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Fair OOTD | Summer Strolls

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When I first found out I was pregnant, I began thinking about the many things I would need as new mom - crib, car seats, baby clothes, etc - stroller was one of the items I thought wasn’t as necessary. Boy, was I wrong!! Strollers have easily become my favorite baby item. Since I’m home even more so with the baby, it’s been nice to go on morning and evening walks around the neighborhood. Fresh air really does the body good - and Elliott loves how bouncy the Riverside sidewalks can be {those tree roots are making new homes}! 

Shop the Look:

2-in-1 Stroller, Greentom $699

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Not only is this the greenest stroller in the world, it’s probably one of the lightest, too! At only 16 pounds, you won’t have any troubles moving this frame from house to car {I was always worried about being able to fold and pack them up for adventures far from my home!}. The carrycot and reversible combination travel system is perfect for the conscious parents who are trying to keep their footprint low with the many items you need for baby. This frame can hold multiple chairs for your little one so you never have to buy a completely new stroller based on their size. Pictured is the carrycot, which is great for newborns up to six months. The mattress is super soft & made with 100% organic cotton, flax and wool. No wonder Elliott has enjoyed so many naps in here over the last few weeks! & can you believe this carrycot fabric saved 31 plastic bottles from the landfill? Plus, they are keeping your child’s skin safe with 50+ UPF built in, too! 


Elodie Reversible Vest, Kaeci $149
I feel absolutely regal wearing this stunning piece. It moves so elegantly with you, and the print is stunning. Made from 100% Lenzing Modal, the Elodie Reversible Vest is as chic as it can get. And we all love designs that are reversible!! This eco-friendly fashion & lifestyle brand not only wants to clothe us in beautiful things, but they want to share, inspire, educate, and build together. Consciousness and transparency while creating is extremely important to Kaeci, as well as diversity. Therefore, sustainable production and the mixing of cultures within design are key to their foundation. Kristiane Charrier, the founder, is a true talent {you will be mesmerized by all her prints} and is inspired by her roots in Brazil, Cameroon & France. Even the name of the brand radiates so much beauty, and is derived from the words “AneKA” which means ‘Diverse‘ and ‘CInta‘ which means ‘Love’ - they define ‘Kaeci’ as ‘The Love of Diversity’. 


Odessa Ruby Necklace & Thetis Ruby Ring, Rebecca Mir Grady $250/210

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Journey Moss Gold Sandals, Third Oak $35

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Eco-Friendly Tees that Inspire & Give Back

FashionNatalie Kay


During a time of constant online communication and social media popularity, we can get totally caught up in consumerism and other peoples’ lives. We purchase without thought, we harp on ourselves for not being good enough, we don’t speak out when we should in fear of what others might say… you get the point… that’s why when I saw Palabra’s graphics, I felt a lot of positivity and truth behind them. 

Three Reasons to Love Palabra

Tees & Totes Made from Eco Fabrics: These aren’t your average tees. They are soft with a great drape, AND they tread lightly on the planet. Made with a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, you’ll look good and feel good when wearing them! 
Cool Inspirational Graphics: I’ve always found statement tees to be a great conversation starter. It’s also a wonderful way to communicate a positive or important message. Bold words like ‘Courage’, ‘Self Love’, ‘Journey Wisely’ & ‘Educa Tu Ojo {Educate Your Eye}’ are hard to forget. Not to mention, it’s fun to see two languages used to speak to even more people. 
Each Purchase Gives a Book: Did you know one of the best ways to improve reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print? Makes great sense, right? Palabra wanted to do more than offer eco-minded individuals cool tees, they wanted to give back to communities and causes they cared about. Therefore, for every item purchased, a book will be donated to the Chispa Project - a global education and literacy organization. This project has three missions: (1) sparking a culture of reading through student access to books (2) supporting educators to engage creatively (3) facilitating intercultural exchange through service. 

What I’m Wearing

Self Love T-shirt: I’ve really enjoyed seeing the use of #selflove on social media lately. Women can be so hard on themselves, especially when we constantly compare ourselves to others. It’s hard to not do - I’m guilty of it myself. I can get lost in someone’s instagram and instantly start to feel like my life is lacking something or my ‘look’ isn’t good enough. It’s a terrible feeling, but I don’t feel this way when I’m not on social media so why when I’m online?! I have to get back to reality and remind myself that I’m plenty! I have a lot of self love - just sometimes it hides for a bit. This tee is a good reminder for me, and I hope it speaks to you, too! Plus, it’s made from 50% organic cotton and 50% RPET recycled polyester which is very soft blend. 

