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It's a topic I feel we don't touch up on enough, but the way you decide to handle that time of month can have a negative or a positive impact on you and the environment. Whether it be the cup, tampons or pads, I know we all have our preference and some of us {myself included} will dabble in all three depending on the day. However, there is one option I find to be the healthiest for my body, as well as less wasteful than its alternatives - & that's the pad. While I typically go with organic tampons & cups when I'm out and about, pads are my go-to at home and the days I have more control over {obviously not spending my beach days in one!}. I've had numerous women over the year tell me how they prefer to use pads, but the conventional ones you usually find at your local grocery store are full of chemicals and additives. Luckily, hannahpads wants to treat your most sensitive area right so they only use organic cotton! Plus, their prints are super cute. It's almost exciting to use them...

Important to note: As someone who lives with a blood disorder, I've always been told by doctors to use pads in order to lessen bleeding. I notice a difference in flow depending on what I use so I always found this to be good advice! Just in case you wanted some, too :D

Okay, so we know organic cloth pads are the most natural way to deal with bleeding. Now what about the environmental aspect? They say women use up to 16,000 pads & tampons throughout her entire life. Disposable items take a crazy amount of resources to create, and most of them are even individually wrapped. That's a ton of waste we can avoid. With hannahpads, your organic cloth pads last you years and then they biodegrade. Not to mention, you are saving thousands of dollars by switching to reusable cloth. 

hannahpads are unbleached, undyed & chemical-free organic cotton. Instead of a PUL layer, they use a special waterproof coating to allow air to flow through more freely which is recommended by Greenpeace. 

Now, we all have different bodies and flows so hannahpads has us covered. You can choose from 6 different sizes {pantyliners, small, medium, overnight, ultra overnight & super ultra overnight}, and you can buy them in singles, multiples or sets. They even have a few extras you shouldn't leave your cart without. Their Probiotic Soap is full of effective microorganisms working to clear the pad of unwanted bacteria. The sweet Pouch is made to keep all of your hannahpads together, and they even have a Hanger to make drying easier. 

Besides the beautiful patterns, I love hannahpads because they work - they are comfortable, leak-proof AND eco-conscious. What more do we want on our periods? {I guess some good snacks :P}

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