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Not to sound like a broken record, but LA Relaxed is one of my favorites. Being a new mama, I’ve had to completely adjust to a new schedule. First thing off the list, taking time in the morning getting ready :P I love how I can feel incredibly comfortable, yet look put together {like I spent more than 5 minutes getting ready}. Also, since I am still breastfeeding - around the clock it feels  -the front zippers on the jumpsuits and the loose sweaters have been a godsend!

What I’m Wearing

Piped Dress in Azure: The sister to the Jumpsuit {part of Oprah’s Favorite Things}, the Piped Dress is made from tencel and organic cotton. Isn’t the Azure a beautiful color?!

Luxx Sweashirt & Jogger in Marengo: Oh my goodness, Lenzing Modal is seriously the softest fabric! It’s been a bit chilly in our home lately - it’s old and the heat doesn’t work great, so when Florida drops below 50, we have to dress much warmer inside. This set has been perfect for this time of year! 

Sandy Blanket: This has been our go-to park blanket the last couple of months. Made from 70% Tencel and 30% Organic Cotton, this blanket is so nice to sit on {or roll, which is what Elliott does}. Plus, the cotton fringe adds a sweet little touch! 

Piped Zip Jacket & Jogger: As a young teen, I would have been rocking this with my adidas sandals in a heartbeat! Those sandals aren’t really on my radar anymore, but this set will forever be a classic look for me. Sporty, yet chic <3

Want to know the other reasons I’m in love with this brand? Check out my post from last month. 

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