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Happy Earth Day! Here’s The Last Shopping Tote You’ll Ever Need

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One of the best days of the year, Earth Day is when everyone can take a step back and look at their impact as a global citizen. It’s a day you can ask yourself, ‘What can I do better?’ or “What can I teach my children?’. Earth Day always stood out to me as a child because our school would get very into it and create fun projects centered around eco-mindedness. I didn’t really have an ‘earthy’ focus at home {even though we composted, recycled, used minimal water/ac, etc} so Earth Day was always exciting and a great reminder for me to do more than the bare minimum, which I’m sure many other children feel the same way, today. 

We didn’t start reusing bags in our family until I was in high school. I spent most of my childhood knee deep in those petroleum based grocery bags we thought could be recycled. Our produce always had its individual clear bag to separate them from one another {which I’m still shocked to see how many people use those for items like lemons and oranges who have amazing ‘shells’ to keep them separated from the rest to begin with :P}. I believe one of the easiest eco swaps we can do as consumers is shop with reusable bags. There really isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t go to the grocery store or run on any errand where I need a bag to put my new belongings.   Also, if you’re a mom, your need for space greatly increases. Not only can I use this tote for my shopping, but I can throw in Elliott’s things and still have space to add more. 

I’ve been carrying this tote with me everywhere {nice to have on hand in your car!}, and it’s rare I don’t get asked “Where did you get this!?’” or “What’s this made from?!”. 

So What is this Bag Made from? 

This Carry-All Sac {along with all other Urbana Sacs product} is made from a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt, and manufactured through cultivation rather deforestation. You are able to shape them like clay, and use them time and time again. Plus, every Urbana Sacs product is sustainably-crafted in LA. I’ve been using their products for the past couple of years, and have loved how easy they are to clean. Their creative sacs are great for organizing, but my favorite is to use them as cute little planters! They make perfect gifts that way, too. 

Where to Purchase 

You can find their entire collection online - here -

Happy Earth Day!! 

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