Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by - here you will find some amazing eco-friendly and ethical companies from all over the world. All brands have been carefully reviewed & many products I use within my own personal life. Buying sustainably can be difficult because of limited information, but this blog makes it simple. Remember: We, as consumers, have all the power! Creating a better environment starts with yourself.



Sustainably Chic {since July 2014} is a blog & community for the conscious consumer. I created this space because fashion can exist responsibly. This is your guide to a more ethical & meaningful wardrobe. We all can make a difference by what we decide to purchase {& NOT purchase}.

Shop positive, shop small, shop sustainably.


about the creator

My name is Natalie, and I currently live in Charleston, SC. Sustainability became an important part of my life in college. Being a fashion major, I studied multiple companies a day & learned a lot about waste and unethical treatment of employees. No longer did I want a part in fast fashion, a booming industry, I wanted to help change how things were done. I knew the only way I could start to make a difference was by changing the minds around me. In school, my projects were dedicated to any and every sustainability initiative out there. Towards the end of my studies, I created La Petite N-Kay, my own accessory line built on a sustainable business model. Being what I only thought a filler for my portfolio review, La Petite N-Kay turned into something more. It gave me a chance to put my beliefs into practice. By reusing old materials and organic yarns, I created a small contribution to sustainable fashion.

Lucky me, I was able to network with so many amazing people who had the same care and passion for this great cause. We live within a consumer driven world, and it’s in our communities and small businesses where we can change the way people buy. This blog and  community is a voice & platform for any business or person with a strong passion for sustainability. 

Don't forget.. sustainability encompasses several things - society, economics & the environment. We need all three of these working together to create a truly sustainable community {& fashion industry!}. 


Want to work with Sustainably Chic? Send me an email at info@sustainably-chic.com & request a Media Kit! 


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