10 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands

This is for the ladies...



The list is finally here! I've been asked the question 'Are there any affordable sustainable brands?' more times than I can count, so I thought this list would be quite useful. Now, when I say 'affordable' I don't mean Forever 21 prices. I don't purchase often, so $50-$100 every blue moon is doable. This, to me, is as affordable a RESPONSIBLE product can be. If you are paying $10-$20 for a shirt, someone is {obviously} being taken advantage of. To me, a sustainable purchase is one you are going to {hopefully} carry around the rest of your life, and pass down to your children - hey, I love wearing my mom's clothes from the 80s. I want my garment to last more than 7, 10, 30 wears, and I want it to be made responsibly. By the way, did you know fast fashion companies purposely make garments to be worn roughly 7 times? Don't let them fool you... Gap, Free People, {aka most mall stores}.. they don't want your garment to last, either. They are selling you trends, and too many to keep up with in a year. I want my clothing to come from a brand who has a distinct personality and leaves trends on the waste side - a brand who pays attention to their carbon footprint, and treats their employees with respect. I love fashion and the art of constructing a garment, and our passion & support for the art doesn't have to stop because the industry has gone sour. We need to come together and support the brands who are allowing us to express ourselves through clothing in the most sustainable way possible. We don't need fashion to live, but it sure does make our life, our culture and our story much more colorful. So here is to supporting an art form, and to the wonderful makers allowing this to be responsibly possible...

in no particular order

1. LA Relaxed

"Where it’s made, who’s making it, and what it’s made of is at the heart of LA Relaxed. We believe that it’s time for the eco-friendly fashion movement to expand and move toward ‘responsibly made’ fashion. Sustainability has focused on the environmental issues and that definition must now include the social and human issue, as well. We need to start designing, sourcing, producing, and selling with more responsibility and accountability, both environmentally and socially." - LA Relaxed.

2. Stormie Dreams

"As a fashion brand, we inevitably part take in an industry that is the second most polluting industry in the world, falling behind only to the oil industry. We belong to a generation where 20% of the world’s population uses 80% of the world’s natural resources. So what does this all spell out for us here at Stormie Dreams? It means that operating as a fashion brand that emphasizes progressive change, we strive to always do more in our part in reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring sustainable responsibility." - Stormie Dreams.

3. Braintree

"Creating Thoughtful Clothing alone isn't enough. We whole-heartedly value doing the right thing and want to feel good about everything we touch. From the fabrics we use to how our garments are designed, made and delivered, each step of our collection’s journey is carefully considered and done so ethically. It’s all with the greater aim of minimising our environmental footprint.We're also proud supporters of ‘slow’ rather than ‘fast’ fashion, which is why every piece of our Thoughtful Clothing is designed to last and become a wardrobe favourite. We believe in prolonging the life of both your clothes and their existence; one of the reasons we created our own mantra: ‘Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On’. Feel free to share it!" - Braintree.

4. EcoVibe Apparel

A boutique & online shop, EcoVibe Apparel is a lovely space full of sustainable & trendy clothing {like the kind you wish your closet was made out of}. Their brick-and-mortar is based in my favorite US city, Portland, Oregon, and - good news for the rest of us - their online store ships worldwide. They carry ten brands within the shops, one of them being their own private line made right here in the USA and ethically imported abroad. EcoVibe's collection focuses on environmentally conscious fabrics like modal, tencel, bamboo and recycled fabric blends. Their designs are timeless, comfortable and perfect for the modern woman. 

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5. Madia & Matilda

I've grown quite familiar with Madia & Matilda over the years, and have always been attracted to the way they create with upcycled fabrics. Shalize Nicholas, the founder, has an eye for found fabrics, and a passion for bringing new life to those textiles. Madia & Matilda uses old garments, remnants & sustainable fabrics to produce beautiful waste-less clothing! With the UK being responsible for 350,000 tonnes of clothing sitting in the landfills a year, Madia & Matilda makes sure to use up all of their materials. Therefore, leftovers are used in future samples or new designs. Yay to zero-waste!

6. Mata Traders

Mata Traders is an ethical fashion company based in Chicago, IL who partners with fair trade cooperatives in India and Nepal to bring us exciting & vibrant apparel and accessories. By purchasing a dress {or a piece of jewelry} you are supporting women makers and helping them & their families out of poverty. By the way, their new fall collection is GORGEOUS!

7. Liz Alig

"We believe clothing should be effortless - the kind of dresses you can just throw on and look great all day - sweaters that are so comfortable you can live in - and clothing that is unique, easy to layer, and functional (which is why we love pockets!) We believe clothing production can and should be transparent. We believe in high quality, sustainable fibers.  As textile nerds we love rich timeless textiles - bulky handwoven stripes - super soft pima cotton - hand dyed silk - vibrant boho ikat. We believe the clothing production process can be beautiful! We believe in slow fashion.  Clothing taken back to its roots.  Garments that may take months to make because the cotton was grown organically and hand woven into fabric then hand dyed and printed and next hand sewn.  Why this extra time?  We have the opportunity to give more people more meaningful jobs." - Liz Alig.

8. Bamboo Body

"The creators of Bamboo Body, sisters Amanda and Elouise, were inspired when they first felt bamboo fabric. They were amazed by the fabric’s soft feel and beautiful drape, and the fact that it was made from a natural, highly sustainable resource. This inspiration led Amanda and Elouise on a journey of discovery to find out everything they could about bamboo fabric, the bamboo plant, and the plight of the textile industry. The more Elouise and Amanda researched bamboo, they more they fell in love with the fabric and the plant. Bamboo fabric is softer and more breathable than cotton, has natural moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, and anti-odour properties. The bamboo plant grows quickly, without chemicals, sucks up a lot of carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than trees, and it does not deplete precious water resources." - Bamboo Body.

9. Sancho's Dress

'Sancho’s Dress began on travels through Ethiopia, there we were inrpisred by the unseen and unknown beauty of African Culture. We began by sourcing garments from markets but eventually came to realise that if we could employ manufacturers ourselves we could help them build more sustainable livelihoods." - Sancho's Dress.

10. Slumlove

Created by Ava Darnell in 2013, Slumlove is an ethical clothing line working with women artisans to make beautiful garments, and give back to families living in slums. Inspired by the slum of Kibera, Ava was introduced to a woman who knit school sweaters for children while working there for several years. Together, they sat down and worked to design the first collection. All clothing is handmade with natural and organic cotton by artisan women in Nairobi, Kenya. The artisans are paid a fair wage, respected and given opportunity to build a better life for themselves, their families and communities. With every purchase, a portion of sales is donated to a non-profit providing scholarships to children in one of the world's largest slums. 





Thanks for supporting these makers, and, remember, sustainability isn't 'cheap' ;)

More lists coming soon... 


Natalie Kay