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sustainable fashion: 

Hemp Hipsters,   Wama Underwear  $20  {20% off with code  SUSTAINABLYCHIC20  through 4/30/18}

Hemp Hipsters, Wama Underwear $20

{20% off with code SUSTAINABLYCHIC20 through 4/30/18}

Ocean Breeze Pouch,     Samui Bags  $32   

Ocean Breeze Pouch, Samui Bags $32


Simma Tote - Black Piñatex®  ,   Svala  $295   

Simma Tote - Black Piñatex®, Svala $295


Frame Poncho,   Christa Louise  $195  {use code  SUSTAINABLYCHIC  for 10% off through 4/26}   

Frame Poncho, Christa Louise $195

{use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 10% off through 4/26}


The Fiesta Dress  ,   Milo + Nicki    $189   

The Fiesta Dress, Milo + Nicki $189


Button Collar Poplin Shirt,   Cosmos Studio    $80  {use code  chic15  for 15% off}   

Button Collar Poplin Shirt, Cosmos Studio $80

{use code chic15 for 15% off}


The Maya,   Veerah  $328   

The Maya, Veerah $328


Cotton Jersey Jumpsuit,   Sassind  $64   

Cotton Jersey Jumpsuit, Sassind $64



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When I first heard of pineapple fabric coming into the market, I couldn’t believe it. Pineapples!? That’s incredible. Such an amazing way to use our resources fully, and give people alternatives to animal leather. What was most surprising to me was the quality of the material. My Simma Tote from Svala is extremely durable, and I have a feeling it is going to wear very well over the years. The texture is interesting and adds a bit of character, and is naturally water resistant. I’ve been using this tote everyday for the past couple weeks, and it holds absolutely everything I need in a day - even my 13” Mac. Also, there is an interior pocket perfect for the size of an iPhone Plus. So let’s talk about the pineapples… Piñatex® uses the pineapple leaf fiber gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. This is the byproduct of the pineapple harvest so essentially it’s a zero waste initiative! There is absolutely no extra land, water, fertilizer or pesticides to produce this raw material. Besides the tote having a sustainable exterior, the interior also is keeping its carbon footprint low. The lining is made with recycled polyester {plastic bottles} and organic cotton! A little bit about Svala… The brand was created by Helga Douglas, and started with lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear. They recently branched out to handbags with each of them being made with animal leather alternatives like Piñatex® and cork. Every design is ethically manufactured locally in LA, and each purchase has 10% of profits going directly towards various charities and organizations.



Christa Louise 

As you probably know, I’m obsessed with textiles. They can be complete works of art, and incredibly special to own. That’s how I feel with this Christa Louise poncho. The use of color and texture is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I’ve always thought felting was an interesting art form, but the village women in Mexico who are creating these pieces for Christa Louise have taken it to a whole new level for me. This nuno {fabric} felting is an art of fusion. It is all done by hand, and is completely natural. They use only soap and water to create beautiful swirls of color, and each piece will be completely unique. You are literally wearing a piece of art! I feel as if there are a handful of amazing crafts going extinct, so to see felting in the sustainable fashion world gives me a lot of hope for a future of unique textiles. The Frame Poncho is made from a sheer silk chiffon with ultra-fine merino wool trimmed edges. You can find it in 13 different colors, but the black/petrol shimmer is my absolute favorite. I love rich teals, and it fits beautifully into my closet. Wish you could see it up close and personal ;)


*use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 10% off through 4/26*



Milo + Nicki

A slow fashion, cruelty-free line that mixes and matches so seamlessly, Milo+Nicki is sure to bring your closet a conscious splash of color. Their fabric is handwoven in India all under fair practices and transparency. In the newest collection, The Bandhani, their fabric of choice is banana fiber which is biodegradable, sustainable, ethical, fair-trade, vegan, cruelty-free, and all handmade, hand-tied, & hand-dyed with plant-based indigo and madder root. Wow - say that 10x fast :D This new collection is known as the ‘ultimate vacay capsule’, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m wearing the beautiful Fiesta Dress in Indigo. With its easily adjustable drawstring bodice, I can’t think of a more perfect dress to wear when I start breastfeeding in a few months. So practical!! It also comes with pockets lined with GOTS organic cotton. The dye is none other than plain indigo, and like all of their pieces, it is hand-dyed {so each piece is unique!}. You can find this dress in a sweet rust color with embroidered polka dots, too! I feel like I may have a week or two left to wear this piece, and then it will be waiting for me post baby.

