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Fair Fall Essential: Eco Straw & Kitchen Swaps

with Natural Home Brands

Something about me, I’m not an all or nothing type of person. Especially when it comes to this blog, I like to give viewers an array of options that will work with all differently types of lifestyles. While plastic straws are out for me, I want to make sure I cover all the alternatives so we can still use straws {because some drinks are just better with them, right?!}. I use my Natural Home Brands glass straw almost everyday, but I know having 100 glass straws for an event just doesn’t work for most people. You end up going back to purchasing a big box of plastics straws. However, you have options! These green straws may look dangerous for our planet, but they are actually 100% compostable!! If you are able to compost, I think these will be perfect for your next party. Another item I’m finding super handy in the kitchen are their silicone stretch lids. You can forget the tin foil and plastic wrap, and reach over for one of these guys! & can you believe those little bowls are made from bamboo? You can read a lot more info about Natural Home Brands in my post from earlier this year.

Click the link to shop the glass straw, compostable straws and bowls

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