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... the Greek word for "Anchor", "Something that holds"

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A Peruvian Fashion Brand, Ankura is here to promote responsible clothing, transparency & education. They work directly with small artisan communities in Peru producing high quality garments out of natural fibers. Even their fibers are sourced directly from Peru, and include some of the softest baby alpaca and pima cotton. With winter upon us, alpaca is a great choice when wanting to keep warm and cozy. The baby alpaca used by Ankura comes from the Andean communities, and their domesticated camelid. These animals are treated very well, and are bred organically and sheared only once a year. The communities use ancient techniques passed down from the Incas, and live a simple life off their land {hashtag, the art of slow living}. Their other choice of fabric, pima cotton, is a vegetable fiber grown on Peru's coast known for its durability, lightness and comfort. By using organic pima cotton, they are reducing their water consumption by 90%! All garments are either made in a small local shop or by local artisan communities who have passed down the craft generation after generation. With each new collection, Ankura is helping keep these crafts and traditions alive, all while keeping the environment and their impact in mind!

I've become very familiar with their brand over the past year, and have truly enjoyed one of the pieces {from their previous collection} - the Hannah Skirt. I'm excited to add another piece to my ethical wardrobe with the sophisticated Georgia Skirt. The cut, slit, stripes and lining all work together to make this piece extremely flattering. Ankura keeps versatility in mind when designing their skirts. They want you to be able to dress it up for a cocktail party or wear it as your everyday casual look. This particular piece is a part of their newest collection, The Andean Mod. The Georgia skirt is made entirely from hand woven pima cotton fabric, which is done on a waist hand loom over a three day process {see photo below} in Caral, a small village located north of Lima. 

Be on the look out for their new campaign beginning November 1st! In this campaign, Ankura will be raising funds to help continue the support of the slow fashion movement, conscious living and artisan jobs. By pledging, you are helping the continuation of the Cantagallo & Caral Projects, and the success of a truly beautiful sustainable fashion brand. 

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{p.s. their designs will be reduced during the campaign, so perfect time to get your hands on an Ankura piece!!} 

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Slow Fashion Picks with Green Orchyd

for Autumn/Winter

I do love a good one-stop shop, and Green Orchyd has a ton of my favorite brands under one roof. My collection of Indigenous and Amour Vert is growing thanks to this online boutique :) If you are new to the slow fashion game, having several options in front of you at once helps. You don't have to dig into the internet to figure out which brands are ethical when others have taken the time to bring you a wonderfully curated list. I thought I would compile my own 'favorites' list within Green Orchyd's new arrivals - I've added some sweet baby items, too! 

I'll start with the dress I'm wearing by Indigenous. The Essential V Dress is made from 100% organic cotton using low-impact dyes by Fair Trade artisans in Peru. The cut is extremely flattering, and the fabric is very soft. This is one of those dresses you can wear in any season & accessorize accordingly. When it gets a big colder, some tights and high boots would look beautiful {if you're tall, over-the-knee boots are the perfect kind!}. Having owned, loved and washed an Indigenous piece many times over, I know they make quality garments. This price is totally worth it, and this dress will stay with you for many years! {I paired this dress with boots from Rock Pillar + choker by Taylor Kenney Jewelry + necklace by Threads Worldwide

Now for my other favorite picks:

two more lovely pieces by Indigenous

 The Acoustic Wave V - $145

 The 2 Tone Poncho$149

I own a dress from Mata Traders & am always on a lookout for another piece!

All their garments are produced at a Fair Trade Women's Cooperative in India.

The Pleated Panel Dress - $90

I don't have pierced ears, but figured most of you do! I've known Razimus for quite some time & own one of their bracelets! 

Tear Drop Earrings $56

& then there is this adorable set!

Made from 100% organic cotton under fair conditions in India, even your babies can support sustainable fashion :P

Tribal Stripe Bandana Bib$12 | Tribal Stripe Pants$22 | Tribal Stripe Teething Ears $22

Guess what!? Green Orchyd is offering 20% off code sustchic20 !!

Click - here - to start working on your slow fashion wardrobe :)

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Sustainable Slumber | October

hug a body pillow...

from Savvy Rest!

Not sure how this is the first time I've ever used one of these in my adult life, but this giant pillow has made sleeping so much more comfortable and easy for me. It's like, 'where have you been, my sweet organic body pillow?!'. Especially if you have any back issues, I definitely recommend holding on to one of these at night. I have scoliosis, and my pain has been getting worse every year. The first 20 minutes of each morning are consumed with lower back pain. When I use the pillow properly {I do move around a lot} I wake up feeling less pain, and knowing it's full of organic kapok makes my feel 100x better. When you spend over a third of your life on your bed, you better know what's inside of it. Kapok {what this pillow is full of} is a buoyant natural fiber, and is a great alternative to down. The coolest part about these pillows, they are totally customizable. They come fully stuffed, so you can take that perfect amount out for your comfort. Don't throw the kapok you took out - Use the extra to make some decorative pillows! Stay tuned for a little DIY ;) 

So why else should you invest in a body pillow? Savvy Rest has given us many great reasons as to why this pillow will help you rest easy:

  • Proper body support for side sleepers
  • Pressure relief on the lower back, spine and hips
  • Improved shoulder, hip and spinal alignment
  • Relaxation of the muscles along the spine
  • Improved weight distribution and blood circulation
  • Diminished snoring by helping you sleep comfortably on your side
  • Pain relief due to headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia & more
  • Versatile sleep aid for injury recovery
  • Additional support during pregnancy

*body pillows come complete with a fitted organic cotton pillowcase. also, i do not sleep like pictured. i rest my head on a smaller pillow and hug the body pillow :P hard to act natural, right?!*

Check out my last Sustainable Slumber post featuring their standard Organic Kapok Pillows & the GORGEOUS Esmont bed! It is seriously picture perfect... & made in the USA!