El Silencio Habla = The Silence Speaks Market Bag: This statement may mean something different for everyone, but lately, I've been thinking about how our silence affects others. I find it to be rather powerful in the sense if we don't speak up for others, we add to the problem. While I understand it’s almost impossible to speak up every time because there is constant oppression all over the world, I do think it’s important for each of us to find a cause we constantly support and share. When something bothers us, we need to acknowledge the issue and communicate our concerns —- otherwise, our silence will do the speaking & allow the problem to continue. This sturdy tote is made from 100% organic cotton and has a convenient pocket for your phone and wallet. Since I’ve joined the mommy club recently, it’s worked great to hold blankets and a change of clothes when we are on-the-go.

Where to Purchase

You can find the entire collection of tees and totes online - here - & don’t forget to follow them on Instagram & Facebook

p.s. they create tees from your man, too! 

Sustainably Supported by Palabra. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

Fair OOTD | Self Love & Green Kicks

OutfitsNatalie Kay

It’s July, which means the hot hot hot summer weather is here to stay for the next 5 months.. haha, kidding.. or am I? I like to spend a lot of time outdoors {before noon and after 6pm} with Elliott. We go on long strolls and explore so comfy shoes are a must. 

Shop the Look:

Neven Low Sneakers, Yatay $222

*use code CHIC20 for 20% off through 8/15*

Something I’ve found rather difficult to find within sustainable fashion are conscious sneakers. It’s a category I can't make a long list in so it’s exciting to come across the Italian brand Yatay. They are pretty darn conscious {not to mention, comfortable!!} all the way down to the packaging. Made entirely out of eco-friendly materials, this minimalistic shoe marks everything off our sustainable list, and for my vegan friends, they are Peta-approved! The upper part of the shoe is created out of a non-woven fabric made from recycled raw materials and BioPolyols {from vegetable oil}. The lining also takes advantage of waste and uses a recycled polyester and water-borne polyurethane, and the sole is made up of two green bioplastic cores derived from industrial waste. I absolutely love the use of hemp for the laces, and think it adds such a unique touch. The simplistic design makes them timeless and wearable season after season. I’m rocking the Neven Lows in Slate Black {find them in 5 other colors}, but you can also find a High style. & what’s also interesting - their website is on a green hosting provider! Pretty cool, huh? 

Bucca Sunglases, Woodsi $97

*use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 10% off through 8/31*

Remember the Yamba’s from last week? Well, this is another awesome pair of shades from the same brand, Woodsi! These lightweight sunnies are hand-crafted from sustainable FSC certified ebony and rosewood, and come with a charcoal grey foldable recycled card eco-case. Plus, each pair purchased will plant a tree! 

Self Love T-shirt, Palabra $32

August Birthwood Ring, Simply Wood $265

Ayurvedically-dyed Shorts, Sustain by Kat $86

10 Natural & Non-Toxic Makeup Brands for Soft, Clear & Healthy Skin

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried several makeup brands. Some brands, I have loved the entire collection, others, I took away a few products. We all have different skin and preferences so it’s about finding what works best for you. I’ve compiled this list of brands {all without harmful chemicals & safe} I think are totally worth a try, along with some of my favorite products they offer. 



An organic line that performs while being gentle on your skin and the planet, Antonym’s products are highly pigmented and certified organic. Even their packaging and brushes are conscious and made with bamboo.

Favorite: Baked Foundation


Au Naturale

A vegan, organic & paraben free line using ethically sourced ingredients, Au Naturale is starting a revolution in clean beauty. They are very transparent and diligent when it comes to creating the final product, and they encourage consumers to demand responsibility of other cosmetic brands.

Favorite: Matte Lip Stain



A toxin-free, vegan & sustainable line with a mission to care for each other, our communities and our planet, Elate is using healthy ingredients to make clean cosmetics to add to your beauty ritual. Their packaging is even sustainable and can be planted to create a little home garden.

Favorite: Essential Mascara



A natural, gluten-free & vegan line advocating healthy living, Gabriel is bringing out the existing natural beauty in women. Being conscious of their carbon footprint, Gabriel has a recycling program when you’re done with your makeup! 

