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Bras Not Required | This Ethical Loungewear is Made to Live & Sleep In

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JJ Winks

A couple months ago, this brand sent me a few of their pieces and I have worn them A LOT. You probably have already seen their Hygge Robe in other posts :D psst.. here and here. But now it’s time to learn more about what makes this slow fashion brand so great…

Three Reasons to Love JJ Winks

You Can go Braless: YES! They have built in bras!! And they aren’t restricting at all. What they call their ‘light hug’, each top comes with a built-in bra that gives the right amount of coverage, yet ridiculously comfortable. As a breastfeeding mama, I’ve loved this feature. I can easily put in my cotton pads and they stay in place just great. It’s also rare I wear bras, and I’m now wishing all of my clothes had this!

Perfect for the Home & Around Company: Not only is JJ WInks the most comfortable to wear at home, you can have some friends over and not feel the need to cover up or ‘get dressed’. Or be like me, and leave the house to run some errands. I’ve worn my JJ Winks to the grocery store several times, and I like to wear them down to the beach and pool - if only I had these types of pjs in college! PJs you can get away with in and out of the bedroom is what I’ve always wanted!

Total Comfort with the Planet in Mind: This brand uses one of my favorite fabrics - Lenzing Modal. It’s a fabric, in my opinion, that offers the comfort cotton can’t while still being mindful of the planet and harvesting from sustainably grown Beech trees. I also always suggest this type of material to my friends who prefer not to wear silk - it has that smooth and sheen like appearance and it’s hard to find anything softer! Also, something very important to me is the way a garment washes. This particular modal washes very well, and the product feels just as soft as when it arrived at your door. Plus, all their pieces are made fairly right in the USA {Los Angeles}!

What I’m Wearing

The Weekender Top in Charcoal with Waffle Panel: Two features of this top I absolutely love - built-in-bra and easy to slide off shoulder to breastfeed! While this tee can pass as a basic, it has a few extras to make it much more special like its criss-cross back and flattering flutter sleeves.

The Walk of Fame Short in Charcoal: I like it when a pair of shorts sits a little above the waistline so you can avoid that pesky muffin top. Especially after having a baby, I just feel more confident when clothes flatter the waist area.

Hygge Robe in Grey Rib: This robe! I can’t even begin to tell you how perfect this piece is for the home. Like I said before, this is my go-to around the house {and I bring it with me when shopping to combat against the AC}.

Girl Trip Short Nightgown in Olive Rib: Olive is one of my favorite colors, and this nightgown is so comfortable to sleep in! I can just roll out of bed, throw the Hygge Robe on and go about my day like I really tried ;)

Where to Purchase

You can find JJ Winks entire collection online - here

Now, go get your JJs on <3


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