The Must-Have Heel for the Minimalist & Conscious Closet


Put Your Best Foot Forward

My feet did a happy dance when I found these lovelies!! First off, what a wonderful idea to own a heel you can change to fit your outfit or mood. I'm all about versatility when it comes to my wardrobe, and I never imagined a heel which upheld this concept. With VEERAH, you can refashion the design in a 'snap' - quite literally, though. The back of the shoe has a loop to fasten on an array of accessories - accessories you can later use as bracelets, necklaces, brooches & more. Besides the wonderful versatility, these heels are actually comfortable. From vegan leather to plant-based memory foam, these shoes can check off every requirement on a conscious consumer's list. Plus, it's a women-led company, and they work to empower women all over the world through their #VEERAHwarriors and education scholarships.

So, why choose a vegan, timeless & responsibly-made heel? For one, the leather industry kills billions of animals a year {this is separate from even upcycling within the meat industry}. We throw stuff away - and I mean, a lot of stuff - & rid ourselves of 300 million pairs of shoes every year. Most importantly, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world & we need to fix that for sustainability sake. As someone who appreciates and values fashion {& sees the amazing economic opportunities}, supporting the brands who are putting the environment and society first is the only way we can change how the industry operates. We have that power, and VEERAH is just one of the wonderful conscious businesses who is making this all possible.

I've been known to be a bit textile-obsessed {my mom owns a fabric store, so I've been around it quite a bit}, and VEERAH has an amazing glossary on all the materials they use - even packaging! They use some of my favorites like cork, organic cotton and post-consumer PET bottle fabric. 

With VEERAH, you can choose from four different styles of heels and accessories. I'm a classic girl, so the Audrey were my absolute favorite. The Mulan has the dramatic and glamorous stiletto, the Frida is a modern and sassy pointed-toe heel and the Maya is chic with its little kitten heel. Each style comes with their own accessory, but you can always add more! See all the accessories below. 

Like I mentioned before, VEERAH is not just about the perfect responsible heel. They have a plan: the VEERAH Warriors 1-10-100 Battle Plan. With this, 1% of proceeds go towards social impact causes, 10 paid hours per month are given to employees to volunteer or take self-improvement courses and for every 100 customer interviews they sponsor a 1 year scholarship through She's the First. They believe education is key to a bright future and fearless generation.

{Learn more about the inspirational women behind the label}

My mom and I went to one of our favorite little towns for lunch a couple weeks ago. Lyme Regis has the sweetest streets and cobble stone pathways. I walked all around the town in ease - can't say that for most of my heels! I know this is quite the bundle of photos, but the town was so easy to photograph. 

Ready to style your own? Shop their entire collection - here -

I've been thinking about the next way I want to style my Audreys. I love mixing dark green & black so I'm leaning towards the grass green tassels

Which are your favorites?!

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Eco-Friendly, Reusable Water Bottles On A Mission...

to provide 6 months of clean water


I speak about daily sustainable switches you can easily make on the blog quite often. Typically, it is geared towards the environment rather than a cause. It isn't often you find both morphed together - that's why Yuhme was such a rare & beautiful find. By taking our everyday need of water and paying it forward, we can create less waste AND save lives through Water for Good. Not only are our need for disposable bottles eliminated, the Yuhme bottles themselves are eco and made from sugarcane. That's right - sugarcane - who knew such a thing exists?! It's because of social entrepreneurs {like the creators of Yuhme} we are able to support a cause while considering the environment and our day-to-day. 

So how did this wonderful brand begin? 

It started with a simple question - “How can we make a difference? To ourselves, our children, and to the lives of others?” 

Husband and wife, Alex & Alex, were both former athletes. Alexandra worked as a CEO of a tech company, and was a former elite swimmer - her husband, an ex semi-pro rugby player. After becoming inspired to create a social business, they decided to focus on water initiatives and a product they used quite often in their previous life - the water bottle. Knowing the product must be eco-friendly to avoid waste & negative impacts on the environment {plastic and social initiatives just don't go hand-in-hand these days!}, they sought out the perfect material. Sweden, where Yuhme is based, is home to a producer of sugarcane bioplastic. This was the first time I have ever heard of the material, and I'm loving the idea! Yuhme has posted a video on their site, and I thought it would be nice to include in this blog. Nothing like a sweet animated video to get your noggin going. See how plastic is turning green below...

