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Hey, my neighbors to the north! Something exciting has just launched for you! The Eco Hub, created by one of my fellow EWC members Candice Batista, is a digital media company connecting conscious consumers to brands & companies that deeply care about the planet AND its people. Everything you find on their site is catered to Canadian residents so no need to worry if it is available to you {as a US blogger, I know many Canadian’s who have asked me in the past for a resource like this}! They want to help you make informed decisions with all of your daily purchases. You can finally stop spending hours after you get home from work looking on Pinterest or google for these thoughtful companies because The Eco Hub has you covered. Let them do all the hard work ;) They’ve worked to bring you the most transparent information and businesses Canada has to offer. Their Ecologicial Criteria sets the parameters for what you will learn on their site. They are serious about this stuff! Along with a list of brands you can shop from, The Eco Hub will keep you up-to-date with the latest in news, trends, healthy living and wellness. 

So you may be wondering...

What does The Eco Hub look for when deciding if a brand or business is worth showcasing on their site? The Ecological Criteria {like what I mentioned before} answers 3 questions - Where, What, Who? They want to find products made in Canada preferably from locally sourced materials. They want to know what it’s exactly made out of {recycled, upcycled, organic, cruelty-free,vegan}. Then, of course, they want to know if the maker behind the product was treated fairly. If it’s a Canadian product with high ethical standards, you may just see them listed on their Brand Directory! 

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What I really love about The Eco Hub’s website is its aesthetic. It is refreshing to go through, and categorized very well so you can easily browse through topics you care most about. Besides their growing Brand Directory, they have a section on Style + Beauty, Living + Home, and Culture + Impact. Within these categories you can find related articles for tips on implementing eco changes within each facet of your life. 


Click - here - to start {or improve} your eco journey. Even if you aren’t Canadian, this is still a wonderful resource to use!

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A little bit about the brains behind the site…

Candice Batista is the best person for this job! She is an award-winning Environmental Journalist and a top eco-advocate in Canada. Candice has an extensive background in media & communications where she has produced & reported on environmental and climate issues for TV & digital audiences. Currently, you can find her on The Marilyn Denis Show as the National Eco Expert {which The Eco Hub will be running a week long series around Earth Day you can’t miss!}. After hosting and producing 4 eco-themed TV series, Candice is adding a digital media company to her already very impressive resume. So yeah.. you can trust her on what goes up on this site! :D 

Sustainably Supported by The Eco Hub. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored