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Bold & Feminine with Exquisite Craftsmanship, This Sustainable Clothing Line is Fit for Fashionable Women & Dressing Up

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There have been few conscious brands I’ve come across that have been perfect for cocktail parties or other social occasions. When viewers have asked me where they should buy their dresses for a wedding or work event, I haven’t been able to give them much suggestion - until now. AGAATI is that very brand I’ve been looking for!

{but, of course, you could always wear these pieces anywhere!}

Three Reasons to Love AGAATI

Beautiful, yet sustainable, designs. Truly unique, AGAATI designs are thoughtfully produced with a zero waste philosophy. The makers are trained to reduce {& recycle/upcycle} waste while pattern making, cutting and sewing. They make it a point to have as little waste as possible, and with what they do have, they think of creative ways to reuse. Also, AGAATI uses natural fibers and non-toxic dyes for all of their pieces. Biodegradable fibers like cotton, silk and wool are among the most popular choices for the designs, and handwoven textiles are used for at least half of them. 

Artisan Made. The designer for AGAATI, Saloni Shrestha, works closely with all the makers- from the weavers to the pattern makers to the tailors. Being in person for the entire process and with each maker, AGAATI is able to ensure everything is up to their standards and quality is checked from step-to-step. Shrestha, with a fashion design degree from Parsons, has over 7 years of experience designing women’s ready-to-wear inspired by nature, culture & people. 

Women Empowerment. With 75 million people working within the clothing industry worldwide, 80% of them are women ages 18-24. With extremely low wages, many of these women are also subjected to dangerous work environments and harassment. AGAATI is actively going out into communities and working to improve the lives of these women. They travelled to Nepal, last year, to work with nonprofit Maheela which rescues women from domestic violence. Together, they will create woven shawls for the Fall. Another nonprofit, Aatmiya, has expert hand knitters and will be making luxurious knitted alpaca sweaters. Plus, their company is full of women leading change! 

What I’m Wearing

Multilayered Summer Ruffled Top: I am, no doubt, a lover of ruffles. Ever since I was a little girl, I felt ruffles made me feel feminine and sweet. This silk organza top flutters elegantly with every step! 

Cropped Cotton Jumpsuit: A jumpsuit with pockets?! Yes, to that! I love to see more jumpsuits worn at events instead of the usual short cocktail dress. They even added a lovely touch on the sleeve with upcycled silk and cotton {plus, the entire piece is made from dead stock cotton!}. 

Embroidered Bird Dress: Probably one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever worn, this silk dress features hand embroidered birds that are sure to make you feel as if you are a part of a fairy tale. There is so much magic and love to this piece! 

Where to Purchase

You can find their entire collection online - here - & since all their pieces are Limited Edition, you probably won’t bump into someone wearing the same thing ;)

Want to win a hand-painted luxe silk scarf from one of their talented Tibetan artisans? From now until the start of their Indiegogo campaign in September, sign up here to be entered in their drawing. 

Sustainably Supported by AGAATI. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored