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The Easiest Way to File Your Taxes While Giving Back at the Same Time

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I swear this time of year sneaks up on me quicker each time. I've always dreaded doing my taxes because I didn't find it particularly easy to do, or did I truly understand how the system actually worked. Being an entrepreneur and a business owner made the process even more difficult. The last couple years, I've used, and it has made the whole 'tax season' a lot less stressful and 'ugh'. Not only are those annoying tax days behind me, but I feel really great to be a part of something bigger than filing my 1099s. With every tax return filed, $2 will be donated to clean water projects. How great is that?! Before I get into the extra perk about doing your taxes with, I thought I’d explain just how simple their process is… is headquartered in Franklin, NC, and has been creating professional-grade income tax software since 1977. They develop DIY and professional tax software to make filing taxes simple using either your phone or desktop. That’s right - you can do your taxes on your smartphone! 

If you head over to, you can instantly see how easy it is to navigate their website. You can click ‘Start for Free’ and create your login to have access for later on {my computer has everything saved so each year I come back, I’m ready to be logged in to go - easy peasy}. 


There are three packages offers when filing your taxes {psst… it's all very affordable!} :::

1. If you have a simple tax situation - Federal Return: FREE  | State Return: $14.95

2. If it's more complicated {kids, investment, childcare, college} - Federal Return: $29..95 |  State Return: $19.95

3. For business owners & 6 figure+ salary earners - Federal Return: $49.95 | State Return: $24.95

You should have no worries about completing things correctly because an interview will help guide you through the entire process. They ask all the right questions to get every single necessary worksheet filled out. The first time I used, I just filed my W-2s, and was instantly hooked on doing my taxes through their platform there on out. Your refund comes quite quick, as well, and can be deposited straight into your bank account. This year, I am going the 1099 route for my business, and working with a lot of expenses and new worksheets I haven’t used previously. It has been smooth sailing for me! Seriously recommend this program for independent contractors and business owners!! 

Okay, so my favorite part - the $2 donation to clean water projects :D Overall, has donated 5.3 million gallons of water to Healing Waters International, which is enough water for 29,251 people to have clean water for a whole year!! How amazing is that?! Healing Waters International (HWI) is a non-profit organization making clean, safe water accessible to people around the world. Learn more about how important this mission is, and's involvement.  

It's time to stop procrastinating & start your taxes - click here to begin! 

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