In the market for some new sheets? Living Fresh creates their line out of the Eucalyptus flowering plant! I have been using their pillowcases over the last few weeks, and have loved the way they feel against my face. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and come in several colors. 

Dress from Green Orchyd + Socks from Fazl 

p.s. you can receive over $600 worth of bedding this month!! When you buy a Savvy Rest mattress {excluding Savvy Baby}, you'll get 2 organic kapok pillows and a natural wool mattress pad for free :D *body pillows not included*

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Fair OOTD | The Modern Dhoti

outfit 9...

Featuring another lovely MATTER piece! Over the summer, I couldn't get enough of my Romper, so I'm happy to own & cherish another piece for the Autumn/Winter season. These pants are the perfect weight for living in Charleston, SC! The Sideswept Dhoti + Trikora are an edgier version of the original Indian dhoti with a take on modern asymmetry. I love how the cut of the pant works with the geometric Trikora print as it goes up the leg and into the slinging pockets and wrap fit. It is the perfect type of imbalance which makes it so great. Woven in Pochampally and stitched in Delhi, this particular garment created 74 days of artisan employment! Plus, these pants are unisex, and are dyed with azo-free dyes. The Trikora was inspired by the architectural Kangura print which was traditionally used as a border design for Rajasthani houses, and is a sign of protection and defense of loved ones. The up-facing three-sided shape of the Trikora symbolizes stability with the elements of earth and water. 

I paired my MATTER pants with a hemp tee by ONNO T-Shirts and a 31Bits necklace from YOUWE. These are the type of pants you can pair with flats for a more casual look or a little heel {like my old clarks.. but not clarks ;) if you get what I'm saying} to dress up. Which MATTER piece is your favorite?!

By the way, I just snagged myself a Fiddle-leaf Fig tree & I'm looking for a little planter home. {this basket is too small} Anyone else have one of these beautiful trees? What do you keep yours in? I'm thinking a big tin bucket.. :D

For the graphic lovers {or those who like a little visual}: If you haven't already seen the beautiful illustration of why MATTER Matters by Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer, you gotta go check it out!! Her story telling is captivating! 

Sustainably Supported by MATTER. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! 

Fall's Eco Bath&Beauty Round-Up

a few Sustainably Chic favorites...

If we care about the clothes we wear, we most certainly should care about the products we use on our body! I'm excited to introduce to you a few new brands & online retailers. The Green Beauty industry has grown a ton since I started blogging a few years ago, and I'm finding new makeup brands and distributors through my favorite outlet, Instagram, everyday! So with each new brand I showcase in this post, make sure to follow their 'gram in order to stay up-to-date with new products & information. :)

1. Modest Planet

I've finally found it!! A razor made of wood!! {okay, the blades aren't, but you get that} I talk a lot about toothbrushes & the importance of choosing a bamboo handle to help eliminate landfill waste. So, why aren't our razors made of something biodegradable, too? I know a lot of us buy reusable handles, but I can't even begin to imagine how many I've lost or left on vacation - and that is a lot of plastic handles sitting around. I don't take the au naturale route either, so if you are like me, it may be time to switch out that handle next time you need a razor. Modest Planet's razors can be switched out with Mach3 blades AND Venus! While at checkout, make sure to add on some bamboo toothbrushes, too. It's probably the easiest sustainable switch you can make :)

Modest Planet is offering 35% off with code MODEST35 - click here to start shopping! 

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2. Lovr

It's like an Etsy for Green Beauty! LOVR is on a mission to bring you the best in natural, organic and sustainably-made skincare goods which help support the independent businesses in the beauty industry. Their ethically curated list has everything from hair products to mommy essentials, make-up to men's grooming - you can basically find anything your heart desires & know the product you're purchasing is from a transparent and honest brand. I've gotten to know a few of the brands within LOVR over the last couple of weeks, and I'm excited to become acquainted with more in the future! We Love Eyes is here to clean eyelids in the healthiest way possible, Kismet is giving me beautiful eyelashes on the daily, d.i.d is the first eco-friendly nail polish I have owned {& I'm super stoked about that!}, and Twinkle Apothecary creates cute plant-based beauty products, including deodorants which work & contain zero chemicals or parabens! 

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3. Orenda

This skincare line is total luxury. If you haven't found the perfect moisturizer yet, look no further - Orenda's Illuminating Face Serum is the one to try! {plus, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - so why not!?} Taking over two years to perfect, this serum is full of the best of the best, like lavender from high elevation in France! All the plant-based ingredients will help in reversing signs of aging and reducing redness and blotchiness. Want to find out more about this wonderful product? Read my post from Tuesday

Be on the lookout for two new products coming soon.. :)

Orenda is offering 20% off until 10/31 with code Chic20 !! 

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{eye palette is from Safe & Chic - another great resource for all your favorite organic make-up brands!!! use code Green10 for 10% off your entire purchase - lipstick by ILIA

What are some of your favorites in eco-beauty this fall?! 

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