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More Dry, Less Frizz & Damage-Free | These Organic Cotton Towels Are Your Wet Hair's Go-To

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Ever since I was a little girl, I've used a towel to dry my hair. It's the first thing I do before stepping out of the shower. With long hair, you kind of have to. Otherwise, your wet hair gets in the way of drying off properly. Until now, I've always had a cotton terry towel for this. Just your normal bathroom towel. As of this month, I'm officially done with that. The Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towel from Lakeshore Dry Goods is exactly what my hair has always needed. To say I'm excited to find this is an understatement, I'm ecstatic - such a practical creation - one you scratch your head and think, "why didn't I come up with this?!'. Pam beat us to the punch one sunny summer day at the beach. She had read a beauty tip in a magazine telling her to use a soft cotton t-shirt towel to dry her hair. Sitting and listing to the waves, a new business venture idea was born. 

Why I Love The Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towel

1. It's practical. Especially living by the ocean and a pool, I spend a lot of days with wet hair. Having one of these towels has cut my dry time in half. I use one every time I wash my hair, as well. Seriously - one of my beauty musts!!! 

2. The material. Each towel is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton {with low impact dyes}, and is incredibly lightweight & soft. It's a t-shirt type fabric with great stretch retention, too. Plus, they are made right in the US {Detroit}! 

3. The prints. Okay, how cute are those flamingos? I mean, really.. I love a fun animal print, and this one screams my home state of Florida. There's even a pretty floral one, too. That's next on my list... 

My Favorite Prints

I keep the Polka Dot print in my bathroom, and the Flamingo at my grandparent's place {that's where the refreshing pool and beach reside}. I think going for 2-3 prints is most convenient if you are a busy-body like me. Shower, pool, gym - repeat :D

Where to Buy

Shop all prints & patterns of Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towels at Lakeshore Dry Goods

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One of Pam's favorite parts about owning this business is getting to pick out new fabrics and threads so we can't wait to see what she has in store!! 

Have an easy, breezy time drying off at the beach or pool or shower or gym or you get the point ;)

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