Storytelling through Jewelry | A Collection Inspired by Travel

Fernweh Jewelry

Traveling to remote regions to partner with local designers and artisans, women-team Amelia Tonelli and Rachel Widmark are truly bringing us something special for our conscious jewelry boxes. This line is different than most jewelry I show on the blog - it's timeless, creates positive change and most interesting, each piece tells a story of culture and the artisan. With all its beauty, it was quite easy to instantly gravitate towards this brand. Not only did I find the designs and mission unique, I was excited to see Amelia & Rachel went to the same college as me - VCU! This is the wonderful place where they met and bonded over their love of travel and ethical design. Upon graduating, they travelled {of course!} and lived abroad bringing back home tons of memories and little keepsakes acting as their own tiny capsules. The pieces carried small reminders of their journey and a new appreciation for traditional techniques. What's so disheartening {and something I see too often, as well} is the mass-production of mimicked 'ethnic' styles. This didn't sit well with Amelia & Rachel which encouraged them to create a line celebrating the artisans behind the real traditions and work with a modern twist. & lucky for us they did so ;) You can seriously get lost looking at their designs... 

Besides wanting to share stunning traditional crafts with us, Fernweh wanted to give back to the countries they worked with through micro-loans for the local women. For both the Pakistan and the Mexico Collection, 2.5% of sales will be reinvested into these loans. One of the organizations Fernweh has partnered up with is the Kashf Foundation based in Pakistan. It is one of the first women-focused Microfinance Institutions in the country. In the past 16 years, almost 250,000 women have borrowed from this institute to help finance business, as well as seek social justice, improve financial literacy and take business courses. You know how ecstatic I get over women helping women, and I find micro-loans to be one of the most sustainable ways to empower people and alleviate poverty! 

I'm wearing the delicate & lovely Subha Choker made from an adjustable leather chord with a 24K gold painted porcelain pendant. Today's ceramics, in Pakistan, are combining contemporary design with their ancient history of tile making. Fernweh has collaborated with Mahbina Waheed's Clayworks for this collection. She is one of the first female entrepreneurs running a ceramics business in Pakistan. Clayworks merges modern design with traditional Islamic & ethnic patterns. The Subha Choker is incredibly well-made and knowing how much culture is behind its creation gives it so much character. Truly sophisticated! 

Because the Pakistan Collection is SO beautiful, I want to share a couple more of my favorite pieces... {their images look like they were ripped out of a magazine .. obsessed}

 & a few favorites from the Mexico Collection..

Cobalto Studs     |     Monte Albán Cuff     |     Zapoteca Medallion

To go on your own little adventure through the art of Pakistan & Mexico, shop the entire collection - here

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The New Luxe Vegan Handbag Collection Every Conscious Lady Needs


& when I say every conscious lady, I mean it. Filbert is truly making things better when it comes to sustainable fashion. Not only are they taking the planet into consideration, they've figured out exactly what we want in a handbag. Of course, we want to maintain our low carbon footprint, but at the end of the day we want a bag we love to use and look at!  Filbert's mindful luxe handbags are everything we've been waiting for. They are sophisticated, minimalistic and made from non-PVC vegan leather. I've always believed even if the product was kind to animals, if it contained PVC, it wasn't kind to the Earth. No need to worry about this with Filbert! This brand is seriously checking everything off our list. 

It was love at first sight with the Pixley, and is now strapped to my shoulder everyday. This sweet bag comes in two different colors {pebble - pictured & onyx}, and can be used as a crossbody or clutch with its removable strap. You know how much I appreciate versatility, and this bag is perfect for all occasions {crossbody by day - clutch by night ;)}. Since I know most of us love to organize our pocket book, the Pixley has three pockets to do so - two inside, one outside. This bag is incredibly well-made, and one I highly recommend adding to your conscious wardrobe. 

The Filbert collection features 3 other beautiful handbags:

The Baker   |   The Riley   |   The Steiner

Which one is your favorite? Or do you just need them all... I mean, I don't blame you ;)

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It's nice to know what you carry all day is helping create a better place for us all <3 


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Fresh, Clean Makeup for Spring | Radiant Beauty Collection


staying young means aging well

There's nothing quite like a new spring color palette to freshen your makeup routine. This is the first time I have ever tried GABRIEL and I am in love! Green beauty is going to make conventional beauty obsolete soon because of brands like this. GABRIEL is a vegan, gluten-free natural beauty brand, and they have just launched their new spring collection Radiant Beauty. This collection features 5 new nail colors, 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and a lipstick. Aren't the colors screaming Spring!? 

The Aura Palette has soft eyeshadow tones of blue, green, beige and grey that glide on soft and easy. A little goes a long way, and you don't need a lot for the colors to show up on your skin. The Horizon, a shimmery pale green blue, is my favorite and if you have light eyes {like me} it really gives you a little pop. The Harmony blush is the brightest blush I own, and the only one I will let myself wear this Spring. It's gorgeous!

The Illusion Lipstick is a fresh, nude shade full of nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe. This combination makes for moisturized lips with no chapping! Their lipstick has definitely sold me on wanting to try more colors in the future. 

Now for the nails - something I am trying to be more conscious of these days. I do so much photography, and having nice nails is a must. These tropical colors are going to be so fun for the warmer months ahead. I only own one other 'eco' nail color, so I'm excited my little collection has grown. The Tropical Cool is a limited edition collection so get it fast! Each polish is '5 free' meaning they are free of: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Camphor & Phthalate. 

