10 Sustainable Basics Brands that are Affordable, Organic & Fair

building practical wardrobes

What's a closet without your functional collection of basic pieces? Especially if you are interested in building a capsule wardrobe, basics are essential. We all love a good tee, cozy sweater and comfy everyday pants. Therefore, I thought'd I make a list to help your shopping list! 

1. Science of Apparel

"The New American Standard - The First Tees Guaranteed for Life" - If these tag lines don't resonate with you, I don't know what else will :P I am always talking about how low of a standard we have created within the fashion industry, and seeing brands bring up this issue makes me relieved! Gone are the days of the $5 tee {in my books, at least}, and with the textile industry being one of the biggest polluters in the world, it's great to find brands who are using science and sustainability to combat that problem. Science of Apparel has spent a full year of engineering fibers safe for this planet. Their process uses less water, less energy & creates less waste. Best part, this shirt is meant to wear for life.

I'm wearing the Hoyle Tee in Marine, and I love the fit, stretch and feel {very soft!}. It is made from their textile Compact Pima composed of extra long staple fibers which are 400% more durable than conventional cotton fibers. This textile also repels stains and prevents odor-causing bacteria. Pretty amazing, right? Click - here - to learn more about their special textiles {they have 3, and it is totally worth a read if you get giddy about textiles like me!}

& good news, they make men's basics, too!

2. Sustain

So plant dyeing is probably one of my latest obsessions. You probably recognize this brand from a few months ago because their dyeing process is pretty unique. Their Indigo shirt is dyed using a form of ayurvedic medicine called Ayuvastra, the notion your skin absorbs the chemicals {good or bad} within your clothing. 

Sustain just came out with a range of tanks {also plant-dyed but different formula than before} including this one I'm wearing here. It's amazing how you can get this color from plants - it is gorgeous! The Plant-dyed Racerback in Mauve is made from GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and thread, and naturally dyed with madder root and the heartwood of a logwood tree. The front and back dip down to give you the perfect coverage when paired with jeans. 

A little bit about the dyes - Madder root is one of the oldest natural dyes, and creates beautiful reds. You can find this resource used as far back as ancient Egypt where a cloth dyed with madder root was found alongside the possessions of King Tut! Logwood dye also has a long history, and dates back to Europe in the 1500s and used by the Mayans hundreds of years before that. A love a good textile history lesson :D

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3. Encircled

Encircled is a Canadian based sustainable clothing brand who creates for the stylish traveler {& your everyday busy body!}. They want you to be able to travel light while looking effortless at the same time. Imagine being able to put all your essentials into one carry-on. Yes, Please!

4. Aeon Row

Great basics and an even greater concept. Aeon Row only uses recycled yarn to create their line. This means they don't require land, water, chemicals, or cotton dyes to produce! Having to use less resources also means having to spend less money so it ends up being better for our pocketbook, as well ;)

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5. Kestan

Kestan knows the importance of choosing organic & supporting the farmers who are against the use of harmful pesticides. They even take it a step further by using only eco-friendly dyes helping to save water, energy and time. Their washing and dyeing process is done 3-4 times, while conventional methods go through the process an average of 7 times.

*COUPON CODE: use checkout code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase*

6. Hope Made in the World

HOPE Made in the World is here to help us transition into a more conscious wardrobe, starting with the essentials. They cover all our favorite basic colors - black, white, greys and a gorgeous burgundy. Most importantly, they are serious about where their fabric is sourced, and have been certified under the Child Labor Free mark which ensures every step of the manufacturing process is held to high ethical standards.

7. Les Sublimes

Based in the lovely city of Paris, Les Sublimes is adding a touch of sustainability and style into our everyday essential garments. Not to mention, their mission goes beyond the actual product. They have a purpose - to empower women, make a global impact and open their hearts to spread happiness to everyone - aka #beingSUBLIMES.

8. Two Fold

If you are flirting with the idea of having a minimalistic wardrobe, I think I've found your new favorite. Two Fold Clothing's clean, crisp aesthetic is exactly what a lot of us 'conscious' ladies have been looking for! This small-batch, sustainable womenswear brand is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina where everything is created in house and made-to-order. 


9. Miakoda

This modern loungewear line produces garments in a NYC ethical factory with sustainable & organic textiles. Their latest collection is all about seasonless layering pieces, saturated pastels & neutral colors {stay tuned for their new collection launching this August!}. They wanted women to feel cozy, yet feminine at the same time - and they accomplished this beautifully :D


10. Wallis Evera

FINALLY, I can give a great answer when I'm asked, "Where can I find ethical women's workwear?". This is it!! It's classy, classic & oh so chic. Every piece is ethically, locally & responsibly made in Canada. Their choice of fabric {oh, just one of my favorites} - hemp! 

What are some of your favorite ethical basics brands!?