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When Sustainability and Accessibility Happily Intertwine

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Gone are the days when I shrug off a ‘big box’ store and dismiss them from my purchasing realm. I used to think, ‘that store is too large to be taking any of the necessary eco steps I like to see in a brand’. This simply isn’t true, and if we want to see real change in the world of consumerism, we have to support the global brands who have decided to implement small changes into their supply chain. The concept of sustainable manufacturing isn’t going to reach the masses unless stores like IKEA are leading the way. After listening to an hour long presentation on all of their sustainable initiatives, I am so excited to have IKEA featured on Sustainably Chic. It’s a store most of us know and have access to which makes it a perfect focus for the blog. With price and accessibility being two of the biggest deterrents within sustainable consumerism, I feel it’s necessary to applaud and showcase what IKEA has in store. 

I’m sure most of you have shopped at IKEA online or in one of their many brick-and-mortars so you may  already be aware of their packaging. They really got it down! I hate receiving items in the mail that use the ‘one size fits all’ type boxes because it creates excess waste and adds unnecessary space when shipping. Not to mention, you usually have to fill those boxes with extra paper and packaging so the item doesn’t shift around. IKEA doesn’t do this. Their packaging is customized to the shape of the item, which usually comes broken down for you to easily put together. See how my new chairs were packaged here? I find this sustainable initiative to be brilliant and a necessary action with how much this store ships globally! 

sustainable packaging

Okay, now for the fun stuff! How sleek are these indoor ODGER chairs? I’ve had this little round table for a few years, but could never find the right chairs to pair with it. I’d say I hit jackpot with these two! They are incredibly lightweight, but very sturdy. I was even surprised to see how comfortable I was sitting in them for several hours at a time. The ODGER chairs are made from renewable wood and at least 55% recycled plastic, which {besides the aesthetic} is a big reason I instantly gravitated towards them. They are very smooth making them easy to clean off, and you don’t need any tools to assemble - just a few clicks and you’re ready to sit & relax! 

When I think of a sustainable product, I take much more than the environment into consideration. Is it affordable? Is it quality? Is it practical? I think IKEA is doing a great job of checking all of these requirements off my list when it comes to these chairs. Now that Jacksonville has an IKEA, it makes me happy to think more people have access to this furniture in their own backyard. 

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I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.