Also, I wanted to mention how my much skin likes their products. I haven't had any break outs while using GABRIEL {can't say this for every green beauty brand I've tried so woo hoo!} :D 

Ready to freshen up your cosmetic bag? 

Find the entire Radiant Beauty collection - here

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Sustainable Resortwear Full of Color & Culture


A social brand supporting artisans and street children in Jaipur, Baliza's collection is inspired by the oceans of Bali & Ibiza. Each piece of clothing is ethically handmade with love by artisans living in Jaipur and Bali. Something which really stood out to me {besides the gorgeous colors and designs} was their mission. I'm always talking about how we should value the piece of clothing and the person behind the work. Baliza's mission is to inspire us to feel this way when wearing one of their designs, and realizing the positive impact you have made in that particular artisan's life.


About 90% of their collections are produced at Ladli, the vocational centre of the NGO I-India in Jaipur, and the other 10% are made by a small family atelier in Bali. This atelier is a strong support system for their local community. I-India, a registered Indian charity, provides daily opportunity through education, accommodation, food, vocational training and counseling for over 3,000 street children. Ladli is one of their Social Enterprise projects, and holds true to ancient clothing techniques while supporting around 300 artisan families. These artisans participate in craft & skills training programs, develop business & leadership skills and receive financial support to start or improve income. They even have special Self-Help-Groups dedicated to women empowerment. Their training and working environment is safe, relaxed and fun, and all workers are paid a fair wage with an added support for education, medical assistance and improved living standards. I-India takes the holistic approach - one I agree makes for a sustainable industry and future! 

Can you believe it takes up to 8 weeks to create a hand printed embroidered Baliza kaftan? That's a lot of labor of love right there! Each Baliza piece takes hours and serious attention to detail to create. I love when my garment has history behind it, and knowing it is supporting the continuation of an ancient art makes it that much better. I think Gema, the founder of Baliza, and I have similar respect and appreciation for these traditional techniques. After she met the team at Ladli she became instantly inspired to create a brand to help support their mission. 

I'm wearing the Legian Kaftan handmade in Ladhi from 100% eyelet cotton with gorgeous beading and sequins. This piece is made to be on the beach!! I'm already envisioning my entire summer in it ;) It's one of those designs you can wear throughout the day and add some heels to go out at night. Who else is ready to take this beauty on their next vacation?!

This gallery shows the process of creating this kaftan. Photos by: Anugam Goswami and Mukul Bathia

See below for some more of my favorites...

To shop Baliza's entire collection, click here. & parents, you can even dress your kiddos!

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From Flock to Fashion | Sustainable Merino Scarves


You've heard of farm to table, but farm to closet is what Sustainably Chic is always after. Transparency from the very very beginning is key to building a sustainable wardrobe. We want to know who's behind the clothing we wear everyday. LoveMerino is giving us that honest, slow fashion approach us conscious ladies are looking for. This responsible fashion brand uses the finest Merino wool which comes directly from their own farm in Wellington, NSW, Australia. Glenwood farm has been in their family since 1898 - that's five generations of farmers {click here to meet the Smiths}! They believe in a holistic system of sustainable land management which {of course} includes the ethical treatment of their animals. By having total control over production and materials used, LoveMerino is able to offer us a quality garment we can appreciate for many years while keeping their carbon footprint low. 

In today's fashion industry, it's quite difficult to find the brands who truly embody the concept of sustainability. I feel as if I am always trying to explain the definition while leaving room for subjectivity. This concept is one which should be applied to everything in your life, and the main goal is to be conscious about future generations. It's interesting to watch a family of farmers uphold this concept because their future generations within the business are so personal. The Smith's say, "Glenwood is not just a farming business but a way of life - we aim to achieve a harmonious balance between the landscape, animals, business and our family." & this hits sustainability right on the spot! What is so wonderful about working with merino sheep is the regeneration of land. Glenwood has seen the re-emergence of several native grasses which were thought to be extinct. These sheep are able to mimic nature allowing the environment to thrive. This is a perfect example of how fashion and animals can coexist in harmony. 

So what makes this merino wool special {besides the obvious sustainable farming}?

After a few decades of research and development, Glenwood has created one of the most exceptional merino wools on the market. This particular fiber is non-itchy {yeah, I'm serious!} and very soft. It takes dye easy, and it's what they call an 'active' fiber meaning it works with your body temperature keeping you cool or warm depending on the season. Pretty amazing, right?! And because I hate ironing, I love that it has a natural resistance to wrinkles. Overall, this fiber is something amazing and creates such elegant scarves!! 

I'm wearing the Glenwood Summer Scarf in Plum/Natural. LoveMerino works with limited edition designers to create these beautiful prints and colors. The Glenwood Scarf is made in collaboration with Manuela Strano, an up-and-coming Australian designer. She is a graphic designer, and works in many different artistic fields including branding, packaging, letterpress and watercolors. I was instantly drawn to her botanical design that features roses and vines found at the homestead garden at Glenwood Farm. This scarf is extremely soft, and easy to pair with your existing wardrobe. Plus, it comes in several different colors - the sky blue is gorgeous!! 

Because the site is full of beauties, I thought I'd share some more of my favorites below:

Moonphase Scarf | Dip Dyed Scarf | Paper Daisy Scarf

Which ones are you loving?! 

To become a part of the 'flock to fashion' movement, shop their entire collection here. Don't forget to get social and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

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