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I’ve always been a big fan of wool. I love its properties as a fabric, and I find it to be a important part of the sustainable fashion industry. However, this is the first time I’ve ever tried wool in my sneakers! Now, I think more shoes need to use this material. Not only is it very comfortable, but I’m drawn to its felted aesthetic. Baabuk is a Swiss brand preserving an old tradition of shoe making. It started with a single pair of slippers and two entrepreneurs, Galina and Dan. They were inspired by nature and a pair of traditional Russian ‘Valenkis’ back in 2013. Today, they have increased their product range to boots and some pretty rad sneakers which I'm excited to share with you, today! 

What I Love About Baabuk

Comfort: It’s like walking on little pillows in these guys! They are incredibly comfortable so if you need a pair of shoes to wear all day, or you’re traveling, these are the ones to get {OR if you are 8 months pregnant like me!}. Since Baabuk uses wool, the shoe ends up naturally taking the shape of your foot over time. Wool is also great for moisture wicking, meaning your feet are able to breath and the fibers will absorb and evaporate the moisture. Synthetics are known to make you sweat more because there is no where for moisture to go. With these sneakers, you will have comfort throughout the day since your foot will not become swollen. Plus, wool naturally regulates your temperature keeping your foot warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Style: It’s a sleek sneaker look - not too bulky, not too loud. I’ve never been one for the usual sneaker look so finding this classic style by Baabuk has me crazy about sneakers again. &&& best part -- you don't have to wear socks :D 

Responsible Material: Who needs synthetics that don’t biodegrade when you have such great resources like wool?! Wool is renewable and naturally grown {of course}, and since shearing is done by hand, less energy is used. At the end, you are able to compost and use it as a fertilizer because of its high level of nitrogen. Also, wool is 7x stronger than cotton and can be bent over 30,000 without damage! 

Easy to Care For: Did you know you can just throw these sneakers into the wash machine? Yeah, it’s that easy!! Since wool is naturally anti-bacterial, your shoes won't get that stinky foot odor, and with them being water repellant, you are less likely to have major stains. 

B Corp Certified: For Baabuk, it's more than just making a great shoe. It's about where they source the materials and who creates the end product. Their wool comes from healthy, happy sheep and all their manufacturers are given a fair wage in good working conditions. 

 What I’m Wearing

Classic Sneaker: These are my first sustainable pair of sneakers, and I’m in love! You can find them in 5 different colors {some great ones for summer, too!}, but I’m partial to the grey & black - they go great with my closet! 

Where to Purchase

You can find the entire Baabuk collection online - here - & check out their range of slippers {some for the kiddos, too} and boots! Plus, don't forget to stay up-to-date with them on Instagram

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