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Fashion Pt. 6

Simple, Timeless, Sustainable Womenswear

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay


A fashion brand based in NYC, SiiZU uses some of the most luxurious natural fabrics to bring us minimalistic designs we can wear time and time again. Their sophisticated, clean look is made for any woman who appreciates tailored, well-fitted garments with sustainability at its core. SiiZU's mission is to create ethically-made high-quality apparel at an affordable price - and they begin this process with their textiles. The fabrics are carefully chosen, and consist of Italian Merino Wool, Inner Mongolia Cashmere, Chinese Silk, Japanese Tencel and Japanese Linen. Each fabric is used to its full potential with minimal waste, and always zero toxins and polys. In order to lower their carbon footprint, they keep their fabric manufacturers and garment factories close to each other. If the fabric is sourced from Mongolia, the clothing is produced in Mongolia. No unnecessary moving of product! Even their shipping materials to send the beautiful garments to your doorstep are made from recycled paper. & not only is their carbon footprint considered, they think about your wallet, too. All clothing is sold directly online to eliminate high mark-ups and keep prices fair {all while paying workers fairly & choosing the best of the best factories}. To top it all off,  SiiZU donates to American Forests & their 2016 goal of planting 2.7 million trees to restore and protect critical wildlife habitat.

Now, on to the lovely garments I'm wearing in this post! I am a sucker for the peplum style, and the Sunna Silk Peplum Top is a stunner. It's sleek, seasonless and going to stay with me for many years to come. The mill where the Sunna was created is in Suzhou - the famous silk city in China {makes it even more special, right!?}. This silk has a local history dating back 6,000 years!

How sweet is the Zip Up Dress?! Modern, yet classic, this dress is made from one of my favorite textiles, Tencel {recycled wood cellulose}. Tencel is known for its smooth touch, absorbency and coolness. I love the relaxed fit and hi-lo hem - perfect for dressing up or down {wing tip flats / wing tip heels ;)} I'm in South Florida this week {it's 85 degrees}, but when I head back to Charleston I am adding some opaque tights! The factory where this garment is produced is located an hour outside of Beijing and comes complete with a green house put together by the owner, Ms. Wang! Lady after my own heart... 

{handbags by  Canopy Verde  &  Veggani  - necklace by  CRASH }

{handbags by Canopy Verde & Veggani - necklace by CRASH}

Click - here - to shop SiiZU's entire collection. The minimalist in us all will fall in love!!

"It's Like a Hug" filled with Sustainability, Empowerment & Adventure

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Wild Mantle

What began with just a homemade upcycled hooded-scarf, Wild Mantle is taking over cold seasons with the softest, coziest & slow-fashion minded mantles around. If you haven't seen them before on Instagram {worn by many celebrities these days!}, you are going to want to add one of these guys to your wish list this holiday - nothing else can keep you so warm this winter! Avi, the creator, lives in Philadelphia & experiences some pretty cold months out of the year. In 2013, she looked high and low for a hooded scarf and could not find one. This sparked her making one for herself, which she wore often & received many compliments on. With so much enthusiasm around her DIY, she thought to take it to the next level so everyone could get their hands on one, too!

& we thank her for that :D

Wild Mantle's are made for any occasion - at home snuggled up on the couch, taking a walk outside, traveling... I could go on.. the AC.. okay, you get it. I can't wait to wear mine in England this winter when I go to visit my parents. We do a lot of walking and hiking & I don't think the Merino Mantle is going to leave my head once. It is made of a light grey soft Kent Merino Italian yarn with a fun "knoppy" pattern, and the inside feels like a baby blanket with its white minky fleece. 

All mantles are designed by Avi herself, and produced right here in the US. The Janey collection is full of one-of-a-kind pieces and is made by Avi in collaboration with local artists of Philadelphia's Main Line. The rest of the mantles are made by a community of moms, dads, artisans and snowboarders at Icebox, a B-Corporation Knitting Mill in Longmont Colorado. 

Wild Mantle has 3 key missions within the business:

Sustainability : Practiced through the materials chosen and producing locally with fair wages.

Empowerment: The name MANTLE means both a loose fitted hood and one's role or responsibility in the world.

Adventure: The mantles are about functionality - the perfect practical, stylish travel companion! 

I'm excited to finally have a Mantle to enjoy myself. I have had googly eyes for them for a few years, now :D Are you with me, too!? 

Shop Wild Mantle's collections - here - & stay up-to-date {with celebrity postings, too!} on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. 

Beautiful Things Creating Opportunities & Freedoms

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay


"People matter. Human rights matter. Undeniable is that we all want the same thing: happiness, dignity, equality, and to be treated with respect of our human rights."

I'm very excited to have Sapahn back on the blog & just in time for the holidays! If you are looking to give a loved one a great quality handbag which is responsibly-made, I highly suggest looking through their collection. I've started a bit of my own collection with the Aida Bucket from early Spring & now, this stunning number - the Emerald Crossbody! My Aida has gone through a lot {the usual spills and many travels} & it looks as good as new. Therefore, I stand behind the amazing quality and craftsmanship of each piece. 

