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Fashion Pt. 6

Patagonia Slippers on a Mission | To Sustain Jobs & Cuddle Feet

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Chilote House Shoes

Warm Feet & Happy Soul

If you read most of my posts, you know I love a brand who makes being at home extra cozy. My feet are always cold, and never without socks or shoes. When I put Chilote's wool slippers on for the first time I became instantly hooked. These little guys are like walking on warm pillows & will treat you right all winter long. Besides their ultra-comfiness & practicality, they have an amazing mission behind them, as well - one I know you conscious consumers will appreciate greatly! 

Chilote's Wool Slippers are handmade by independent artisan women in Patagonia through a co-op system of ethical production. Each pair is made with a lot love, and helps sustain culture & its unique craft. When I first started my ethical clothing journey 5 years ago, I fell in love with the idea of preserving artisans' crafts. Naturally, Chilote is a brand I can get behind 100% & one I wish I knew years ago! 

The artisans keep their carbon footprint low by using locally sourced materials. The natural raw sheep wool is extremely warm and cuddly. The loose knit & fiber properties help keep the slipper both insulated and ventilated {so no sweaty feet, of course!}. The sole is made of salmon leather, a locally re-purposed and up-cycled renewable material which is durable, soft and flexible. My apartment is half carpet and wood flooring, and they work great on both! Plus, the neutral tones make them easy to pair with all your leisure wear. {if you're like me, even your after work clothes need to match & look good :P}

What is really cool for us techies is their product code links attached to their packaging. Just scan it and find more information about the artisan you are supporting. I love when products get intimate like this! Makes you truly appreciate the craftsmanship & creates a connection between maker and consumer we don't see often enough. My slippers came from Puerto Varas, also known as the city of roses. If you want to see a gorgeous town - google this place, now!! 

& guess what, parents!? They make baby shoes, too and they are the sweetest! 

Visit to shop their collection, and make sure to stay up-to-date through social media on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Now, go spoil your feet & help preserve a craft at the same time!! 

"Pants to See the World In" | For the Chic Adventurers

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Matter Prints

& a few other items to explore with... 

Holidays are here & many of us are traveling to see loved ones or using up the money we saved all year to go on an adventure. I thought I would put a quick round up of some of my favorite items I bring along on all the journeys. 

Sideswept Dhoti + Trikora Pants, Matter Prints $129

Their clothes are made for traveling - I throw clothes in my suitcase and run out the door, so I need garments which don't wrinkle easy. Just throw on a soft tee with these pants and you are good to go!! Plus, they are a great weight making it easy to explore, and the print is pretty picture worthy :D The Trikora Pants are an edgier version of the original Indian dhoti with a take on modern asymmetry, and I love how the imbalance of the geometric print makes it so perfect. Truly a unique item in my closet! Woven in Pochampally and stitched in Delhi, this particular garment created 74 days of artisan employment! Bonus points.. these pants are unisex, and are dyed with azo-free dyes. The Trikora was inspired by the architectural Kangura print which was traditionally used as a border design for Rajasthani houses, and is a sign of protection and defense of loved ones. The up-facing three-sided shape of the Trikora symbolizes stability with the elements of earth and water. This is my second Matter Prints piece, and I wouldn't mind adding more to my collection for future trips ;) 

Rodica Backpack Tote, Sapahn $375

This guy is on my wishlist! I own a two bags from Sapahn & I'm obsessed. The quality is absolutely wonderful, and their mission is beautiful. To learn more about their artisans and craftsmanship click here

Alchemical Signs Travel Mug, LIVEN $105

Have you ever seen a mug so beautiful? It isn't your ordinary one, either. LIVEN has a patented tourmaline anion technology which helps improve the quality and taste of your drink. The tourmaline-crystal glaze acts as a natural filter helping to keep your water fresh {like a natural sweet spring}, while the double-wall heat insulation technology protects your hands from heat.

Alicia San Marcos Woven Camera StrapFair + Simple $40

Because your camera needs to look good, too. I've always been a fan of Alicia San Marco's textiles, and Fair + Simple is one of my favorite places for gift giving. Holiday side note--  Have that someone on your list who has everything? Fair + Simple allows you to purchase one card which can be redeemed on any conscious item in their beautifully curated collection - for both men AND women!!

Wearable Baskets | Sustainably Woven Rattan Handbags

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Purse for the People

I've always held a special place in my heart for rattan anything - I grew up with wicker furniture, baskets, and decor all made from this naturally renewable palm. Rattan is lightweight and extremely durable, and any product I have purchased made from this lovely resource has lasted year after year. It has a growing industry at $4 billion per year, and is one of the biggest contributors to poverty alleviation in rural areas of Cambodia & Vietnam. The majority of rattan is sourced from tropical rainforests which, unfortunately, have been experiencing an overwhelming amount of deforestation. Purse for the People understands the social, environmental and economic benefit of this natural resource & works hard to protect it. They have partnered up with Rainforest Alliance to support the sustainability behind the use of rattan and ensure a future for its continued growth. {cool fact: Rattan planting indirectly protects forests since it thrives under some sort of tree covering}

Purse for the People not only understands the importance of using a sustainable material, they want to create jobs and economic opportunity in our own backyards, too. Therefore, they are shifting all production to right here in the USA {Butte, Montana}. This means more quality control, and eventually a platform you can design your very own handbag.

