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Someone pinch me - I've found the softest black tee on this planet. Based in the lovely city of Paris, Les Sublimes is adding a touch of sustainability and style into our everyday essential garments. Those tees, tanks and dresses that make our wardrobe effortless now have a conscious twist! They don't want us to compromise when it comes to the basics so let us all say 'bye' to that $5 t-shirt & 'hello' to sustainable, accessible, French luxury :D

Created by two Girl-Bosses, Kachen Hong & Alexis Assoignon, Les Sublimes is the perfect brand to kickstart Women's International 'Week'. A women led company & designs made just for amazing worldly women - makes sense to celebrate & share them this week, right!? Not to mention, their mission goes beyond the actual product. They have a purpose - to empower women, make a global impact and open their hearts to spread happiness to everyone - aka #beingSUBLIMES.

To understand the concept a little bit better, see below for a super cute bubble chart {complete with a heart}: 

Les Sublimes believes education is key to elevating poverty. Therefore, each item purchased supports one month of education for a young girl in need. Did you know one extra year of primary school boosts girls future wages by 10-20%?! & then another year of secondary school adds an extra 15-25% on top of this! I absolutely love it when a fashion brand reaches out to the global community and enables opportunity for young women to learn and grow. 

I'm wearing the Stockholm Luxury Tee {in black, but you can find it in white & rose, too!!}. Like I said before, SERIOUSLY THE SOFTEST & CHICEST TEE EVER which makes it perfect for everyday & any occasion. The relaxed fit has a feminine neckline and a curved hem for effortless tucking and untucking. && the Stockholm is made from one of my favorite fabrics, MicroModal! While a maximum of 10% of fibers used are synthetic {for movement, durability and comfort purposes}, Les Sublimes goes above and beyond to find the best natural and botanical fibers with minimal carbon footprints. Their current collection features two fabrics - Lenzing MicroModal {made from Austrian beechwood} and GOTS Cotton {a certification giving you peace of mind from farmer to maker}. All garments are ethically manufactured at a family-owned factory about 400 km south of Paris in Renaison, France. Even high quality consideration went into their yarns which are made in Northern France, and their tags are made from recycled poly by a Taiwanese family business. That's not all folks... their shipping materials are sourced locally and orders are shipped with a carbon-neutral delivery service.


The complete Les Sublimes collection features 5 other beautiful pieces, too! Click below each photo to start shopping, now. 

The Paris Luxury Tank 

The Pokhara Luxury Tee

The Tokyo Luxury Tank

The London Dress

The Buenos Aires Dress

Plus, Les Sublimes has a lovely Insta feed I highly recommend following!! 

It's finally time basics were a little more luxurious. Don't ya think?

Enjoy, my modern conscious ladies <3 

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