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Timeless, Ethical Jewelry Inspired by Food and Fighting Hunger

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Little by Little Jewellery

Amongst all the hundreds of clothing brands I share on here, it’s rare for me to find jewelry brands that spark my interest. Either they don’t have the right material or the designs aren’t practical enough to wear year after year, but this brand does it just right with a sweet little ‘spin’. 

Reasons to Love Little by Little Jewellery

Timeless Designs, Ethically-Made: Founded by jewelry designer Annabel Cox, and food editor, cookery book writer & photographer Georgina Fuggle, Little by Little Jewellery is a merge of their love for graphics and food. All pieces are ethically-made in Lima, Peru at a Peruvian factory employing 350 workers, which hires with no prior experience in order to train them in the art of jewelry production and offer reliable jobs for people in the community.

Mindful Materials: Little by Little pieces are made from local Peruvian silver, with some of it being recycled. Any virgin metal comes with strict environmental and labor laws, and they are currently working towards a closed-loop production to help support local Peruvian miners and communities even more. 

Action Against Hunger: For every purchase you make, Little by Little donates the funding to pay for three day's supply of therapeutic food to nurse an acutely malnourished child back to health through the program Action Against Hunger. I love how their mission to help others ties into the aesthetic of the designs. 

What I’m Wearing

Spinning Seville: Inspired by the Seville oranges of Spain, this piece is such a stunner and rather unique! If only my video editing skills were better, I would get this piece in action. Instead of just lying flat when worn, it spins. It’s incredibly well made, perfect for everyday and a great price for such a beautiful piece.

Where to Purchase

You can find every Little by Little Jewellery collection online - here -

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