Sapahn believes the process of creating starts with the people. Sapahn {Thai for bridge} connects the ideas and stories of people and culture bringing more to the meaning of consumption. 

The Emerald Crossbody is made for today's modern woman. It has all the pockets for easy organization, and can fit an iPad or small tablet. You can find this style in 8 different colors, but the Emerald is by my far my favorite - with Red coming in at a close second. I have the holidays on my mind for sure...

This bag is created by Omega Leather which is made up of 22 highly skilled and talented artisans, including Mana and Arpa who have been creating for 20 years. Starting as a small passion, Mana and Arpa have brought together a community of workers who have the same love for creating which goes beyond profits. 

Sapahn is home to several other artisan groups who specialize in jewelry, scarves & leather accessories. Now working with nine artisan communities throughout Thailand, Sapahn empowers almost 500 people! Brooke Mullen, the creator, is in constant contact with the artisans to ensure transparency and fair work for all. To shop their entire collection, click here.

Cozy Socks Providing Care & Jobs

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Fazl Socks

A social business dedicated to working alongside women & children in need, Fazl Socks donates 50% of their profits to orphanages AND creates fair jobs. For each pair sold, you are helping provide orphaned and destitute children in India with food, shelter, education, and clothing; along with sustaining jobs for the ladies who knit their socks. & to top it all off - it's a pretty awesome sock & I'm sure you will end up wanting multiple pairs :P 

Fazl Socks has 3 H's in production - Handmade. Himalayan. Happy Ladies. While collaborating with graduates from the children's home, Fazl recognized the need for jobs with the amount of women struggling to meet ends, but possessing talents to create. They began a partnership with these women in the community, and began making knitted socks while still supporting the children's homes. These homes act as big families - making sure the children have the essential tools to lead a bright future and attend college. Currently, there are around 20 million orphans living in India, as well as 25% of the world's unnourished people. Just as simple as buying a pair of socks, can truly go a long way. 

Working from home, I like to stay comfortable. Socks, or some sort of house shoe, are always a must. Bare feet just really aren't my thing. My Fazl Socks are that perfect weight - right in between your regular all day sock and house slippers. Plus, the sweet patterns and funky colors put a good smile on your face :D During our hurricane evacuation this past month, I hardly left the Asheville cabin for the week - the Bundar {Monkey} socks hardly left my feet, too. We only had a fire to heat the living room, so the ground was a bit cold.  I love the description Fazl wrote for them - "If a couple of Plain Jane socks gave birth to a rebellious teenager ... it would look like this!" - hah, totally agree! The deeper burgundy socks, aka Khushee, are coming right in time for the holiday season. Stay tuned for their launch online!

Not sure if you have started your holiday shopping yet {it sneaks up on ya}, but these socks would look so sweet in a stocking. After all.. they kind of look like mini stockings! 

Shop Fazl Socks' entire collection - here - & keep up-to-date through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram

Get Comfy & Lounge in this Brooklyn-Based Ethical Brand

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 6Natalie Kay

Miakoda NY

Not sure if soft can get much softer! My Miakoda NY Crop Top & Tap Shorts are absolute heaven. This modern loungewear line produces garments in an ethical factory {right in NYC} with sustainable & organic textiles. Their latest collection is all about seasonless layering pieces, saturated pastels & neutral colors. Another wonderful sister-duo, Julia & Laura Ahrens founded Miakoda in 2013. They wanted women to feel cozy, yet feminine at the same time. They definitely accomplished this! 

I'm sure I've said this a hundred times before, but I love simple versatile pieces I can get a lot of use out of. I spend most my days at home, so loungewear is my go-to. Looking like a bum is not an option when I have Skype meetings and run outside to take photos and do blog errands in between episodes of The Office. Being comfortable is important, but looking chic & effortless is what I need most in my everyday wardrobe. I feel Miakoda offers this sophisticated, minimalistic lounge look.  All their pieces are able to fit and work together. For example: pair their Ruched Body Suit with some Leggings and the Hoodie {see below} Now, couldn't you just live in that! 

I'm a sucker for cropped & high-waisted anything so naturally this set jumped out at me. The Crop Top's exaggerated arm holes make it extremely comfortable and flattering. I've even paired it with one of my black bralettes to wear out at the end of the day {which Miakoda has one if you are in the market!}. This top comes in a pink and mint organic cotton, a white organic cotton bamboo spandex blend, and this grey bamboo spandex blend jersey {I mentioned in the beginning, it is softer than soft ;) I'm for real}. 

blanket by Redemption Market

Tap Shorts, very similar to French Knickers, are coming back Miakoda style - comfy, yet chic. & I'm obsessed with the triangle contrast! Plus, they come in a few differently color combos so you can mix and match. 

bed & pillows by Savvy Rest + pillow cases by Living Fresh

Time to lounge all day in your new sustainable getup - Shop Miakoda NY online & stay up-to-date on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.