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5 Eco-Friendly Bedding Brands you Need to Know before Buying Your Next Bed Sheets

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

Tired of going through bed sheets or can't stand the fact you are possibly sleeping on a ton of chemicals? Yeah, I've been there. I figured this list would be useful to many of you since we do spend about a third of our life sleeping! It's important we choose the right bedding that won't compromise our health or the planet's. 


Jefferson Lane

Sustainable Organic Bedding At A Truly Fair Price

The creators of Jefferson Lane are parents. They understand the home should be a safe place free of harmful chemicals and toxins. When you spend 7+ hours in bed {or me, who likes a good 9+ hours}, it's so important to know what you're surrounding yourself with through the night. Not only does conventional cotton have a toll on your health, but it's unsafe for the farmers and terrible for the environment. Therefore, Jefferson Lane only uses 100% organic cotton in their sheets. Even the dyes are eco-friendly! For those who love classic colors, affordable luxury & a lustrous sateen weave, these sheets are for you. 


Living Fresh

Bringing The Luxurious Hotel Slumber To The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Living Fresh has blended Tencel+Plus™ Lyocell eucalyptus and cotton for their botanical bedding. This is the perfect recipe for comfort, softness and sustainability. The combination of these two require less pressing during maintenance and only 1 non-toxic chemical to process {unlike bamboo which requires 16 different toxic chemicals to produce into a fiber - it's great for toothbrushes and other home goods, but not so much for textiles!}. Some cool facts about the eucalyptus tree: it requires no irrigation, farming, or pesticides and grows to maturity at about 10 years. Then only 10% is cut down while be replanted. 


Under the Canopy

A Sustainable Slumber That's Affordable, Organic & Fair

This brand has been in the game of bringing conscious consumers quality, organic and fair products since the beginning. Their comforters have fun, unique prints that are both practical yet chic, and they are awesome at creating contrasting pillow prints to add a little pop to your room.  They adhere to 6 kinds of certifications {FAIR TRADE, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, C2C, RCS & FSC}, and sustainability is at the forefront of their business model. All products are made ethically with eco-minded materials. Under the Canopy wants everyone included in the movement towards conscious consumerism. Therefore, their products are affordable, accessible & {of course} attractive.


Savvy Rest

A Complete Sustainable Slumber

Savvy Rest is a US based {Central Virginia} organic brand specializing in mattresses, bedding, furniture and so much more. You may remember seeing them on my blog several times - that gorgeous  Esmont Platform bed is one of theirs! They also create some of the comfiest pillows I have ever used.  Their Organic Kapok Pillows are made with kapok - a buoyant natural fiber that is the perfect alternative to down. These fluffy {& super comfy} guys are customizable, too! You can take out the right amount of filling to make it your dream pillow. Their line of bedding ranges from natural/organic duvet inserts, organic cotton sheets, allergy covers & mattress pads {& they cater to babies & kids, too!}. 


Syona Home

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Bedding

Syona Home uses 100% organic cotton supporting sustainable farming practices. The sheets are produced in manufacturing facilities which use low-impact and non-toxic dye. Syona is here to help you get the best sleep possible, and for someone who cares where their products come from, you'll rest easy knowing their bed sheets are ethically made with the environment in mind. All Syona bed sheets are Certified Fair Trade & Global Organic Textile Standard Certified, and they are priced at 50-70% less than luxury brands of the same quality.