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You'll Never Guess These Sustainable Bags Are Made From Recycled Plastic

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Yes - this awesome backpack is made from plastic bags! Who would have thought? This ethical brand is totally changing the game when it comes to dealing with waste. Not only are they making do with what we already have, but they are supporting sustainable livelihoods for their artisans. It makes my heart happy when a brand can go full circle, and not only think about the impact they have on the planet but enrich the lives of others who need it most. Meredyth Bowler Ailloud, the founder, saw an opportunity {during her women empowerment projects in West Africa} to create a social company in Burkina Faso. She wanted to highlight their talents, and produce goods that would both support their local communities and clean up the environment. 

Why I Love PagaBags

1. The artisan support. After witnessing their traditions & creativity in weaving and sewing, Meredyth knew there was so much potential and she wanted to share it with world. They have partnered with a handful of men and 40 women waste collectors, plastic cutters, weavers, sewers, batik makers and bead-makers. They also provide healthcare and on-site professional training. Seeing the women being able to return to school really excites the three women-led team of PagaBags.

2. The materials. Their bags are made from a unique woven blend of vibrantly colored {local} cotton threads and recycled plastic bags. They also use traditional batiks, mud-painted cotton, faso dan fani cloth {"woven cloth of the homeland"} and wax. Even their dyes are non-toxic.

3. The art. By now I am sure you know how obsessed I am with fashion that tells a story. Using traditional techniques to dress up the fabric shows a lot about their culture. The pops of color you can find in the handbags are all reflective of the local people. 

4. The quality. Now, I don't want the words 'plastic bags' giving anyone the wrong idea. These backpacks and totes are made to last! 

5. The versatility. This has to deal primarily with their new necklaces. I am OBSESSED {as I'm sure you can tell by all the photos}. I am really having fun with styling these beautiful strands.

Click - here - to learn more about their production process for repurposing materials.

What I'm Wearing

I've been channeling my inner school girl {not that backpacks are just for school} with my Sky Blue Backpack. I say this because I've been using it for my computer & notebooks, and taking it with me to the local coffee shop. It's the perfect size for it!! Plus, it comes complete with an outside and inside pocket. Isn't the batik lining fun?! I love a good contrast. I'm definitely going to be using this backpack for my long walks this summer, too. 

Need some more organization for your bag? The Sky Blue Bag in a Bag is exactly what you need so you don't have to dig for your phone and wallet {it's big enough for both and then some}. Totally worth getting both of these items together! 

Okay, these Knotted Necklaces are my new favorite accessory. While I love wearing them on my head like a crown, you can wear it as a belt or necklace, too. I went for the choker look on the necklace, but you can see on their site a few different ways to wear, as well. Each necklace is made from plastic and glass repurposed by women’s groups in Burkina Faso & Ghana.

Where to Buy

Click - here - to shop PagaBags entire collection, and don't forget to stay up-to-date on Instagram!

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