After choosing the right material to produce the water bottle, it was time to pick the water project which most aligned with their ideals. Water for Good is different than most non-profits. Instead of handout, they involve the community and teach them the necessary skills to provide for themselves. I can't stress enough how important it is to support the organizations who put jobs and independence first. It is so easy to give, but much harder to create economic opportunity for those most vulnerable. With over 650 million people lacking access to clean water, Yuhme is just one great way we can help make a difference while being conscious consumers at the same time. Each bottle provides 6 months of clean water to someone living in the Central African Republic. How amazing is that?! We can get rid of the plastic reusables and disposables all while helping those who need it most.

Plus, Yuhme has created three different patterns to choose from:

The Power | The Endurance | The Namaste

Each sugarcane bottle is BPA & toxin free and 100% recyclable. It holds 750ml which is great for a long day's adventure sight-seeing like the ones found within this post {we went to Beer, one of my favorite little towns near my parent's home}. I prefer to use the dishwasher whenever possible because I've found ours to be more sustainable than washing everything by hand, and this bottle is dishwasher safe! All bottles are produced and designed in Sweden, and are able to fit into standard cup holders. One of my favorite parts {besides the fun prints} is how lightweight they are! My new project is making a little crocheted holder for it when I don't bring a tote bag with me. I'm sure I will post it on here in the near future! :) 


To help provide 6 months of clean water & enjoy your water on-the-go shop Yuhme's entire collection - here - & just for us, use code Chic15 for 15% off!! 

I feel as if I take clean water for granted every day, and toting my Yuhme bottle around is a great little reminder of how fortunate I am and how my purchasing power makes a positive impact for someone else in the world.

Here's to allowing everyone to experience clean, safe water..



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Sustainably Chic Picks | January

Starting the year off with favorites...

Every 1st of the month I will come out with a list of sustainable, eco & ethical picks from home to clothing - products I find practical {or maybe a little treat here & there}. This is the year I want the "sustainable fashion isn't fashionable" or "green beauty doesn't work as well" comments to end. Maybe convincing 7 billion people of this is a little extreme of a goal, but I can start with the friends of the 80k who visit this blog! Let's let them know & share the news ;) Better purchasing is possible, and you don't have to sacrifice your wardrobe or lifestyle to make it happen. 

Now for January's top picks...

starting top left...

The Audrey, VEERAH $268

vegan, classic round toe heels  +  versatile, detachable lace-up tassels  +  organic lining, memory foam insole

Chic Eyeshadow, NU Evolution $25

made with natural & organic ingredients  +  no parabens or other harmful toxins  +  cruelty-free

{use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 15% off your entire purchase}

Illuminating Face Serum, Orenda Skincare $89

natural anti-aging moisturizer & treatment  +  free from chemicals/parabens  +  100% guarantee 

Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, Plume $95

longer, thicker, fuller lashes  +  all natural ingredients  +  100% guarantee

{use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 15% off all International orders / code SUSTAINABLYCHICCAD for Canadian orders}

Pouch Wallet, Rareform $25

made from upcycled billboards  +  one-of-a-kind  +  durable, waterproof, lightweight

{use code NATALIE20 for 20% off your entire purchase}

All Purpose Cleaner Kit, Airbiotics $40

probiotics for the home  +  eliminates dust mites, odors & harmful bacteria  +  safe for pets

The Namaste Water Bottle, Yuhme $32  {use code chic15 for 15% off}

The Namaste Water Bottle, Yuhme $32  {use code chic15 for 15% off}

Fulton Top, Kestan $49 {use code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase}

Fulton TopKestan $49 {use code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase}


What products are you loving this month?

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve!

