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IKEA is Weaving a Way to a Better Future

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I can’t say enough how impressed I am with Ikea’s sustainable initiatives. Like I mentioned in my last post with the ODGER chairs, it is so important for big brands like IKEA to lead the way in creating more eco and ethical products. Sustainability within consumerism needs to be accessible to the masses in order for real change to occur. It also has to be within a price range affordable to the majority. When I first started looking at rugs for our new place, I couldn’t believe the prices. I understand there is a ton of work and tradition behind the textiles, but it was completely out of our budget, as I’m sure it is for most other people, as well. Travis and I went into the process knowing we would like to spend under $500. We found out either we get a product we can’t trace back to the maker or the quality was too dull. 

Jacksonville had recently opened up their first ever IKEA, which many were very excited about. After the initial excitement wore down {I don’t do crowds}, I went to have a look with my family. I was so happy to come across the rug selection, which was full of rugs made from cut offs and then they have several made by women’s cooperatives. I’ve always been an advocate for fair trade, and learning more about how they have incorporated social entrepreneurs and weavers really gets me pumped on the future of ethically-made, affordable products. 


How  gorgeous is this rug?! The colors and patterns are so vibrant! Plus, it’s easy to vacuum with its flat surface. I feel like you wouldn’t believe me that it’s $200 so click - here - to check it out for yourself!! We’ve been looking for the perfect rug for our living room for quite some time. Going back to what I said in the beginning, price was a huge deterrent in biting the bullet. We couldn’t find the right rug at the right price. IKEA solved this issue, and I’m sure many of you will be just as thankful! Even though they use natural materials and provide fair wages in good working conditions, the prices are totally reasonable. This is the accessibility I’ve been talking about! More people are going to be able to afford and find this in their own backyard, which will only lead to more responsible products being produced in the future.

another exciting collection available at select IKEAs:

The  INNEHÅLLSRIK Collection

With few work opportunities for village women in India, it’s so important for big companies like IKEA to step in and empower these women in order to create stronger communities and sustainable livelihoods. India is known for their weaving skills and beautifully woven patterns. Unfortunately, most rugs you see today are being done on machines in order to produce quicker and cheaper. Because of this, many weavers are losing their jobs. With the help of IKEA, this traditional craftsmanship can be restored. For this particular collection, IKEA partnered up with two Indian social enterprises, Rangsutra and Industree, to showcase traditional hand weaving and embroidery with natural materials. Rangsutra employs over 3000 artisans with 70% being women. Industree, who uses unique natural materials like banana fibers, supports about 600 artisans. *note: the KATTRUP rug pictured in this post is not from this particular collection & can be found at many IKEAs nationwide*

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