10 Ethical Fine Jewelry Designers Every Woman Should Know

a more sustainable sparkle

It's a question I get a lot - 'where can I find fine jewelry that is either responsibly-made or fair trade?'. It's easy to find your everyday {ethical} statement jewelry, but a timeless piece with those same values made from some of the finest materials our planet has to offer can be a bit more difficult to come across. Whether you are looking for wedding rings or a piece to keep with you a lifetime, these 10 collections are sure to bring you some major heart eyes. 

photo by Julian Calo of the Pastel Project

photo by Julian Calo of the Pastel Project

1. Rebecca Mir Grady

When I first laid eyes on this line, I said to myself - 'yes, PLEASE!'. Before even getting into the material or how it was made, I was completely drawn in by every single piece. I don't think this collection has anything I wouldn't be excited to wear. Rebecca Mir Grady's designs are timeless yet contemporary, and the minimalistic use of metals and stones is full of character. I've always been one for beauty in the imperfect, and Rebecca Mir Grady accomplishes this so perfectly in many of her pieces, including the lovely Odessa Ruby Necklace I'm wearing here. The ruby stone is centered in a sterling silver carved disk with a 14k yellow gold ring, and the uneven edges & indentations within the pendant give it so much charm! You can bet I'll be wearing this a ton for years to come. {I think I have 3 Fair OOTDs I have yet to edit with it featured!} 


A little more about the designer behind this gorgeous line - Rebecca Mir Grady lives in Chicago, Illinois where she studied sculpture & ceramics at the School of Art Institute {makes sense, right?!}. After SAIC, she attended University of Illinois at Chicago and received a MFA in Visual Arts. Rebecca believes in sustainable practices when creating; therefore, all of her jewelry is made by hand from reclaimed precious metals and ethically-sourced stones. She is also a member of the wonderful organization dedicated to social and environmental responsibility called Ethical Metalsmiths. Aren't you glad to hear this exists?!

Click - here - to shop the entire collection & make sure to stay up-to-date with all new designs on Instagram

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betsy & iya is a handcrafted jewelry line, online shop and lifestyle boutique. They create all the jewelry in-house at their Portland studio, and fill their boutique with independent artists and designers they have met during their travels around the country. Their entire jewelry collection is just beautiful - I love its simplicity and modern design. Like tiny pieces of art, you can tell how much thought and work went into each piece. 


Traveling to remote regions to partner with local designers and artisans, women-team Amelia Tonelli and Rachel Widmark are truly bringing us something special for our conscious jewelry boxes. Besides wanting to share stunning traditional crafts with us, Fernweh gives back to the countries they work with through micro-loans for the local women. For both the Pakistan and the Mexico Collection, 2.5% of sales are reinvested into these loans.


Created by Italian designer Elisa Finoli, Aglaia Jewelry is handcrafted in a NY studio. The line is inspired by Elisa's Italian roots and her life experiences within India & Nicaragua, as well as the Japanese 'Wabi-Sabi' philosophy where one searches for beauty in the imperfect. You can definitely sense Elisa's background in photography and design - she even has experience in architecture! 


An all-women company based out of LA, CRASH is taking metal from some of the finest luxury cars which have been in minor accidents, and using it to create jewelry for both men and women. I mean, a bracelet made from a Porsche? Pretty amazing. What I love so much about CRASH, it is appealing to gals AND guys. 

6. Simply Wood Rings

If there ever was a line of rings made for the earth lover, this would be it. While we don't typically associate wood with fine jewelry, Simply Wood Rings is sure to make you re-think the term. From the birthwood rings to the engagements rings, you will find something truly unique to take with you a lifetime. Plus, they use salvaged and sustainable materials that are always responsibly-sourced. 


Created by Agnès, a French self-taught metalsmith, this line is for anyone who appreciates simplistic silver jewelry made with the planet in mind. Agnes Ice is full of pieces you can wear everyday, and knowing it comes with a small carbon footprint makes it even more special. What is so unique about Agnes Ice {besides the mesmerizing gems}, everything is handcrafted - no molds or lost wax casting methods ever. 


Created by Australian jewelry designer, Laura Deakin, Coral Covey is named after her two grandmother's, Coral McKissick and Glades Covey, who both influenced Laura to care for her community & the environment. Coral Covey's studio is in one of the jewelry capitals of the world, Munich, and prides itself on creating jewelry that is fair, honest & beautiful. 