Organic Kapok Body Pillow, Savvy Rest $209+  

Organic Kapok Body PillowSavvy Rest $209+  

Dahlia Dress, Echo + Air $175 {use code chic20 for 20% off your entire purchase}

Dahlia DressEcho + Air $175 {use code chic20 for 20% off your entire purchase}

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100+ Sustainable, Eco & Ethical FASHION Brands and Retailers to Get Behind in 2017

Aeon Row

"Transformative by Design. Eternally Fresh Fashion. Revived Materials. Alternate Endings. We make all of our clothing from recycled yarn, which requires no land, water, chemicals, or cotton dyes to produce. This less-intense process also spares us production costs, allowing us to pass savings on to you." -


use code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase!


"Ankura -. Greek word. “Anchor”, for us holds together style and ethics behind the brand. Ankura is a way of bringing the latest fashion trends to stand out the eco lifestyle of our clients, that cares about the social impact that can make in their daily activities. We believe that every person can make a difference by changing their decisions caring about their effect in the environment, suppliers, artisans, in the materials used, that are related to each one of their purchase." -


use code SUSTAINABLEISBETTER for 15% off all clothing

Azura Bay

"Azura Bay is a curated collection of luxurious and socially conscious lingerie, swim, and loungewear brands. Beyond the brands, Azura Bay is committed to choosing green practices as much as we can as explained below, in packaging and promotion choices. Finally, when you make a purchase, Azura Bay will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to one of three organizations of your choice." -

bloom & give

"Every girl has a right to education even in places where parents and society don’t agree. It is especially in these places that we have made a commitment to break the societal barriers that prevent girls from going to school. 50& of our profits go directly to girls education programs in India." -

use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for $15 off $50+

echo + air

"Echo + Air exists somewhere between the parallel of dreams and reality. It has transpired through the manipulation of shape and form. Echo + Air deconstructs traditional silhouettes, transforming them into something beautiful, minimal, and functional. With a strong emphasis on drape and cut, quality fabrics, subtle textures, and modern colors, Echo + Air has imagined and materialized a new atmosphere of thoughtful design." -

use code chic20 for 20% off your entire purchase!

EcoVibe Apparel

"Our core mission is to provide apparel, accessories and gifts that embody style, quality, beauty and sustainability. With luxurious fabrics that look as good as they feel and a well curated selection of timeless jewelry and accessories, our designers strive to create a modern style and aesthetic while holding true to social and environmental responsibility. Style, color, fit and quality are still the most important elements of fashion for our designers. But where a product is made, who makes it and what it is made from also matter." -


"We’re on a mission to help you pack lighter and do more with less. Encircled creates clothing that versatile in design, and everlasting in style. We beautifully mesh function with style. (Think of us as the opposite to zip off pants). We believe that stylish travel clothing is possible. And that in life, compromise is optional." -

IX Style

"All of our bags, jewelry, and huarache sandals are handmade by more than 800 female artisans from communities across Guatemala. Each product is carefully crafted to capture the beauty, tradition & magic of the Lake Atitlan region. When you step into a pair of our huarache sandals, you are stepping into so much more than a shoe. You are stepping into a future of hope, love, and prosperity for Guatemala!" -

use code SustainablyChic30 for 30% off

Kakaw Designs

"Our mission is to create unique handmade leather products that combine repurposed materials and new handwoven textiles, bringing tradition-filled designs to the global clientele. We are committed to sustainability and dedicated to solid partnerships with traditional weavers and artisans." -


"Cotton is the cornerstone of our garments, and we want to bring you the best of the best. Gone are the days when people roll their eyes at the word "organic" and where images of vegetables are conjured. Kestan is working to cast off misconceptions of organic cotton, and bring a sleek, sophisticated, and ethical staple to your wardrobe. It's time for organic to seamlessly integrate into your modern lifestyle."

use code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase

48 & Sea

"an online boutique celebrating emerging designers in America. We're female focused, highlighting the talents of kickass ladies (and occasionally gentlemen) throughout the country. This curated store is home to our favorite handcrafted pieces - from wheel thrown coffee mugs to delicate silver rings." -

