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The Must-Have Heel for the Minimalist & Conscious Closet

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My feet did a happy dance when I found these lovelies!! First off, what a wonderful idea to own a heel you can change to fit your outfit or mood. I'm all about versatility when it comes to my wardrobe, and I never imagined a heel which upheld this concept. With VEERAH, you can refashion the design in a 'snap' - quite literally, though. The back of the shoe has a loop to fasten on an array of accessories - accessories you can later use as bracelets, necklaces, brooches & more. Besides the wonderful versatility, these heels are actually comfortable. From vegan leather to plant-based memory foam, these shoes can check off every requirement on a conscious consumer's list. Plus, it's a women-led company, and they work to empower women all over the world through their #VEERAHwarriors and education scholarships.

So, why choose a vegan, timeless & responsibly-made heel? For one, the leather industry kills billions of animals a year {this is separate from even upcycling within the meat industry}. We throw stuff away - and I mean, a lot of stuff - & rid ourselves of 300 million pairs of shoes every year. Most importantly, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world & we need to fix that for sustainability sake. As someone who appreciates and values fashion {& sees the amazing economic opportunities}, supporting the brands who are putting the environment and society first is the only way we can change how the industry operates. We have that power, and VEERAH is just one of the wonderful conscious businesses who is making this all possible.

I've been known to be a bit textile-obsessed {my mom owns a fabric store, so I've been around it quite a bit}, and VEERAH has an amazing glossary on all the materials they use - even packaging! They use some of my favorites like cork, organic cotton and post-consumer PET bottle fabric. 

With VEERAH, you can choose from four different styles of heels and accessories. I'm a classic girl, so the Audrey were my absolute favorite. The Mulan has the dramatic and glamorous stiletto, the Frida is a modern and sassy pointed-toe heel and the Maya is chic with its little kitten heel. Each style comes with their own accessory, but you can always add more! See all the accessories below. 

Like I mentioned before, VEERAH is not just about the perfect responsible heel. They have a plan: the VEERAH Warriors 1-10-100 Battle Plan. With this, 1% of proceeds go towards social impact causes, 10 paid hours per month are given to employees to volunteer or take self-improvement courses and for every 100 customer interviews they sponsor a 1 year scholarship through She's the First. They believe education is key to a bright future and fearless generation.

{Learn more about the inspirational women behind the label}

My mom and I went to one of our favorite little towns for lunch a couple weeks ago. Lyme Regis has the sweetest streets and cobble stone pathways. I walked all around the town in ease - can't say that for most of my heels! I know this is quite the bundle of photos, but the town was so easy to photograph. 

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I've been thinking about the next way I want to style my Audreys. I love mixing dark green & black so I'm leaning towards the grass green tassels