack up in my car without any issues. The Greentom, by far, was the lightest stroller I tried out. At about 16 pounds {depending on which fabric style you choose}, you won’t have any troubles moving this stroller from house to car. We can’t wait to travel with our Greentom to England this winter!

What I’m Strolling

Reversible: Elliott is only 5 months old, but wears size 6-9 months and has outgrown his bassinet. He is so long.. didn’t get it from me… but once we switched from the carrycot to the reversible, he became much more aware of his surroundings during walks. He loves still being able to face me, but being slightly inclined he can see more of the world.

Classic: This style will be able to stroll your child up to 4.5 years old. I really like how easy this one is to travel with because it can stay in one piece when folded up rather than having to detach the seat from the frame. You can also put it into three positions - full recline, relax or upright.

Carrycot: See my post from earlier this year. I would take this bassinet everywhere because it made for a great on-the-go crib when outside of the home. He slept so sound on that organic mattress!

*You can purchase just one frame and build it with any of these fabric styles. I have two frames because my family gifted me the classic long before I took this project on, but it ended up working out great because I can keep one with other family members!*

Where to Purchase

You can shop the Greentom USA website - here - and make sure to follow them on Instagram for all the sweet photos of kiddos cruisin’!

Special Savings

For Sustainably Chic readers, you can use code SustainablyChic10 for 10% off!!

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Shop Your Values & Become a Part of Something Bigger with this Consciously Curated Online Marketplace & Community

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Over the years, I’ve gotten many questions regarding one-stop shops for sustainable and ethical buying. I find, as consumers, we like to see several options right before us rather than picking from multiple websites. With Brightly, they make conscious shopping easy and even discuss important topics over on their news page, The Brightly Spot!


Three Reasons to Love Brightly

Beautiful Transparent Goods: All products found on Brightly directly impact peoples’ lives and the planet around us. They make sure all brands are made with eco-friendly materials, are easy on the earth, and their claims and certifications are accurate. The majority of these brands give back to a local NGO or charity, but Brightly takes it a step further and also partners with the organizations to create even more positive change.

You Can Shop Your Values: We all have different values, we all place certain aspects of a product higher than others, and with Brightly, you are able to easily find what fits with your passion most. Their categories range from empowering women to traditional techniques. Find them all here.

Community Feeling: Brightly is more than just a place you can shop conscious goods. The Brightly Spot is a place where consumers can come learn more about ethical fashion, clean beauty, wellness and ethical travel. They also have a few awesome projects in the works you may love to participate in…Look out for their loyalty program which will allow you to give back to your favorite sustainable charities AND a hub where sustainable bloggers and enthusiasts can share their instagram and blog posts!

Shop my Look:

Mother Erth Shoulder Bag: This bag has a mission - to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and empower mothers through sustainable jobs. Made from recycled plastic, the Mother Erth Shoulder Bag is exceptionally sturdy and handy! As a new mama, I love bags that are easy to clean off and can fit the many additional items I now have to carry around.

Indigo Dhurrie Pillow: This is a Brightly exclusive, and great example of how they are partnering up with brands and organizations to create even bigger impact. Made through their partnership with Art of Rajasthan, a weaving collective out of Jaipur, India, the Indigo Dhurrie Pillow will add a lot of character to your living space. I think it was made to go on our yellow couch :D

One lucky winner can win the Vinh Long Geometric Statement Buffalo Horn Earrings by entering their email below. Made with repurposed buffalo horns, these earrings are making sure nothing goes to waste. Plus, they are created without any chemicals and each pair come in their own variation of color making them all unique! 


Where to Purchase & Savings

You can find all of Brightly’s curated sustainable and ethical goods - here - and save 10% off your total purchase with code SUSTAINABLYCHIC {good through Black Friday}. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with product launches and conscious news!

Are you a brand? Help change the world with them, and check out their page ‘Sell With Us’.