Agnes Ice 

"When I create my designs authenticity and simplicity are the keywords. All my jewelry is handcrafted using no molding or lost wax casting method. My main concern is to be able to craft both sleek and original jewels using an ethical manufacturing process." - Agnes of

alexandria main

"The short version: Based in sunny Queensland, Australia, Alexandria Main delivers throughout Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia. I sell beautiful beach coverups and beach bags that I hope you will make you feel gorgeous when you wear them. Robes that wrap and cinch at the waist, sleeves you can roll up and skirts that float behind when you walk - I think we all deserve a little bit of elegant glamour in our holiday suitcase." - Roxane of

alicia san marcos

"Alicia San Marcos was founded on the promise of providing access to education for children in Guatemala, a country where over 50% of people live in poverty.  For underserved families in Guatemala, two of the greatest barriers to education are paying for school supplies and uniforms.  Each Alicia San Marcos purchase goes directly toward funding these needs." -

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 4.50.45 AM.png

all the wild roses

"Socially Conscious Label, For The Dreamers, Empowering The Makers, Giving-back For A Better World. Represented by the true “Wild Flower”, the Wild Rose is known for her beauty and resilience – growing freely in the most unexpected places.The Wild Rose encapsulates a spirit that we believe exists in every woman – The Dreamer, The Bohemian Spirit, The Ultra-Feminine and The Brave." -


"We make underwear. Each creation is individually designed and hand-crafted in Berlin to maintain the highest quality and least wastage. Anekdot is an upcycle brand. This does not mean you will be wearing someone else's underwear. It means that we source our superb materials from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock & vintage trimmings.." -


aster & oak

"Aster & Oak is an Australian children’s fashion label that offers a truly affordable range of certified organic clothing for all the precious little people in our lives. It was our personal experience with our own children’s skin allergies that led us to research and craft a range of eco-friendly, certified organic baby clothing which is safe, non-toxic, low-allergenic and free from any hidden nasties. Our vision was to create a range of clothing which was beautifully soft and as natural as possible whilst still maintaining a stylish and practical edge." -


"The idea behind Ateljee is simple: to merge Californian spirit with Scandinavian values and design. To create new kind of joyful, everyday luxury. To express joy of life not bound by traditional stereotypes of gender or attitude. To create clothes that express their individual and imaginative bearers. And to grow with the kids to a clothing line for the whole family." -

bamboo body

"The creators of Bamboo Body, sisters Amanda and Elouise, were inspired when they first felt bamboo fabric. They were amazed by the fabric’s soft feel and beautiful drape, and the fact that it was made from a natural, highly sustainable resource. This inspiration led Amanda and Elouise on a journey of discovery to find out everything they could about bamboo fabric, the bamboo plant, and the plight of the textile industry." -


"This carefully curated online boutique features garments that are responsibly sourced, while maintaining a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. By supporting designers who use responsibly sourced materials and manufacturing processes, we help small businesses flourish,  and stop contributing to the demand of products that hurt the environment and put people’s lives at risk." -

Berg & Betts

"At BERG+BETTS we believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for sustainability and it is our mission to provide you with eco-friendly products that are sophisticated, responsible, and affordable. BERG+BETTS crafts every watch out of surplus leather off cuts that would otherwise go to waste. You know, we are talking about those small pieces of new leather that fall to the floor as a shoe or purse maker cuts out their pattern." -

beyond beanie

"beyondBeanie is an up-and-coming social clothing company that makes awesome beanies and accessories. Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her work while helping to provide meals, school supplies, school uniforms and dental care to children in need." -


"A company with a slower “back to basics” approach to fashion focused on creating clothes that were timeless and well made and rejecting the idea of fast fashion. We committed ourselves to working with producers we knew well and that looked after the people who worked for them. Today bibico creates easy to wear, fuss free and well made clothing." -


"Emphasising beautiful shapes, and interesting prints, Bilboa strives to consciously create, quality handcrafted goods, with an elegant yet quirky aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, designer and creator Osha aims to instill a feeling of wonder and empowerment in all of her pieces. Honing skills learnt as a professional costume maker, she produces garments that are striking, and unique, that are still practical and comfortable to wear." -

billow + bound

"Having bonded over a love of travel and textiles, Hirshini and Erika found a way to share this magic through the creation of billow + bound. They noticed that beautiful artisan-made textiles are often featured in stand-alone items, so they set out to make them the focus of their line. The brand is deeply committed to showcasing and creating a market for stunning handcrafted fabrics." -

