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14 Sustainable Brands Who Use Recycled & Post-Consumer Waste to Make Beautiful New Products

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Because waste is so 2016...

{updated November 2018}


charmed by a cause

Materials: Recycled 14kt Gold & Sterling Silver

Their name suits them perfectly. Charmed by a Cause donates 20% of the purchase price to a cause YOU want to support. All pieces are ethically made in NYC from 100% recycled 14kt gold, sterling silver, ethically-sourced natural stones & reclaimed or lab grown diamonds. They also sell direct-to-consumer to avoid markup fees. We {ehm, our pocketbooks..} thank them!!  


Tribe Alive

Materials: Recycled Cotton

With the Autumn/Winter 18 Collection, their textiles are more sustainable than ever. Using recycled and slub cotton fabrics, these natural textiles are sure to freshen up your closet while reducing your carbon footprint {because who can enjoy fashion when they know it isn’t kind to mother earth?}. These cottons are easy to wash and very breathable for maximum comfort throughout the day.



Materials: Upcycled Fabrics

If you aren't familiar with the zero-waste strategies within the fashion industry, there are two popular ones {1} where all the materials are used within a pattern {2} where garments are made from existing materials. tonlé believes in combining the two in order to honor their commitment to sustainability to the fullest. Even their smallest scraps are made into recycled office paper and sticky rice for their hang tags!



Materials: Recycled Plastic Bottles

Can you believe this stroller is made from recycled plastic bottles?! Each fabric style saves a large amount of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfills. The strollers pictured above save 74 & 51! The little bag I have attached in the back saves another 23. Plus, the fabric keeps your child’s skin safe with 50+ UPF built in. Even the frame is made from high quality recycled plastic so that the entire stroller can be recycled…or saved for another little one ;)



Materials: Several Upcycled Mediums

We all have different values, we all place certain aspects of a product higher than others, and with Brightly, you are able to easily find what fits with your passion most. They have an entire section dedicated to Recycled Materials. For example, this bag has a mission - to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and empower mothers through sustainable jobs.


Who Gives a Crap

Toilet paper is known to be a big contributor to deforestation {roughly 15%}, and wipes out thousands of trees a day. Who Gives A Crap doesn’t want to contribute to those numbers, and prefers hugging trees to wiping with them. Therefore, all of their toilet paper is made with recycled paper or bamboo! Not to mention, it takes a ton of water and energy to create toilet paper from virgin trees.

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Materials: Dead Stock Fabric

I’m sure we all have heard about the great amount of waste the fashion industry creates. Even without the throw away finished pieces, there is still a ton of virgin fabric behind the scenes that never gets used. Brands like AHNIKO are going through this ‘trash’ to put it in our closets rather the landfill. Not only are they choosing eco-minded materials, all of the packaging is either recycled PET plastic, compostable or reusable, and always recyclable. 


siku jewelry

Materials: Recycled Metal

All of Siku Jewelry pieces are made right here in the US with 100% recycled and refined metals from the jewelry industry {never from a mine!}. Even the packaging and business cards are thoughtful and made from recycled paper. 



little by little jewellery

Materials: Recycled Silver

Little by Little pieces are made from local Peruvian silver, with some of it being recycled. Any virgin metal comes with strict environmental and labor laws, and they are currently working towards a closed-loop production to help support local Peruvian miners and communities even more. 



Materials: Byproduct of pineapple industry. 

Piñatex® uses the pineapple leaf fiber gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. This is the byproduct of the pineapple harvest so essentially it’s a zero waste initiative! There is absolutely no extra land, water, fertilizer or pesticides to produce this raw material. Svala has just created a line of totes and clutches made from this awesome fabric! 



Rebecca Mir Grady

Materials: Recycled Silver & Gold

Rebecca Mir Grady primarily works with recycled silver and recycled 14k gold, and several ethically sourced stones. Stones include beauties like rubies, sapphires, opals & diamonds - you can even find some black diamonds in there. Heirloom pieces come with so much love and exquisite craftsmanship that future generations will be able to enjoy just as much as you.


Pela Case

Materials: Flaxstic™

Can you believe this case is biodegradable?! It's made from Flaxstic™, a combo of flax straw ‘waste', plant-based biopolymers, and recycled materials. Pela cases are definitely my go-to when protecting my phone. They are durable, smooth AND they are part of 1% for the planet. {lots of people ask how they do with dropping, well I've dropped my phone almost everyday & no issues!}


Chic Made Consciously

Materials: Recycled Tires

A very cool {& chic} upcycling brand, Chic Made Consciously is taking old tires and creating jewelry & accessories for the eco-conscious woman. Cassandra Ciarallo, the creator, envisioned a world without fast fashion and put her passion into action in 2015. During her travels in 2014, she visited Bali and instantly felt connected to the people and the artisans. She decided to collaborate with them, and bring their talents to new markets.

recycled jewelry

devi arts collective

Materials: Recycled Silver & Gold 

When designing, Bayoush is inspired by her Ethiopian heritage where she has learned beauty dances between the simple and the complex. She is also inspired by the natural world, and uses texturing and manipulation techniques to mimic nature. The recycled sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire come from a company who takes scrap pieces from artisans and creates new materials for designers like Bayoush to use.