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Authentic Turkish Towels and Beachwear Ethically Handloomed for the Conscious Homes & Getaways

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As someone who lives very close to the water, I’ve done my fair share of trying out different towels. Hands down, I’ve found my new favorites! Not only are QuiQuattro’s towels beautiful, but they are absorbent and ethically produced. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to soft goods for the home {& outside by the water}!

Three Reasons to Love QuiQuattro

Handmade by local artisans each season. QuiQuattro partners up with Turkish artisans and women who are in need of work, but unable to leave their home. The name QuiQuattro translates to ‘Four Here’ in English, and celebrates the colors and aromas that come with the four seasons. All their products are hand-loomed, hand-poured, hand-knitted and hand-stitched just right for the season! You can meet some of the artisans here

Very absorbent and great for travel. I used to think having a terry towel would be more absorbent, until I started using these Turkish towels over the last month. I find them to work much better than my other conventional towels. Plus, they are incredibly easy to travel with and don’t take up nearly as much room. Besides being able to dry you off well, they make for wonderful little blankets! 

Beautiful & minimalistic designs that give back & empower women. I think a product is so much more beautiful when it does more than just bring value in our life, but adds value to others. With each purchase, 10% of proceeds are donated to women’s education in Turkey. 

What I’m Using

Pebbles Towel in Blue: Definitely one of my favorite towels I’ve ever owned, this striped Peshtemal towel is hand-loomed with 100% natural cotton with hand tied fringe for a nice finish. I love the delicate stripes, and you can find them in multiple colors! 

Yin Yang 2pc. Peshtemal Set: One black, one cream white for the perfect balance. This set of Peshtemal towels are made from 60% bamboo and 40% natural cotton. And like the Pebbeles towel, their soft touch only becomes softer with each wash. 

Navajo White Beach Dress: Feeling so light and airy in this little number! It’s made just right for a day on the beach or sitting by the pool. This one size fits most, natural cotton beach dress is very soft and quite picturesque with the flowy tassels {wouldn’t you say?!}. 

Natural Hand-poured Soap Bars: Wish you could smell them through the computer… These natural & vegan soaps are hand-poured with filled with natural oils and essences. They lather very well, and leave your hands feeling moisturized and full of lovely scent. 


Where to Purchase

You can find QuiQuattro’s entire collection online - here - & I’m super excited for their bed covers coming soon! If it’s anything like these gorgeous towels and cover up, I know I’ll be a happy sleeper ;) 

Join their newsletter to receive 10% off your order {find the signup page at the footer of the website}. 

Are you passionate about empowering women? Their Brand Ambassador program may be perfect for you! Click - here - to learn more. 

Enjoy soaking up the rays or treating yourself to a bath with your QuiQuattro towel on hand! 


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Who Gives A Crap? We do, that’s who! This is the Best Toilet Paper for Conscious Bums…

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In a world of too much consumption and the use of precious resources, it’s sometimes a difficult mission to change those everyday items we take for granted - like toilet paper . Are most of us thinking about what we use when going to the bathroom? I mean, I certainly wasn’t for most of my life. When I found this amazing product, I knew I had to share it with as many people as possible because it truly matters.
A toilet paper subscription that comes straight to your door - they would like to mention NOT your bathroom door ;) -,  Who Gives A Crap is keeping our bums happy while making sure the earth stays intact. As someone who has minimal space in my bathroom, it’s also nice to have a product that looks good when storing. These rolls have definitely been a sweet pop of color in our space, and knowing they are doing good for those who need it most makes it all the better.