Favorite: Aura Palette


Hush + Dotti

A natural & vegan line with pro quality, Hush + Dotti is a fun, sassy & hip beauty brand who cares about transparency. From their ingredients to their packaging, every detail is thought out, and they are even certified by Leaping Bunny. 

Favorite: Liquid Eyeliner



An ethical & sustainable line dedicated to creating the purest products, ILIA uses certified organic bio-active botanicals to rejuvenate your skin. Not only do their products perform exceptionally well, they have a sleek look with conscious packaging. 

Favorite: Multi-Stick


La Bella Donna

*use code Chic10 for 10% off*

A pure mineral line made from beneficial rocks, La Bella Donna is healing, protecting, covering and correcting all skin tones and types. They even provide a full spectrum natural block which will last you all day and not clog your pores. 

Favorite: Duo Lip Crayon


Olga’s Organics

A USDA certified organic brand made right here in the USA, Olga’s Organics is pure, simple & made with the highest quality ingredients. All products are non-gmo, paragon free, petrolatum free, BHA free, sodium later sulfate free, vegan & cruelty-free.

Favorite: Loose Face Powder


Vapour Beauty

A natural luxury line with a conscious, Vapour Beauty uses Fine Art Infused Color and organic ingredients to create high-performance products. Their range is always cruelty-free and comes with a risk-free guarantee. 

Favorite: Artist Multi-Use Palette


ZuZu Luxe

The sister line to Gabriel Cosmetics, Zuzu Luxe is affordable yet performing, and made from natural and organic ingredients for the modern #ecochicwarrior. They are also vegan, cruelty free, and certified gluten-free! 

Favorite: Concealer

Save Money & Shop Sustainably With Online’s Ultimate Clothing Swap

FashionNatalie Kay

#SwapBeforeYouShop with Swap Society

Do you ever feel guilty about purchasing a new piece for your closet? Or is budget a deterrent when shopping for sustainably-made clothing? I’ve dealt with this many times before, and I’m sure a lot of you would relate to these experiences, as well. That’s why when I first heard about Swap Society, I was immediately drawn to the concept. We’ve all heard {or maybe even participated} of clothing swaps hosted by friends or groups within our communities, but this one is open to everyone and is incredibly easy to join. 

Aren't these dresses sweet? They are all from Swap Society - even Elliott's little outfit :D

Three Reasons to Love Swap Society

Minimizes Carbon Footprint:
    With the apparel industry being the 4th largest industrial polluter, it’s easy to feel ashamed when purchasing a new article of clothing. While I do believe it’s important to support the brands who are doing it right, buying second hand is always a good thing, no matter where it came from. 

Saves You Money:
    I think one of the biggest complaints I receive from viewers are the price tags found on most sustainable fashion. Yes, they are more expensive than what many of us are used to, and yes, I totally understand not having the budget for them. That’s why it’s so great to have communities like Swap Society where you can purchase from nice brands without the steep price. The fact you can swap items you already own for something else is saving you a ton of money! 

Keeps Your Closet Fresh:
    Ever heard, “oh, I can’t wear that. I already posted it on Instagram.”? I don't know how many of my friends have said this very thing, and would run off to Forever 21 to purchase a new dress for the weekend event. {side note: I was guilty of this many years ago, too!} With Swap Society, you can constantly update your wardrobe so you never get bored. 


How it Works

Swap Society has two types of monthly memberships - LUXE & BASIC. The site works on a point system. When you send your clothing in, a certain amount of points are awarded to you based on brand and quality of garment. With those points you are able to swap it for something of equal value along with a small fee of $3.99 {LUXE} or $4.99 {BASIC}. 

The BASIC membership is free, and with it you receive free shipping on the first shipment sent to Swap Society and 7 bonus points when you join. If you like to refresh your closet regularly, I recommend going with the LUXE membership which is $12-19 per month. With the LUXE you receive free shipping both ways, 24 bonus points when you join and first dibs on new luxury & designer items! 

Swap Society accepts women’s clothing and jewelry, as well as baby, girls and boys clothing & accessories. They even accept minor imperfections so don’t throw it out if there is a faint stain or missing button. 

Click - here - to become a member, and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with them on Instagram

Happy Swapping!