green beauty:

Creme Concealer,   au Naturale    $26   

Creme Concealer, au Naturale $26


Organic Baked Foundation ,  Antonym  $38

Organic Baked Foundation, Antonym $38

All-Glowing Highlighter,   au Naturale    $35   

All-Glowing Highlighter, au Naturale $35


Natural Eye Pencil ,  Antonym  $19

Natural Eye Pencil, Antonym $19

Matte Lip Stain ,     au Naturale    $25   

Matte Lip Stain au Naturale $25


Kabuki Brush ,  Antonym  $26

Kabuki Brush, Antonym $26

Whipped Body Butter ,  Olga's Organics  $34   

Whipped Body Butter, Olga's Organics $34


Soapberry Bag ,  Tree to Tub  $10

Soapberry Bag, Tree to Tub $10

eco home:

Sumangali Pillow ,  Soluna Collective  $40+   

Sumangali Pillow, Soluna Collective $40+


Tax Services,  Free Federal

Tax Services, Free Federal

The Change Water Bottle ,  Yuhme  $40  {use code  chic15  for 15% off}

The Change Water Bottle, Yuhme $40

{use code chic15 for 15% off}

Love Box ,  GlobeIn  $60

Love Box, GlobeIn $60


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Soluna Collective - 

While my blog may be full of fashion lines and how they are creating sustainable livelihoods for artisans all over the world, I feel as if I’m lacking in the home decor department. There just really isn't as many brands that come to mind when I think of ethical home goods. Needless to say, it’s been absolutely wonderful to meet brands like Soluna Collective {especially with my love of textiles}. This eco & ethical design company is creating accent pillows that are sure to bring so much joy and life into your space. They don’t just take a few attributes to producing and slap a couple of conscious labels on there - they have really spent their time from start to finish in making the most transparent and fair product possible. The organic cotton & sustainably-raised wool is dyed with natural & low impact dyes {all GOTS certified, as well}. They use lyocell thread, recyclable & biodegradable zipples, and one of my absolute favorites, kapok stuffing which is 100% biodegradable & soft as can be. The Khadi {hand spun and woven fabric} used in the designs supply several jobs & have zero-carbon footprint. Even the packaging & labels are eco-friendly. Besides their great deal of attention to eco design, Soluna Collective’s mission is to empower the artisan.



Over the past year, my Yuhme water bottle has gone everywhere with me. On trips overseas, to pure barre, to walks around the neighborhood - it was like I would never leave the house without it. I was so excited to receive their newest Polar Bear water bottle to add to my collection! Yuhme has teamed up with Perfect World Foundation {an NGO aiming to preserve animal and nature preservation and conservation} & Charlotte Olsson {the artist behind the sweet polar bear} to create this limited edition water bottle. As you may remember seeing in previous blog posts, Yuhme gives 6 months of clean water to the community Bayaka Pygmies in the Central African Republic. With this particular bottle, they will be matching those donations to the Perfect World Foundation! And how cool is it that it’s made from sustainably-sourced sugarcane? The bottles are also BPA free & toxin free, 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe & fit within standard cup holders. Truly one of the most conscious water bottles out there!

*use code chic15 for 15% off*

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It’s that time of year again! Yes, that’s right - tax season is upon us, and I have the BEST way for you to file your tax return. The last few years, I have been using because their system is incredibly easy to use, and for every tax return filed, they donate $2 to clean water projects through Healing Waters International. This wonderful organization creates sustainable projects in developing nations to bring community members safe drinking water. A little bit more about … they are headquartered in Franklin, NC, and have been creating professional-grade income tax software since 1977. They develop DIY and professional tax software to make filing taxes simple using either your phone or desktop. An interview helps guide you through your taxes and return, and federal data transfers to your state return, saving you time. Plus, refunds come quick and all data is securely saved for next year’s taxes. I don’t even dread having to do my taxes with this type of platform!