binge knitting

"Fashion textile factories produce waste such as textile clips and fibers. Binge doesn’t believe in waste. Textiles are selected by similarity of color, quantity and composition and gathered in large bundles. These are taken to a recycling center where they are turned into unique yarns. Finally, these fibers are given a new purpose by making handmade creations. {Like our clutches!}" -

braintree clothing

"Creating Thoughtful Clothing alone isn't enough. We whole-heartedly value doing the right thing and want to feel good about everything we touch. From the fabrics we use to how our garments are designed, made and delivered, each step of our collection’s journey is carefully considered and done so ethically. It’s all with the greater aim of minimising our environmental footprint." -

cali rose

"Shop Cali Rose is an ethical and sustainable fashion boutique, where our primary goal is to save the planet - on garment at a time. How you ask? Introducing fashion styles from innovating and emerging sustainable brands by designers who offer more than a bottom line. They appreciate value of quality, ethics in treatment and love for all." -

cambio market

"Cambio Market (pronounced Cam-bee-oh) is a curated collection of thoughtful, responsible goods that empower artisans around the world. Why do we do this? Because we believe buying products you love AND supporting a good cause can be one and the same. Meaning “change” in Spanish, the word Cambio embodies our mission: to revolutionize how business is done." -

Canopy Verde

"I don't like owning a lot of "stuff." What I do own I want to be well designed, timeless, and practical in the best sense of the word. So I created Canopy Verde, a line of eco friendly and vegan handbags that are inspired by many things - my love of mid-century Danish design, the feel of my beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood, and a philosophy of making something in the most earth friendly way possible." -

Chilote Shoes

"The most comfortable and sustainable slippers you'll ever wear are co-created and hand made with the local community in Patagonia through a coop system of ethical production. There is no Factory so each pair is made “slow” with care and pride by independent artisan women living in remotes rural areas. Lead artisans are our partners; they work independently orchestrating their local network & production." -

coral covey

"Founded by the Australian jewellery designer, Laura Deakin, the Coral Covey name is the unity of Laura's two grandmothers, Coral McKissick and Glades Covey, who were important influences in her life and taught her a great deal about caring for her community and the environment. The Coral Covey studio is situated in Munich, one of the jewellery capitals of the world. Inspired by this city’s rich tradition in a rapidly changing world, Laura see's the ethical production of Coral Covey jewellery as key in making an environmental difference." -


crash jewelry

"CRASH Jewelry makes sustainable cuffs, bangles, earrings, necklaces and accessories from the metal of luxury automobiles that have been in minor accidents. Christi Schimpke, the founder of CRASH Jewelry, came up with the idea to create fashion jewelry from cars when she moved her studio into her husband’s Los Angeles body shop. Beverly Coachcraft specializes in collision repairs for late-model Mercedes-Benzs, BMWs, Audis, Bentleys, Porsches, Mini Coopers, Maseratis, and more." -

daylin skye

Amber Fant, the designer behind Daylin Skye, is passionate about individuality and inner beauty. This is no different with the gorgeous selection of vegan-friendly handbags she has created. With extreme attention to detail, both the outside and the inside of the bags are equally beautiful. Plus, all Daylin Skye handbags are made in the USA, earth conscious & cruelty free. -

eba totes 

"At eba totes, we strive to make high quality bags while sourcing eco-friendly materials. For us, we know that there is always more we can do in order to reduce our impact on the world, so we strive to reduce our eco foot print with every new line, whether its through materials, production, and even packaging, we will aspire to do a little better with every bag." -


"Our model is simple: partner with incredible organizations Making A Difference in the lives of women, then employ the women (and sometimes, men!) to make ethicgoods. Our partner organizations offer holistic care to survivors of modern day slavery, educate and protect those at risk of exploitation, and help women around the globe break the cycle of poverty. We believe economic stability is the key to removing vulnerability, so everything we carry was made by the woman it helped employ." -

Ethos Collection

"Ethos brings a curated assortment of clothing, accessories and jewelry selected for beautiful design and a mission to help support vulnerable populations.  Each item is sourced with high quality, organic or sustainable materials and produced through fair trade practices. We commit to treating all people with dignity and respect, fairness and compassion and creating an environment that inspires employees and patrons." -