I have an obsession with baskets - I'd fill my house with them if I could - so when I saw the Aspen Rattan Handbag, I instantly fell in love. I knew the craftsmanship would be wonderful because of past experiences with the material, but I was very impressed with the entire handbag. It has quickly become a favorite! The inside compartments make for easy organization, and the long removable cross-body strap is the perfect length. With all its character and charm, I don't think I've worn it and not received a compliment! {reminds me of the 50s!! a great decade of fashion :D} I used to look high and low for the wicker crossbody bags in vintage stores, and could never find what I was looking for. Glad I waited for this beauty!! 

Channeling your inner vintage & basket love {or just appreciate a well-made handbag}? Purse for the People's classic look makes a great holiday gift for moms & grandmother's, too ;) To shop their entire collection click - here - & stay up-to-date through Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Simple, Timeless, Sustainable Womenswear

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay


A fashion brand based in NYC, SiiZU uses some of the most luxurious natural fabrics to bring us minimalistic designs we can wear time and time again. Their sophisticated, clean look is made for any woman who appreciates tailored, well-fitted garments with sustainability at its core. SiiZU's mission is to create ethically-made high-quality apparel at an affordable price - and they begin this process with their textiles. The fabrics are carefully chosen, and consist of Italian Merino Wool, Inner Mongolia Cashmere, Chinese Silk, Japanese Tencel and Japanese Linen. Each fabric is used to its full potential with minimal waste, and always zero toxins and polys. In order to lower their carbon footprint, they keep their fabric manufacturers and garment factories close to each other. If the fabric is sourced from Mongolia, the clothing is produced in Mongolia. No unnecessary moving of product! Even their shipping materials to send the beautiful garments to your doorstep are made from recycled paper. & not only is their carbon footprint considered, they think about your wallet, too. All clothing is sold directly online to eliminate high mark-ups and keep prices fair {all while paying workers fairly & choosing the best of the best factories}. To top it all off,  SiiZU donates to American Forests & their 2016 goal of planting 2.7 million trees to restore and protect critical wildlife habitat.

Now, on to the lovely garments I'm wearing in this post! I am a sucker for the peplum style, and the Sunna Silk Peplum Top is a stunner. It's sleek, seasonless and going to stay with me for many years to come. The mill where the Sunna was created is in Suzhou - the famous silk city in China {makes it even more special, right!?}. This silk has a local history dating back 6,000 years!

How sweet is the Zip Up Dress?! Modern, yet classic, this dress is made from one of my favorite textiles, Tencel {recycled wood cellulose}. Tencel is known for its smooth touch, absorbency and coolness. I love the relaxed fit and hi-lo hem - perfect for dressing up or down {wing tip flats / wing tip heels ;)} I'm in South Florida this week {it's 85 degrees}, but when I head back to Charleston I am adding some opaque tights! The factory where this garment is produced is located an hour outside of Beijing and comes complete with a green house put together by the owner, Ms. Wang! Lady after my own heart... 

{handbags by  Canopy Verde  &  Veggani  - necklace by  CRASH }

{handbags by Canopy Verde & Veggani - necklace by CRASH}

Click - here - to shop SiiZU's entire collection. The minimalist in us all will fall in love!!

"It's Like a Hug" filled with Sustainability, Empowerment & Adventure

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Wild Mantle

What began with just a homemade upcycled hooded-scarf, Wild Mantle is taking over cold seasons with the softest, coziest & slow-fashion minded mantles around. If you haven't seen them before on Instagram {worn by many celebrities these days!}, you are going to want to add one of these guys to your wish list this holiday - nothing else can keep you so warm this winter! Avi, the creator, lives in Philadelphia & experiences some pretty cold months out of the year. In 2013, she looked high and low for a hooded scarf and could not find one. This sparked her making one for herself, which she wore often & received many compliments on. With so much enthusiasm around her DIY, she thought to take it to the next level so everyone could get their hands on one, too!

& we thank her for that :D

Wild Mantle's are made for any occasion - at home snuggled up on the couch, taking a walk outside, traveling... I could go on.. the AC.. okay, you get it. I can't wait to wear mine in England this winter when I go to visit my parents. We do a lot of walking and hiking & I don't think the Merino Mantle is going to leave my head once. It is made of a light grey soft Kent Merino Italian yarn with a fun "knoppy" pattern, and the inside feels like a baby blanket with its white minky fleece. 

All mantles are designed by Avi herself, and produced right here in the US. The Janey collection is full of one-of-a-kind pieces and is made by Avi in collaboration with local artists of Philadelphia's Main Line. The rest of the mantles are made by a community of moms, dads, artisans and snowboarders at Icebox, a B-Corporation Knitting Mill in Longmont Colorado. 

Wild Mantle has 3 key missions within the business:

Sustainability : Practiced through the materials chosen and producing locally with fair wages.

Empowerment: The name MANTLE means both a loose fitted hood and one's role or responsibility in the world.

Adventure: The mantles are about functionality - the perfect practical, stylish travel companion! 

I'm excited to finally have a Mantle to enjoy myself. I have had googly eyes for them for a few years, now :D Are you with me, too!? 

Shop Wild Mantle's collections - here - & stay up-to-date {with celebrity postings, too!} on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.