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This US-Based Conscious Brand Has Made the Perfect Jumpsuit for All Different Body Types

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LA Relaxed

I am SO happy to see LA Relaxed is back with a brand new collection!! I have a lot of their pieces from the last 4 years that I wear quite often. They have been in my top 5 favorites since the beginning, and I think you are going to love them as much as I do! …. I mean.. Oprah does! ;) 

Three Reasons to Love LA Relaxed

Comfy Fabrics: Modal, hemp, organic cotton, tencel - all SO cozy and run laps around polyester.  I speak about them a lot on the blog, but if you want a quick run down & see which LA Relaxed pieces are made from what, you can find that - here -

Practical Designs: Like I said in the beginning, I wear LA Relaxed a lot. Their clothing is great for busy women who want to still look good, but feel incredibly comfortable at the same time. 

Made Ethically in the USA: While not all of my clothes are made in the states, I do think it’s important for most of your closet to come from the country you live in. It’s easier for brands to ensure quality and working conditions, as well as reduce their carbon footprint by shipping shorter distances. 

What I’m Wearing

The Jumpsuit: In case you missed it, Oprah named this piece one of her favorites this past holiday. I mean, that’s a big deal - and it makes me very excited to see such a respected name highlight a product made here in the US with a great blended fabric of modal and cotton. Not only is the Jumpsuit extremely comfortable, it can fit a wide variety of body shapes. I’m quite petite - 5’2’’ - and most jumpsuits would swallow me, but it fits perfect and Oprah rocks it!! It makes for a great travel piece {I wore it on the plane for our trip overseas}, and even wonderful for breastfeeding. 

Shop the entire LA Relaxed collection - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all new products on Instagram. Plus, use my code CHIC25 for 25% off your entire purchase!


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