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sustainable fashion: 

Jacquelyn Tencel Bell Sleeve Top,   EcoVibe    $68   

Jacquelyn Tencel Bell Sleeve Top, EcoVibe $68


Tola Legend,   Olori    $165  {use code  SUSTAINABLYCHIC  for 10% off}   

Tola Legend, Olori $165

{use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 10% off}


Bloom Choker,   Chic Made Consciously  $48   

Bloom Choker, Chic Made Consciously $48


Paper Wool Scarf,   Sassind  $47   

Paper Wool Scarf, Sassind $47


Cybill Wrap,   Yala Designs    $128  *use code  YALACHIC18  for 20% off*

Cybill Wrap, Yala Designs $128

*use code YALACHIC18 for 20% off*

Gobi II Wild Hide,   Vivo Barefoot  $160   

Gobi II Wild Hide, Vivo Barefoot $160



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Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a few bell sleeved tops, and I really like it! It’s giving off serious 70s vibes so when I saw EcoVibe came out with a button down made of Tencel in this style, I was like ‘YES, PLEASE!’. As you may know, Tencel is one of my most favorite fabrics. It is made from the eucalyptus wood fiber in a closed loop system with organic solvents. The touch is incredibly soft, and it wears well over time. I knew I would love the Jacquelyn Bell Sleeve Top before it even came in, and best part - I’ve been able to get in quite a few wears before this belly gets too big! {p.s. it comes in a gorgeous Rustic Rose color, as well} I’m sure you have seen EcoVibe on my site before, but if you are unfamiliar, they are a boutique {brick and mortar located in Portland, Oregon} and online shop that carries several thoughtful brands and their own private label, as well.




Olori -

A handbag empowering women may just be the most perfect fit for this month. With International Women’s Day just around the corner, I’m all for showcasing fashion that empowers! Olori is the word for Queen in the Yoruba language {spoken in West Africa}, which symbolizes the inherent worth & power within every girl. All of Olori’s handbags are made by artisans and women-owned businesses in Nigeria, AND each bag pays one month of tuition fees for an underprivileged girl in Africa. It truly doesn’t get more women-focused than this!! The Tola handbag comes in 4 different colors, one being the Legend I have featured here. It’s probably made up of one of my favorite color combinations - navy, burgundy and tan! That combo can go with so much making this bag very practical for my wardrobe. It’s spacious enough for an iPhone+, wallet and other daily essentials. There is an internal pocket for better organizing, a magnetic closure, a pocket on the outside and you can also easily adjust the straps to your height. The leather is veggie-tanned, and the flap is referred to as Aso-oke {meaning ‘top-cloth’ in English}, a traditional textile from Nigeria used in weddings and ceremonies by the Yoruba people. Such a chic bag with so much depth and culture behind it!! BEAUTIFUL :)


*use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 10% off*


Chic Made Consciously

A very cool {& chic} upcycling brand, Chic Made Consciously is taking old tires and creating jewelry & accessories for the eco-conscious woman. Cassandra Ciarallo, the creator, envisioned a world without fast fashion and put her passion into action in 2015. During her travels in 2014, she visited Bali and instantly felt connected to the people and the artisans. She decided to collaborate with them, and bring their talents to new markets. Each Chic Made Consciously piece is handmade and preserves the Indonesian culture of art and craftsmanship. They believe in transparency, and of course, great looking accessories! 


green beauty:

Illuminating Eye Concentrate,     Orenda Skincare  $68  {use code  Sustainably25  for 25% off through 4/28/18} 

Illuminating Eye Concentrate, Orenda Skincare $68

{use code Sustainably25 for 25% off through 4/28/18} 

Thai Chamanard Body Lotion ,  Banyan Tree  $33   

Thai Chamanard Body Lotion, Banyan Tree $33


Organic Soapberry Body Wash ,  Tree to Tub  $28

Organic Soapberry Body Wash, Tree to Tub $28

Brow Pomade ,  Plume Science  $38  {use code  SUSTAINABLYCHIC  for 15% off your purchase - code  SUSTAINABLYCHICCAD  for Canadian residents}

Brow Pomade, Plume Science $38

{use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 15% off your purchase - code SUSTAINABLYCHICCAD for Canadian residents}


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Orenda Skin Care -

I’m sure you may remember this beautiful, natural skincare line from previous posts {or you use it yourself!}. Orenda Skin Care has a 100% Happiness Guarantee with all of their non-toxic, cruelty-free products so you can feel confident when trying them out for the first time. I use their Vitamin C wash every day, as well as their Illuminating Eye Concentrate you see here. I wake up with extremely ‘tired’ eyes, and put this on first thing in the morning before anything else. It’s a great way to restore moisture and gives you hydration for a less puffy under eye. Bye-bye, sleepy eyes!

*use code Sustainably25 for 25% off through 4/28/18*

eco home:

ODGER Chair,   IKEA  $75   

ODGER Chair, IKEA $75


Cozy Box,   GlobeIn  $60

Cozy Box, GlobeIn $60

Whirly Wanda Lightbulb,   Plumen  $23

Whirly Wanda Lightbulb, Plumen $23