Caelen Ellis, the creator of the Ottawa, Ontario-based Fluid Jewellery, believes in that very transparent & conscious designing I look for in every brand I stand behind. Within Fluid Jewellery, recycled materials are always prioritized, and certified/conflict free diamonds and stones are a must. With Caelen's passion and extensive training in metal-smithing, he is very drawn to the emotional connection associated with jewelry & wants to create a positive impact with each piece created.

10. Ananda Soul

Founded by artist & yogi Christina Zipperlen, Ananda Soul’s jewelry line is conscious from start to finish. Their transparency throughout the entire process is something to look up to -  from their gemstones to their silversmiths, you can feel confident that each piece is made with a lot of love and respect for the environment and people. 

Do you have a favorite Ethical Fine Jewelry Designer?

Comment below! 

Fair OOTD | Swiss Miss

featuring Nevawear

Wow, I can't even begin to describe how incredible this adventure was! While we were visiting our family over in Switzerland, we took a day to explore the new Glacier 3000. It opened since last time I was living there, and it truly is a sight to see. Located in the town of Les Diablerets, the Glacier 3000 is the mountain lover's dream. You can ski, hike and overlook a stunning view of the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. But of course, you have to conquer some fears and make it over the 107 meter long suspension bridge ;) 

Anyway, I couldn't go on this thrill without shooting a Fair OOTD. I think my 'Enjoy the Journey' tank by NEVAwear was fitting for this mountain 'journey'! NEVAwear is activewear that empowers & their inspirational embroidery is the perfect encouragement during your work out or adventure. Not to mention, this scoop neck racerback tank is extremely flattering, supportive and comfortable. Its stretch moisture wicking fabric compresses your tummy while moving and keeps your body from becoming too hot. Plus, it's long enough to wear with leggings! NEVAwear coins the term "fitanthropic”, a mash up of philanthropic and fitness wear. They are all about looking good, feeling good and doing good. All their products are made in the US and embroidered by women all over the world who are in need of work to care for their families. This long luxe tank in particular was embroidered by female artisans in Kansas City. 

It's fitness wear that took the extra step! 

NEVAwear also has a collection of bottoms, jackets and tees. Click - here - to shop it all OR shop it on Amazon Prime {I know some of you will love that!}

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Happy Journey, Ladies!

Shop the look:

Begad ScarfMara Vera $83

 Martin Sweatshirt, Bleusalt $82

Enjoy the Journey Long Luxe Tank, NEVAwear $60 {15% off with code Chic15}

Cabaret Leggings, Agathos Athleisure $75

Colorines ShoesMamahuhu $140

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A Sustainable Slumber That's Affordable, Organic & Fair

with Under the Canopy

Are you working on building that perfect eco oasis, but keep running into budget issues, or can't find anything to fit your style? I feel you on this. I've been in that very situation. Finding ethically-made, attractive bedding at a reasonable price is difficult. Most of us don't even want to think about spending hundreds of dollars to dress our bed. There is also a misconception that organic bedding has to cost a pretty penny - after all, it's organic. I'm not sure when 'organic' became synonymous with 'expensive', but I feel as if I need to get people thinking differently about the term. Under the Canopy is my perfect example for this, and they've been in the game of bringing conscious consumers quality, organic and fair products since the beginning. 

Why I Love Under the Canopy

1. Their aesthetic. This is one of the first bedding brands I have found where I looked at their comforters and said 'I WANT THAT!'. Their prints are practical yet chic, and they are awesome at creating contrasting pillow prints to add a little pop to your room. 

2. Their commitment to a cleaner planet and home goods industry. They adhere to 6 kinds of certifications {FAIR TRADE, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, C2C, RCS & FSC}, and sustainability is at the forefront of their business model. All products are made ethically with eco-minded materials.

3. Their mission. They want everyone included in the movement towards conscious consumerism. Therefore, their products are affordable, accessible & {of course} attractive.

4. Their quality. We have been sleeping with the Aztec comforter for the last month and absolutely love it. It's soft, comfortable, warm and washes well. The robe feels like total luxury, too.

Cool fact: Under the Canopy helped aid the creation of GOTS certification of organic cotton.

What's In My Room

While Under the Canopy has 4 beautiful collections to choose from, the Abstract Aztec caught my attention right away {the little symbols within the stripes are like little hearts - too cute <3}! I love the muted grey & white, and for the weeks you want less patterns you can reverse it over to its charcoal grey side {yup, it's totally reversible}. The outer fabric is GOTS cotton, and the material used to fill the comforter is their patented EcoPure fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles. Pretty cool, right?! 

