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Responsible Leather Goods Regenerating Our Land

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Central Grazing Company

Did you know we only have about 60 years left of top soil? If you aren’t familiar, top soil is the layer of soil containing the greatest concentration of nutrients, organic matter & microorganisms. Regenerative agriculture is one of the only ways to effectively restore the health in our depleted soil.

Central Grazing Company is surrounded by land with depleted soils. They are working on restoring its health through holistic management of their flocks. This is where animals mimic the wild, and through their grazing and stomping, carbon is reintroduced into the soil and health is restored.

To learn more about regenerative agriculture visit Kiss the Ground and my blogger friend, Holly Rose, who has several articles on soil health and regeneration.

Reasons to Love Central Grazing Company

Fashion that Regenerates: Handbags that help balance the carbon cycle? Yes, please! You don’t hear much about your clothing and accessories actually benefitting the planet. This is the future of fashion.

Traceable Supply Chain: Knowing exactly where the leather comes from in our shoes, handbags, etc. is rare these days. Central Grazing Company has a closed-loop fiber production process, and uses their livestock byproduct to create luxury handbags. Plus, they use veggie-tanning and natural dyeing to keep toxic chemicals away.

The Quality: This is one of those lifetime handbags. I'm sure, if I take real good care of it, I can pass it down to the next generation. You can tell a lot of thought, time and care went into making them.

What I’m Using

The Meg: This bag is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never owned anything so soft and durable. Lambskin is finer-grained and lighter-weight than cow, but it is just as strong and has a silky, buttery feel. The design is timeless, and you can find it in three different colors - all practical and beautiful shades. You can even choose from full leather or leather and suede. I have the Olive in full leather, and the color is very unique to my closet, but it goes with anything!

Where to Purchase

You can find the beautiful Meg online - here - and don’t forget to follow Central Grazing Company on Instagram to learn more about soil regeneration!

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