Fashion for Wellness | A Self-Care Sunday with Aromatherapy Scarves

a day to reflect on our health..

featuring Therapy Threads

Your first thought might be, 'What's an aromatherapy thread?'. As you probably already know, aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to better your health. With Therapy Threads, they combine aromatherapy with fashion in order for you to experience the benefits of these oils throughout the day {while looking great}. It's an incredible idea, and one thought up by psychotherapist, entrepreneur, advocate & designer {a total quadruple threat}, Dani Singer. She has several years of experience with treating families, couples & PTSD patients, and is a survivor of sexual abuse, bullying and domestic violence. The name, Therapy Threads, represents two things: 1) Dani's passion in providing mental health therapy & 2) The several threads that come together to make healing and wellness possible. This brand is perfect for the women who want to combine “scents of style and purpose", and with 1 in 5 adults suffering from mental illness in the U.S. the discussion is not loud enough. By bringing fashion & aromatherapy together, Dani feels we can offer an obtainable, natural alternative to support healing. 

The connection between sense of smell, and your emotional, physical and mental well-being is a strong one. I've always known this to be true since I was a small girl. Lavender would always calm my nerves and help me sleep throughout the night, and whenever I smell it today, I remember the sense of calmness it provided me in times of need. I find comfort in many scents, and over the last year, I've started to branch out and learn more about essential oils and the beneficial properties they possess. The idea of throwing a scarf on that will calm my nerves throughout the day is something I had never thought of before, and I'm excited to introduce Therapy Threads into my life. We are traveling so much this month, which can make me quite restless and anxious. Wearing the scarf in the car with a few drops of lavender truly makes a difference. For me, it really is about my emotions and physical being - I think, 'lavender makes me calm, I have this scarf on, I feel good'. I should probably add on - 'I look good, too' because the Poppy Floral scarf is gorgeous ;)

Therapy Threads offers you four different essential oils - Lavender, Lemon, Orange & Peppermint. In addition to using the lavender, I've also tried out the lemon, which works to add a boost {or an extra pep in your step} to your day. Lemon always makes me think clean, organized, ready to go! You just take one of the aroma pads, use a few drops of oil & place in a tiny pocket in the scarf. It's discrete, so no one will see :D I keep the oils with me to add a few later on in the day for a refresh, too. 

This month, Therapy Threads is donating a portion of their profits to NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) so it is a great time to support a beautiful emerging brand and cause. 

Are you on for a self-care Sunday?!

Start using the power of aromatherapy & shop their entire collection here.

THE App For Ethical Shopping

Good On You

Most of the questions I receive from readers have to deal with which shops are considered 'sustainable' or 'ethical' & which ones are not. Well, those are tough questions because you have to take a lot into account - also, there are too many brands for one single person to retain all information about standards of production. With Good On You, shoppers are able to find ethical ratings in the palm of their hand on over a thousand brands! {much quicker than waiting on me to respond to a DM, right?} The ratings are created based on how they treat the people, planet & animals. They go in depth on research making sure to provide you with the best information possible - even taking into account over 50 certifications a brand can hold. Then, the brand receives a score from Great to We Avoid so it's easy to determine if you want to support at first glance. Don't you love when all the research is done for you? I know it makes my life less complicated! Good On You is truly one of the easiest ways to find out if a brand aligns with your ethos. 

So how does it work? Good On You is offered internationally for both iOS & Android. Download the app from your usual app store, and start checking out how brands are rated. You can search for ones you are curious about, discover similar brands you already love, find great deals {we all love this!} & even send a message to a brand complimenting their work or giving them an honest critique. Another cool section of the app is their News column which acts much like a blog. Here they ask important questions like, "How Ethical Are Birkenstocks?" or offer you great tips like, "How to Recycle Your Old Cosmetics". Pretty awesome, right?! Good On You is going to be your next best friend ;) You'll get lost in it for the first few hours, that's for sure. So much great information! 

Learn more about the brains behind this great app. 

Love it already? Get your download on now.

Happy Ethical Shopping Conscious Ladies {& guys - they do menswear, too!} :D

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Fair OOTD | Travels to Colmar

featuring MATTER 

This town stole my heart. Colmar, France is such a charming place, it's hard to capture it all in a photo. I think I took about 50 photos of windows & shutters though ;) My three weeks through France have started off great. Beautiful weather, gorgeous towns, amazing food... having comfy pants & travel pouches help make the trip, too! MATTER has definitely made my travels more chic, comfortable & enjoyable. The motto rings true, their Classic Wideleg + IChing Pants are made to see the world in! Made from silk, these relaxed cropped pants are great for dressing up or down, as well as wearing during long car rides to your next destination. Stay tuned for more photos because these lovelies will be worn many more times on my trip :)

I don't know about you, but when I travel I like to be organized. I don't throw little things into one backpack or suitcase. They need their own little compartment so I can find them, and not take up time digging. That's what I love about MATTER's new travel pouches. They are perfect for holding your passports, cards, phone.. all the important things you need on your travels that you don't want to loose in the mix. The pouches are made from linen with their signature design block printed on the outside and screen printed on the inside. Each one is printed and stitched in Jaipur. You can find them in a bundle of three for $59 {awesome price, right?!} & the prints are beautiful - very minimalistic yet unique. If you need a little more space, they have an option for a bundle of 2 with one small {like I'm using here} and one big. 