To make you even more comfortable, they've created a line of robes, too. The robe I am wearing in these photos is their Organic Cotton Waffle style. It is undyed to keep its rich, natural cotton color, and comes with a detachable belt & two big front pockets. It's the perfect thing to throw on after your shower! Plus, the more you wash it, the softer it becomes. 

Where to Buy

You can purchase all Under the Canopy products in their online shop - here - & if you have Instagram, I'm hosting a Giveaway through Sunday night {7/2} for a $150 Gift Card!!

Enjoy your new Eco Slumber my fellow world changers :D 

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Natural, Eco & Oh so Chic | Cork Wallets are Our New Favorite Cruelty-Free Accessory


This is for my vegan friends, eco fashionistas and anyone else looking for something unique to carry all their daily essentials. Laurent Bleu, the founder of FRiLuk, is French and loves a good glass of wine {me too}. Out of the hundreds of bottles he has uncorked, one particular evening when opening a bottle sparked an idea. He thought with cork being one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, why did the fashion industry not take advantage of it as a fabric? This question began the journey of a new sustainable fashion brand. FRiLuk, a Peta-approved accessories brand from the UK, is taking one of the coolest materials and creating a practical line of wallets {& a beautiful fountain pen} for both women AND men. 

Yes, our boyfriends & husbands can join us in this ethical fashion movement! Thanks to my boyfriend, Travis, for modeling in this post. He loves his new wallet ;)

Why I Love FRiLuk

1. Their fabric of choice is cork, which is biodegradable, natural and a renewable resource. It is also waterproof & stain resistant making it an ideal material for a product you use everyday. 

2. They are super soft and light so no weighing you down. 

3. I think most of you will appreciate their price! The Zip-Around Clutch is $46, and the Slim Wallet is $40. 

4. They are well-made. From the zippers to the seams, you can tell they paid attention to detail. Laurent has 15 years experience {before starting his own venture} managing teams all over the world in the high tech industry. Therefore, FRiLuk has become a global collaboration, and currently has 10 countries involved in its process.

5. You won't have any trouble organizing. Each wallet has multiple card & money slots, and you can even fit your iPhone 7Plus in the Zip-Around. 

6. Cork is actually really cool looking, and it's a great neutral. I think most people would find it appealing so it's an easy way to create more conscious consumers {we need more of you!!}.

What We're Using

I'm always happy when my boyfriend likes a sustainable product {this doesn't happen often}! He has been using the Vegan Slim Wallet which has 3 frontal card slots, 2 hidden card slots, 2 slip pockets and 1 coin pocket. I've been using the Vegan Zip Around Clutch Purse in Grid Grain which is the perfect size for all my cards, cash AND phone. You can find the Zip Around Clutch in another cool cork style called Flow Grain. Important to note: All wallets use RFID that block signals used by data thieves to steal card information so you can feel safe & secure! If you are looking to just protect your cards, try their Cork & Aluminum Pop Up Credit Card Holder


Where to Buy FRiLuk


You can find their entire collection online at:



& make sure to follow them on the gram to stay-up-to-date!! 

Sustainably Supported by FRiLuk. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

Spend Your Summer Days in Ethical Loungewear

by Miakoda

Jumping from the beach to the pool, from the lake to the river, it's nice to have a wardrobe practical enough for those transitions. As someone who lives by the beach, {if I'm not in my swimsuit} I'm usually in loungewear walking outside. Therefore, being comfortable is a must - and as always, those comfortable clothes I choose to wear need to be made a certain 'ethical' way. Miakoda understands these concerns so they make everything local in NYC. This way, things are transparent and they can keep an eye on how their clothing is made. Plus, not only are their designs perfect for an active lifestyle, they are pretty versatile in your 'out & about' wardrobe {you can see what I mean in this Fair OOTD, here}. 

Oh, and did I mention how soft their fabrics are? Miakoda always works with sustainable and organic materials, and they wash wonderfully. The Racerback Tank I'm wearing is made from an organic cotton, the tap shorts are made from a mix of organic cotton & bamboo and this amazing oversized hoodie is also made from an organic cotton. Although their clothing line is seasonless, these fabrics help keep your summer cool :D

It's a bit difficult to see the cute little tap shorts I'm wearing in these photos, but if you click - here - you can find the crop top & shorts in my Miakoda post from the fall. It's such a sweet set, and like I mentioned before about the washing, these pieces really hold up time and time again. 

Visit Miakoda online to add some basics & loungewear to your sustainable wardrobe. Don't forget to stay up-to-date on the gram. 

*Discount Alert: Use my code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 20% off your entire purchase at Miakoda's checkout*