Fair Anita

"Fair Anita is a social enterprise that empowers women around the world through dignified jobs and fair trade relationships. We’re working with 8,000+ (and counting!) talented women from across the globe to make fair trade jewelry and accessories you can be proud to wear and share with your friends." -

Fatim Bahh

"Fatim Bahh brand contributes 10% of the proceeds from every purchase to an education fund the One Girl At A Time Foundation, our sister company.  Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Because of this, we also focus on related issues that prevent young girls from having an opportunity to attend school, such as early child marriage, family financial difficulties, child labor and healthcare." -

Fazl Socks

"Every time you purchase a pair of Fazl Socks you are helping to provide orphaned and destitute children in India with food, shelter, education, and clothing. What’s more, we give fair wages to the lovely ladies who knit our socks. We are committed to supporting children’s homes in India that care for vulnerable children and we dedicate 50% of our profits to this cause." -

Fluid Jewellery

"Mindful Luxe forms the ethical basis for the production of Fluid Jewellery.  I seek out likeminded organizations and individuals who can facilitate ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw materials, and help me to ensure that each piece I produce contributes to supporting and empowering communities, rather than leaving a trail of environmental and social damage.  Fluid Jewellery is produced using Fairmined gold and silver, recycled metals, Canadian and international conflict-free diamonds, recycled diamonds, synthetic diamonds, as well as ethically sourced and fairtrade gemstones." - Caelen of Fluid Jewellery

Green Orchyd

"Green Orchyd was born out of concern for the environment, and the lack of an online market place to buy all things eco, sustainable and fair-trade. The fashion industry is the second most toxic industry after oil, and at Green Orchyd, we strive to curate fashionable, modern pieces that are easy on the earth and better for its people. Every item on our site is carefully selected, and meets strict eco-friendly standards." -

Haiti Design Co-Op

"Haiti Design Co-op was founded in 2014 with the goal to bring about sustainable development through design, training, and job creation. Our mantra around the workshop is "MEN ANPIL, CHAY PA LOU". This is an old Haitian proverb meaning "MANY HANDS MAKE THE LOAD LIGHT". We believe that there is commonality between the designer, maker, and consumer, and that when working together we can help lighten each other's load and bring about lasting positive impact. " -

Happiest Girl in the World

"At Happiest Girl In The World, we are all about being real – our models are women of all shapes and sizes, who you’d pass daily on the street, as we believe EVERY girl is beautiful. Feel good about your decision when buying a HGITW product as you are supporting a local business, buying a product that uses sustainable fabrics, uses ethical manufacturing practices, and most of all – wake feeling well rested and ready to take on the day ahead. Feel sexy AND comfortable at the same time… become part of a positive movement encouraging
women to embrace all that they are." -

Have Love Must Travel

"Our line of sophisticated boho clothing is ethically produced using hand carved block prints by artisans in India. The block printing method is an ancient craft passed down through generations in the East. To understand why and how this method is so special please read on to learn about the lengthy and demanding process." -

Heshima Kenya

"Heshima Kenya is the first and only organization of its kind. Heshima Kenya is proud to have redefined refugee protection through our one-of-a-kind holistic model. Since our founding in 2008, we have served thousands of women, girls, children, and infants, offering the gold-standard of care, protection, and empowerment for refugees." -

Hydrated World

"Hydrated World works with the Safe Water Project (based in Africa). They exist to empower communities to sustainably provide safe water. The Project works to train leaders within these communities to build and test the biosand filters to ensure the water is free of contaminants. For every water filter, 100% of the costs go back into the African economy." -


"IKURU is an ethical fashion label based in Pemba, Mozambique that uses beautiful African print fabrics for its designs. We are a small team with a big dream. IKURU means "strength" in the local language, and empowering women through fashion is at the heart of the IKURU Project." -

In the Know

"A combination of a discerning sense of style and entrepreneurship, In the Know is the ultimate online destination for a wardrobe to compliment any occasion. We pride ourselves on exclusively carrying environmentally and socially conscious, fashion forward pieces. Our goal is to make women feel in vogue while wearing sustainable clothing." -