Learn why I stand behind MATTER & their ethics on the Philosophy page.

Shop the entire look:

Necklace: Shilango

Bracelet: The IslaHands Producing Hope $22

Shirt:  Pierre BodyconKEMP GADEGÅRD $62

Pants: Classic Wideleg + IChing Pants, MATTER $209

Pouch: Travel Pouch {bundle of 3}, MATTER $59

Shoes: Po-Zu {use code sustainchic10 for 10% off your entire purchase}

On to the next city... 


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Fair OOTD | Ethical Roots

featuring S A Y A Designs

Talk about unique - this hairpin is something I've never seen before. Can you believe it is made from root wood salvaged from old plantations!? Not only are they super resourceful, each hairpin you purchase plants up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests in Indonesia! It's like a full circle of life in your hair ;)

Created by designer Victoria, S A Y A Designs works directly with Balinese artisans to hand carve each and every single hairpin. These artisans have been passing down the traditions of woodcarving for several generations. This craft is quite impressive, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how durable they were, too. You know how I like my products to last :D & did you know the oils produced in your hair will keep your hairpin naturally polished and beaming? Real cool! 

I'm wearing the Soka Bud which plants 4 trees and is available in 3 different colors. Back the project for $35 & this hairpin can be yours! I'm also giving one away in this post if you enter your email address below {U.S. entries only please}. Giveaway ends next Saturday! 

S A Y A Designs has 5 more days to go until their Kickstarter comes to an end. This is a great time to get your hands {or should I say hair?} on a beautifully crafted hairpin & help support a wonderful new project! 

Support the Kickstarter - here

Remember my Zaachila sandals in last weekend's Fair OOTD? Well, here's another lovely pair of them - the Alicia! They are made by the Zapotec Indians of Mexico, who have been weaving textiles for over 2,000 years. The use a process called hand-carding to straighten wool fibers in order to create textiles. They use plant-based dyes for coloring, and the process is done by the entire family. It's teamwork from start to finish with 5 sisters and their mom. Because each pair are handmade, not one is exactly alike  - just how I like my closet.. unique! 

shop this entire look:

Hairpin: Soka Bud, S A Y A Designs $35

Sweatshirt: Martin, Bleusalt $82

Dress: Georgia, All the Wild Roses $196

Shoes: Alicia, Zaachila $41

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Honest Goods for the Conscious Home

with Hope & Twine

I'm sure many of us can remember the first few moments we realized our shopping habits had a negative impact on the planet and its people. It's a moment when you have a rush of guilt consume your entire being, and you can't stop thinking about it. At least, this is what happened to me and the lovely woman behind Hope & Twine. For Bree, it all started with a tea towel. She had just returned home to Canada from a few years of traveling and living overseas. Her experiences in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand were flashing through her mind as she started putting together her new place. She thought about the poverty and how her purchases could affect someone else.

This quote is everything {& from her favorite author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn}, "Thus it is that no cruelty whatsoever passes by without impact. Thus it is that we always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap.". Bree looked at the $1 tea towels while shopping to fill her apartment with the necessary home goods, and couldn't find it in her to purchase. She knew something was wrong. How can things be so cheap? Her answer - they can't, and thus began her journey of Hope & Twine, a place where conscious consumers can purchase goods for their homes without the guilt, but with all the confidence.

Hope & Twine is a curated collection of ethically-made products that support sustainable incomes while respecting the planet. Bree truly has an eye for decorating your home. From a funky disco blanket to towels so soft you want to live in them, Hope & Twine has your place covered. Speaking of towels, this one pictured is amazing! Definitely the softest towel I've over owned. It is made from 100% Organic Turkish Cotton in Canada {Hope & Twine's own private label}, and is unbleached in order to be kind to this beautiful planet. They wash well, are very absorbent and a great price {$44 for a set or $25 for a single}. 

Moving from the bathroom to the kitchen, we have the Rustic Block Print Napkins - because paper napkins are so 2016 ;) This cottage-ready set is hand stamped with natural dye in India on 100% cotton. They are from Eternal Threads, an organization working to fight human trafficking in India and Nepal. To learn more about their production process & what your purchase supports, Bree has written a great post all about this brand. I've got them packed and ready for my Europe trip! No paper for me, just cute napkins to-go. #zerowaste

Shop the entire Hope & Twine collection here.

It's time to step away from the big box stores & adorn your home with products that care.

Sustainably Supported by Hope & Twine. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored