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Patagonia Slippers on a Mission | To Sustain Jobs & Cuddle Feet

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Warm Feet & Happy Soul

If you read most of my posts, you know I love a brand who makes being at home extra cozy. My feet are always cold, and never without socks or shoes. When I put Chilote's wool slippers on for the first time I became instantly hooked. These little guys are like walking on warm pillows & will treat you right all winter long. Besides their ultra-comfiness & practicality, they have an amazing mission behind them, as well - one I know you conscious consumers will appreciate greatly! 

Chilote's Wool Slippers are handmade by independent artisan women in Patagonia through a co-op system of ethical production. Each pair is made with a lot love, and helps sustain culture & its unique craft. When I first started my ethical clothing journey 5 years ago, I fell in love with the idea of preserving artisans' crafts. Naturally, Chilote is a brand I can get behind 100% & one I wish I knew years ago! 

The artisans keep their carbon footprint low by using locally sourced materials. The natural raw sheep wool is extremely warm and cuddly. The loose knit & fiber properties help keep the slipper both insulated and ventilated {so no sweaty feet, of course!}. The sole is made of salmon leather, a locally re-purposed and up-cycled renewable material which is durable, soft and flexible. My apartment is half carpet and wood flooring, and they work great on both! Plus, the neutral tones make them easy to pair with all your leisure wear. {if you're like me, even your after work clothes need to match & look good :P}

What is really cool for us techies is their product code links attached to their packaging. Just scan it and find more information about the artisan you are supporting. I love when products get intimate like this! Makes you truly appreciate the craftsmanship & creates a connection between maker and consumer we don't see often enough. My slippers came from Puerto Varas, also known as the city of roses. If you want to see a gorgeous town - google this place, now!! 

& guess what, parents!? They make baby shoes, too and they are the sweetest! 

Visit to shop their collection, and make sure to stay up-to-date through social media on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Now, go spoil your feet & help preserve a craft at the same time!!