INKKAS Global Footwear

"The Inkkas company is founded on the principles of fair trade and global philanthropy. Inkkas are crafted with respect for the environment and the people who make them. As part of the OneShoeOneTree project Inkkas plants one tree for every purchase. In partnership with TreesForTheFuture Inkkas is helping reforest the world and provide sustenance for local populations in developing countries." -

Ixchel Triangle

"Our bags are new, but their souls are old. Ixchel Triangle bags have had a prior life as a Huipil [ˈwipil], and these beautiful hand loomed works of art have been repurposed into the amazing bags we have created. Each product is filled with the history, tradition, and culture of the indigenous Mayan women who wore and continue to wear them." -


"Jen made sure Jelt would stand out from any other belt on the market. Not only is it modern-retro, with a nod to 80’s fashion, but it is also made from 100% recycled water bottles, has a patent-pending buckle design that won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts and an inner gel that grips to pants. The fact there are no metal parts means it is great for traveling and can be worn through security checkpoints." -



"Our vision for Jewel and Lotus is grand! We are joining together with people who share this vision, who live with optimism, who create opportunities for themselves and others, who are not afraid to see the suffering around the world and still find the courage to create something beautiful.
Everyday we are creating with our thoughts, speech and actions. We invite you to come create with us, to create a better world by shopping, sharing, participating, becoming a vendor, connecting with others and more." -

JVRNEY Swimwear

"Let's imagine a pure ocean. An ocean with clear waters and a harmonious sea life, where some of the tons of discarded fishing nets and plastic that drift and destroy marine habitats, are turned into conscious swimwear, carrying a "no-waste" approach towards fashion and sustainability. Recycled, stylish, vivid, soft and sexy to all Nature and water lovers. Designed to endure as part of a full circle system, in harmony with our planet. Let's be the change." -

Kambuja Trading co.

"We founded Kambuja Trading Co. because we saw the amazing rebirth Cambodia is experiencing, and wanted to create a socially responsible marketplace to bring Khmer culture to the world. We work with small businesses in Cambodia that promise fair wages and opportunities for their employees to take charge of their own destiny. These aren’t just partnerships, these are our families. And we’re dedicated to enriching their lives." -

kinross cashmere

"Rather than follow fleeting trends, our passion is to create original products that are inspired by nature, modern in design and hand-crafted to endure. Pure, natural, soft and sophisticated, our luxury products offer effortless elegance and timeless style for everyday living." -


"Based in Australia, KUI is striving to create women’s wear with ease of fit and form, whilst consciously sourcing sustainable fibres and supporting those creating positive change. We believe in championing sustainable and ethical practices to create beautiful pieces without compromising aesthetic. Made to be treasured, forever wearable, a part of everyday stories and special moments." -


"Where it’s made, who’s making it, and what it’s made of is at the heart of LA Relaxed. We believe that it’s time for the eco-friendly fashion movement to expand and move toward ‘responsibly made’ fashion. Sustainability has focused on the environmental issues and that definition must now include the social and human issue, as well. We need to start designing, sourcing, producing, and selling with more responsibility and accountability, both environmentally and socially." -


"Leotie Lovely launched in 2011 selling vintage, pre-loved, and reworked clothing and accessories (with photography by Silas Chipelski). Summer of 2013 marks the first Leotie Lovely collection of limited edition, ethically produced handmade clutches, created using vintage materials (styled by Jessica Tsang and photographed by Felix Garside). This line will be sold alongside other vintage and re-purposed pieces carefully chosen for the site." -

The Native Market

"The Native Market is a place where you can find unique, autochthonous handmade products representing the diverse cultures of artisans in Latin America. They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Us at The Native Market couldn't agree more. Every country's culture is unique in its own way. There is a certain magic when you learn about the different corners of the world." -


"VEERAH is a women-led company founded on the belief that today’s modern women are warriors. You take on every endeavor with great conviction, character and confidence and so should your shoes. That’s why we designed our shoes to merge functionality, comfort and innovation without compromising an ounce of style."  -

25+ Sustainable, Eco & Ethical LIFESTYLE Brands and Retailers to Get Behind in 2017


