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Organizing Baby Toys with Sustainably-Handcrafted, Washable Sacs

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Urbana Sacs

If I’m going grocery shopping for more than a day’s worth of food, I ALWAYS bring my Carry-all Sac from Urbana Sacs {remember from last Spring?}. And pretty much each time, someone asks me where it’s from and what’s it made out of - people LOVE it. When I say ‘it’s washable, too’, they don’t believe me :P 

I’m always happy to add more to my Urbana Sacs collection because their products are seriously great!!

Reasons to Love Urbana Sacs

Sustainably-Made: Urbana Sacs products are made from a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt, and manufactured through cultivation rather deforestation. You are able to shape them like clay, and use them time and time again. Plus, they are all made in LA!

Personalization: This is something new to Urbana Sacs, and I’m lovin’ it. Elliott is learning both French and English so I try to mix it up in our home. Our sacs say ‘Les Jouets d’Elliott’ which is ‘Elliott’s Toys’ in English :D Cute, right?!

Washable: I think most parents are going to love this feature! Elliott is a mess with his sticky hands and mouth over anything he can grab, so having products I can easily clean are extremely important to me.

What We’re Using

Carry-All Organizers: Like most kids, Elliott has A LOT of toys {many which are 2nd-hand, so I’m not too upset about it}. He needs organization, and these personalized bins are helping us out a lot! You can find them in all different sizes and colors in order to best suit your home.

Where to Purchase

See the entire Urbana Sacs collection online - here - and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all new products. 


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