Three Reasons to Love Who Gives A Crap

1.     Saves Trees. Toilet paper is known to be a big contributor to deforestation {roughly 15%}, and wipes out thousands of trees a day. Who Gives A Crap doesn’t want to contribute to those numbers, and prefers hugging trees to wiping with them. Therefore, all of their toilet paper is made with recycled paper or bamboo! Not to mention, it takes a ton of water and energy to create toilet paper from virgin trees.
2.     Easy on the bum. The 3-ply jumbo rolls are made out of 100% recycled paper without any inks, dyes or scents. Unlike the other recycled toilet paper you find at your neighborhood grocery store, this one is soft. I’m kind of wanting to get my hands on the bamboo to test it out, too! Sounds wonderful :D
3.     Builds Toilets. I always love when a product has a mission beyond being eco-friendly. Who Gives A Crap gives back a lot! For every purchase, 50% of profits go towards building toilets and sanitation for the 2.3 billion {roughly 40% of the global population} who need it. Because of poor water and sanitation, about 289,000 children {almost a child every two minutes} under five die every year from diarrheal diseases. To this day, they have donated over $950,000 to charity. Now, that is something we can all get behind!

{Shocking fact: More people have mobile phones in the world than toilets - yeah, that’s not something we like to hear.}

 Where to Purchase

For delivery straight to your door, find all Who Gives A Crap products online here. You can choose how often you receive the rolls, too! And just in case, they have a 100% money-back guarantee, but I doubt you will be needing that...

*use code CHIC to get $10 off your first purchase*

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Stop Searching, We’ve Found The Amazon of Conscious Goods

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Wonderful Things

If you’re like me, you value your time and know how precious it can be. Many nights I go to bed thinking there needs to be more hours in the day. So who has time to research all the products they buy? It’s my job to research products, and even I find it difficult to do for every single item I purchase. That’s where online store fronts like Wonderful Things come in handy. They truly are a blessing for our busy lives, and for those of you who love Amazon, this is going to be your new favorite store!! 

Three Reasons to Love Wonderful Things

1. Saves you time with a one-stop-shop of purposeful goods. 
    No more wondering if a product checks the important features off your list. Wonderful Things does all the work for you, and they do it for THOUSANDS of products for every facet of your life.
2. Certifications and Prime details. 
    Within conscious consumerism, there are a lot of terms and certifications to learn about, but it can be difficult to do this all on your own while shopping. Wonderful Things breaks it down easy for us. Each product will have an associated symbol, such as Sustainably Made, Ethically Made, American Made, and Reduce & Reuse - as well as, telling you whether a product is something 'organic' or 'fair trade'. Click - here - to get the run down on each label {& learn all about the creators, Rachael & Daniel, who brought you this great platform}.  Plus, they let you know if the product offers Prime! Conscious shopping has never been easier & more practical than this. 

3. Amazing product selection. 
    Can you believe they have curated over 16,000 conscious products?! Yeah, I was shocked Amazon had so many. It just goes to show there are a ton of brands putting forth effort into creating good, ethical products. I have had so many viewers ask me over the years if Amazon had sustainably-made items, and I thought ‘well, surely there has to be some’ - now, I can give you thousands :D 


What You Can Find

Wonderful Things is broken into four categories: Beauty & Wellness, Hers, His and Home - basically comprehensive enough for a complete conscious lifestyle. The Beauty & Wellness category features face, body & hair care, perfume, makeup, nail polish & supplements. Both Hers & His categories feature everything from tees to undies. Since we are in the middle of searching for a house to buy, my favorite category is Home, which features furniture to utensils. I’m making my own little mini wish list for when the time comes! 

What I’m Using 

Wild Olive Wood Mini Heart Dish Set by Connected Fair Trade Products: Have you seen anything so sweet? They have become the perfect little ring holders on my nightstand. Handmade by fair trade artisans in Kenya, these heart dishes can be used in the kitchen for spices or to keep hold of tiny things like rings & earrings. Come holidays, you bet I'll be putting my  bio glitter in there! 

Glass Floral Tray by NOVICA {purple is currently out of stock, so check it out in blue}: This is the exact size tray we’ve been needing for our breakfasts in bed! Yes, we now do breakfast in bed - Elliott has made sure this a new ritual for us {& we aren't complaining}! This is an original NOVICA fair trade product in association with National Geographic by Peruvian artisan Cinthya Ortiz. 


Click - here - to start consciously shopping the easy way!

oh & enjoy making that holiday wishlist ;)

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