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9 Eco Products Helping You Go Zero-Waste

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

While a zero-waste lifestyle may sound intimidating, there are many simple switches you can make to help lessen your daily waste. Great part, all of these products are reasonably priced so it's easy to start your journey...

1. iPhone Case, Pela $26

You may find it odd I begin with this one, but tech waste {aka e-waste} is a serious issue. The planet has more phones than people, and with each phone comes a case {unless you live life on the more daring side}. Most of these phone cases are made of plastic and will take hundreds of years to decompose. Brands like Pela recognize this and are offering us a solution. These iPhone cases are biodegradable and made from Flaxstic™, a combination of flax straw ‘waste’, plant-based biopolymers and recycled materials. Don't let the sound of this material fool you either, it really is great at protecting the planet and your phone ;) I've had people ask about the quality, and I've dropped my iPhone 7+ many times with no problems. So yeah.. it does its job! & it does it in a fun, colorful way. I have the Rose Quartz and the Greenery - two perfect colors for Spring! Which one are you going to go for? 

2. Water Bottle, Yuhme $31

I'm sure you've heard, but by 2050 they predict there will be more plastic bottles in the ocean than fish. I don't like the sound of this so my Yuhme water bottle is with me at all times. No excuse for me buying a plastic water bottle these days. Plus, this bottle provides 6 months of clean water through Water for Good. 


3. Compost Bin, Natural Home Brands $23

I've gotta be honest here.. I'm not the best when it comes to composting. Pretty much everywhere I've lived the last 5 years has made it nearly impossible for me to compost. No places to drop it off, no backyard to do it on my own.. just really difficult to find my 'composting groove'.  If composting is something doable for your lifestyle, I highly recommend getting one of these little bins for your kitchen. 


4. Reusable Glass Straw, Natural Home Brands $12

Such without all that guilt! I like to have one of these on me at all times {even though I'm not perfect & do forget to ask for no straw}. I'm going to start taking it out before I order my drink so the waiter sees it - maybe that will be the trick?! These glass straws come in 4 beautiful colors and are BPA free. They also help reduce teeth staining, and helps minimize teeth sensitivity and erosion! 


5. Mason Jar Lid, Natural Home Brands $10

& don't forget to pair the glass straw with a mason jar lid! Especially since iced coffee is so great in the summer, it's nice to keep a set handy whenever you're out and about. I have been putting my morning smoothies in a mason jar, and being able to add a lid and straw makes it perfect for on-the-go. This lid fits a regular mouth mason jar, and doesn't rust! 


6. Bidet, Tushy $69

It saves toilet paper - which in turn gives your wallet and the planet a break. Did you know Americans spend more on TP than any other country? It also takes 437 billion gallons of water to press paper down. Not to mention the 253,000 tons of bleach, and 15 million trees used in the process, too. You can replace that with a couple sheets of bamboo TP, and 1 liter of water.  

7. Bamboo Toothbrush, Mable $10

The easiest sustainable switch you can make - brushing with bamboo! Since it is recommended to change your toothbrush every three months, why not use one that won't end up sitting in a landfill 'forever'? After three months, throw it in your compost bin and feel good about your clean smile :D


8. refillable skincare, Au natural skinfood

They say we individually go through about 24 plastic bottles a year in our skincare routine - that’s 1,400 in a lifetime! Even if bottles are recyclable, there’s a high chance it won’t ever be recycled. When you need a refill of your Au Natural, they send it to in a biodegradable plant-based bag to help avoid sending more bottles to the landfill. How amazing is that?!


9. Carry-All-Sac, Urbana Sacs $80

This Carry-All Sac {like the lunch sac} is made from a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt, and manufactured through cultivation rather deforestation. You are able to shape them like clay, and use them time and time again. Plus, every Urbana Sacs product is sustainably-crafted in LA. I’ve been using their products for the past couple of years, and have loved how easy they are to clean.