"Airbiotics invented and pioneered its patented StaBiotics™ - the concept of deploying safe environmental stabilizing probiotic protection against harmful indoor contaminants and allergens that can flourish indoors. Our products work to restore the natural balance of your ecosystem, creating a healthy indoor environment. Airbiotics works well for allergy sensitive or immune-compromised individuals, targeting everything from dust mites to annoying pet dander, while helping to cut down on bad odors." -


"It’s our passion to discover extraordinary, useful finds from all over the globe and share them with you. Our shop features products sourced from direct relationships with artisans as well as vetted partner organizations. From Mexican woven baskets to Ghanaian coasters, each handcrafted good we share with you is remarkably distinct." -


"Greenvelope strives to deliver the most elegant electronic invitation service by emulating the experience of opening a “traditional” printed invitation. By creating a positive online experience, we hope more hosts will consider sending invitations electronically for formal events - to help save trees, time, and money. To express our commitment towards this goal, we donate a percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a non-profit organization that maintains forests." -


"Using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and transforming them into table coverings is an essential part of BottleCloth’s eco-mindful mission. Through a multi-step process, the plastic bottles are made into a thread, which is then woven into a polyester cloth, resulting in a fabric that closely resembles woven cotton. BottleCloth’s debut Inspiration Collection is a compilation of big fluid brushstrokes representing freedom of movement, bold colors and contemporary geometric shapes (infusing a bit of humor and a modern spin on traditional gingham designs)." -


Buckaroo Organics

"As parents, we are constantly searching for health conscious ways of raising our family. From food choices to products, we try to select things that will benefit all of us and our health. We struggled to find products that weren’t full of harsh chemicals. Products that could actually heal skin issues and were safe for babies. It was slim pickings on the shelves. So we went to work." -

Charlie Bax

"Created, designed and built by Chicago native Heather Crowe, Charlie Bax is named after her first true love and the one who reminded her every day that life is about giving more than we take, Charlie. Charlie Bax is an artisan based company built on the premise of nothing but pure love and a bizarre passion for up-cycling animal bone - particularly cow femur bone." -

conflict crate

"We strive to impact others by inviting & encouraging you to discover a different type of consumerism; one that changes the world.We give 20% of our profits towards helping children in rural areas of Bolivia. The donation will support, "Nuevos Pasos" in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They work to provide safety, nutrition, education and defense to children at-risk of sexual abuse, neglect, and generational poverty. When we are able to help "Nuevos Pasos" reach their goals, we are open to supporting more charities in the future." -

Fair + Simple

"The mission of Fair and Simple is to provide a platform for people to shop and give responsibly through a collaboration of like minded companies who focus on business as a tool for social change.  If it wasn’t for that drive, they wouldn’t be a company.  They are icons of doing business in a different way, a way that gives back to people and our common home." -

Fair Seas Supply Co.

"Our beach blankets are made from high-quality, organic cotton grown near the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Lightweight and quick drying, the Fair Seas blankets are perfect as a beach towel or picnic blanket. Softer with each wash, it will be your favorite travel blanket or cozy throw on your couch. All blankets are round in shape, a subtle reminder to always take the unique path in life." -

Flora Stationery

"Flora Stationery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which sells unique stationery products featuring original artwork from students in Kosovo to support a scholarship fund for young women pursuing a college education in Eastern Europe. The mission of Flora is to create a sustainable source of funding to support young women in need of assistance to attend a university in their home country. Through distributing a portion of the profits from every sale, young women are supported for an entire semester of college tuition." -

Green & Black's

"GREEN & BLACK’S is a chocolate brand founded on sustainable and ethical cocoa sourcing principles, based on our conviction that great taste comes from the finest ingredients. Green symbolizes our commitment to always sourcing ethical cocoa. Black stands for our high quality and the delicious intensity of our chocolate." -


"The world's most eco-friendly, reusable water bottle with a purpose. Each bottle provides 6 months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic via our partner Water for Good. Made from sugarcane, BPA& toxin free, 100% recyclable, holds 750ml, dishwasher safe, one-handed design, designed & produced in Sweden and fits in standard cup holders." -