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15 Sustainable Clothing Brands for the Minimalist

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Like keeping your closet small? These brands are exactly what you've been needing to know about! Their minimalistic design and versatility will surely keep your closet to a minimum while feeling as if you have a lot to work with. 



The functionality & minimalistic design of Encircled garments make this brand one of the best for minimalist closets. Most of their garments can be worn more than one way. That means more versatility in a smaller closet. Not only are their clothes comfortable to wear, they are great for packing. You don't have to worry about wrinkling, and they don't take up too much space so you can pack light. Their choice of fabrics make garments last longer, too. 



Something that stood out to me when I first went through Sassind's collection was their garment's versatility - they aren't made just for lounging. The silk collection can go from bedtime to out for a drink. Nothing more than a capsule wardrobe enthusiast could want than a garment you can use morning, noon & night! Plus, their palette of neutral colors and soft pastels is ideal for smaller wardrobes. 


Visantine Collective

Visantine Collective believes in producing clothes slowly and locally. This slow fashion brand hopes to connect the maker to the wearer, and show just how similar both these roles can be. Their designs are made with natural fabrics in a palette fit for a minimlist wardrobe. The Night Shift Dress is the perfect versatile piece and can be worn seaon to season. 



Understated luxury at accessible prices, this conscious line is perfect for the modern woman. like it when a piece of clothing can be beautiful and useful at the same time. In the past, I used to buy things based solely off aesthetic. I wouldn’t care if it was completely impractical, as long as it looked good. With Kestan, you can have the best of both worlds - a sophisticated, timeless design that functions for a busy modern woman. Many of their pieces come with pockets, are quite versatile and easy to transition from season to season.

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Cosmos Studio

One of the most sustainable shirts on the market, not only is their design super practical, but extremely eco-friendly, as well. Their Gidelave™ technology is a color diffusion technology saving 95% of water and waste compared to traditional dyeing methods. & guess what - these shirts are unisex! So grab one for your man, too ;)

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Hope Made in the World

HOPE Made in the World's women's collection features effortless tees, sweaters and scarves. They cover all our favorite basic colors - black, white, greys and a gorgeous burgundy {which to me, is a must! It's one of those colors you don't tire from}. Serious about where their fabric is sourced, HOPE Made has been certified under the Child Labor Free mark which ensures every step of the manufacturing process is free from child labor and holds high ethical standards for the workers involved.


Aeon Row

Aeon Row only uses recycled yarn to create their line. This means they don't require land, water, chemicals, or cotton dyes to produce! Having to use less resources also means having to spend less money so it ends up being better for our pocketbook, as well. They say, "The average t-shirt requires 700 gallons of water and 1/3 pound of chemicals to be produced. At AEON ROW, the last thing we want is to add to the problem”.

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In a small studio in Berlin, KEMP GADEGÅRD is combining nordic style and natural textiles to create a timeless, ethical womenswear label. All pieces are made to last and responsibly produced in Spain. The forefront of their philosophy consists of three things: (1) Aesthetics, (2) Comfort & (3) Attention to detail - and I can attest to each one of these! Their fabrics are incredibly well chosen, and the quality is impeccable. I'm comfortable, and I feel great knowing their clothing has so much thought behind its creation. 

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Eco Vibe

A boutique & online shop, EcoVibe Apparel is a lovely space full of sustainable & trendy clothing {like the kind you wish your closet was made out of}. Their brick-and-mortar is based in my favorite US city, Portland, Oregon, and - good news for the rest of us - their online store ships worldwide. They carry several brands within the shops, one of them being their own private line made right here in the USA and ethically imported abroad. This private label is great for basics and staple pieces! 


JJ Winks

For the minimalist homebody, this will be your new favorite ethical loungewear brand. Each top and gown comes complete with a built in bra which isn’t restricting and gives the perfect amount of coverage. Not only is JJ WInks the most comfortable to wear at home, you can have some friends over and not feel the need to cover up or ‘get dresses’. Or be like me, and leave the house to run some errands ;)

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Arraei Collective

Arraei Collective is using natural fibers to create effortless sustainable clothing fit for a minimalist closet. They go full circle when it comes to sustainability - packaging is eco-friendly, paper is recycled, hemp twine for hang tags, cotton labels, certified & organic fabrics, digital printed on linen instead of regular dye processes, hemp fabrics are un-dyed & unaltered, fair trade, and always made in Vancouver to support local business with the sustainable circular economy in mind! 



Have you ever thought about the amount of chemicals the average t-shirt holds? From the pesticide-treated cotton to toxic azo-dyes for color, it seems as if every step of the way a new chemical is added into the mix. What we wear on our body, ends up in our body so why aren't we taking the necessary precautions when it comes to our clothes? Better yet, why not choose clothing that is actually beneficial to our body? With Sustain, you can! Sustain is made for everyday  - from work to home to dinner out.


milo + nicki

A slow fashion, cruelty-free line that mixes and matches so seamlessly, Milo+Nicki is sure to bring your closet a conscious splash of color. Their fabric is handwoven in India all under fair practices and transparency. In the newest collection, The Bandhani, their fabric of choice is banana fiber which is biodegradable, sustainable, ethical, fair-trade, vegan, cruelty-free, and all handmade, hand-tied, & hand-dyed with plant-based indigo and madder root. Wow - say that 10x fast :D


Tribe Alive

A platform dedicated to women empowerment, Tribe Alive is a lifestyle brand helping raise women out of poverty all over the globe through gorgeous handmade clothing, jewelry, handbags, accessories and home goods. They have partnered with talented artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras, and Fort Worth, Texas, and provide each worker with fair-trade wages, a  safe working environment and the power to choose their own future.



This cozy line is great for building a capsule wardrobe! Their mission is to provide comfort every day. YALA says, "No matter where life takes you, embrace your strengths, wear your passions, and find your comfort". Their designs are very classic and modern, yet they never sacrifice being cozy! The few pieces I have I could easily wear to bed and wake up the next day ready to go ;) 

& for the little ones…


Fresh Little Love

Fresh Little Love is making dressing your children in conscious clothing easy! This mini capsule wardrobe can mix and match, and is always made from high quality, nontoxic dyes and fabrics. The boxes come out every three months, and are available in sizes 0-2T. There is no stylist fee, no member fees, free shipping and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

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