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Empowering Yourself Through Self-Care | Why a Good Skin Care Routine is Important for this Busy Gal

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green skincare

with banyan tree essentials

In spirit of International Women’s Day, I felt it appropriate to share with you a bit of my current self-care routine since I’ve always believed in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. I don’t know about you, but I notice a huge difference in my attitude and energy when I take a few extra moments to myself everyday. For me, those extra moments always entail a great skin-care routine. Being that skin is the largest organ of the body, I’m very careful with what I put on it. After all, it’s tough to have a productive day if you have those little annoyances of break outs, itches and overall discomfort. Clear skin has also given me confidence, and when you have meetings, photo shoots and a platform in front of thousands of people, it’s nice to not have any skin worries.  

Why I Love Banyan Tree

Skin Care that Works: To say I’m impressed is an understatement - I’m actually genuinely obsessed. Their Day Cream & Night Cream I added into my routine a few weeks ago, and my skin has shown noticeable improvement. Not that I had a ton of concern to begin with because I try to take good care of my skin inside-out, but usual little blemishes I had have come to a halt. Most importantly though, my skin is softer than it has ever been before. I owe it all to these creams! 

The Scents: I have yet to use a Banyan Tree product that doesn’t take me mentally from home to spa in an instant. From their essential oil sets to their Jasmine skin care line, each product has an incredible scent. 

Economic Opportunity: With each amazing scent comes a story. Banyan Tree works with artisan communities around the world to create their products. In their Pride of Craft book, you can learn more about the makers behind the collections. 

Commitment to Sustainability & Health: Banyan Tree products are cruelty-free, free of parabens and are made with responsibly-sourced materials.

 My Daily Routine with Banyan Tree

Mid-Morning Routine

1. Thai Chamanard Shower Gel: I’m a morning shower person, and I like waking my skin up to great scents and lots of moisturizer. This shower gel is great for gentle removing of built-up dirt and oils, and the Vitamin B5 helps relieve your skin of inflammation while stimulating cell regeneration. A great whole body pick me up for your morning! 

2. Thai Chamanard Body Lotion: Another product to jump start my day is this lotion - especially with being pregnant, I am constantly moisturizing. The body lotion works much like their day cream {which I'm excited to get to next} in that the hyaluronic acid restores your body’s natural compounds to help treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The cogon grass root extract is a wonderful source of potassium, as well.

3. Jasmine Rice Day Cream: Like I mentioned before, their creams are worth every penny. I highly recommend you add them into your own self-care routine. The ingredients jasmine rice ferment filtrate and acacia gum work together to tighten skin and increase resilience to wrinkles. I put this on every day before my makeup, and my skin feels instantly softer. 

End-of-Day Routine

1. Jasmine Rice Facial Foaming Wash: Time to wash that long day off your face, and I can totally see how this foaming wash won a Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Award for Best Brightening Cleanser. By using this every night, your skin will become brighter and softer each day because of the combination of jasmine rice germane filtrate {slows down signs of aging} & sodium PCA {moisturizes skin from within}. 

2. Jasmine Rice Facial Toner: After using the foaming wash, this toner helps trap in all the moisture and stimulates new cell growth. It’s been years since I’ve used a toner, and I’ve been missing out! 

3. Jasmine Rice Night Cream: Right before I go to bed, I finish the day off with this amazing night cream. And like what I said about the day cream, I think everyone needs to add this into their routine ASAP. It’s a cream I’ve recommended to my family and friends because it has been difficult for me in the past to find one I’ve been 100% set on. This is a winner! 


Where to Purchase

You can find this entire collection in their online shop - here -

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The Natural Makeup Remover | Cruelty-free, Non-toxic & SO Worth Trying

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We Love Eyes

I first found this natural beauty brand over a year ago. Since then, I haven't found any eye makeup remover that works just as well. It's truly an awesome product! And the best part, it's made by an Optometrist {so naturally, they know what's best for those sensitive eyes of yours!}. Dr. Tanya Gill is the founder & CEO of We Love Eyes, and she started this line to combat a problem. As an optometrist, she noticed several patients with chronically uncomfortable contact lens wear and red, dry eyes. Gill thought it it must have something to do with the makeup and removers they were using. After noticing there were zero non-toxic makeup remover options on the market, she went to work. With her chemistry background and kitchen lab, We Love Eyes was born. 


The eye cleaning routine...

I first start off with the Tea Tree Eye Makeup Remover Oil. Ever since I started wearing makeup, my mom has always said, 'don't go to bed with your eye makeup on'. I was guilty of that a lot. It was hard to fully take off ever bit of black eyeliner and mascara. I probably needed this YEARS ago to get the job done right. It's even great for the waterproof stuff, too. The remover is gentle, and made with only three ingredients - Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil & Tea Tree Leaf Oil! 

Next, I use the Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser to wash away dirt, allergens and makeup residue. The formula is just as gentle as the remover oil, and helps rid itchy eyes, red eyes, tired eyes, computer eyestrain symptoms, morning eye crusties & pink eye symptoms. Wear contacts? It even helps improve contact lens comfort! 

What a duo ;) & you can find them both - here

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Something to Smile About | Dentist-Developed, Natural Vegan Toothpaste

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with my 

Okay, this is the real deal! A natural toothpaste that tastes so good, you want to brush your teeth {yeah, even the kiddos will like this one!}. Christina Min is a US trained dentist, and has a passion for giving back. This is most definitely not your average toothpaste. The planet, your teeth & those in need have all been considered in these tubes! 

Why I Love WITH MY 

1. It's safe. WITH MY toothpaste is made from 26 natural ingredients - all of them being EWG Verified, Cruelty-Free & Vegan. Did you know if toothpaste is 'fluoride-free' it is considered a cosmetic, and has absolutely no regulation on what is put into its ingredients?! How can you trust the toothpaste on the shelves after hearing that... amiright?! They've also gone under rigirous testing, and have been approved by the Korean Food & Drug Administration. 

2. It has a purpose. WITH MY isn't just about being a safe alternative to toothpaste, every purchase of a tube gives back. Everytime you buy from WITH MY you are helping build a Kindergarten in rural Cambodia. 1 Toothpaste = 10 Bricks & 40,000 can build a Kindergarten! Why Cambodia, you may be wondering? After the Khmer Rouge Regime, an entire generation of Cambodian children were illiterate. In the 1970s, about 90% of teachers were killed. Therefore, education is greatly needed to this day, and we can help support brighter futures for their children.

3. It tastes good & works well. You aren't left with gritty teeth, bad breath or an overwhelming taste in your mouth. Through and through - this is a great toothpaste for those pearly whites!! 

4. It's pretty inside and out. Because you know I love a good looking beauty product, but more important is its environmental impact. WITH MY only uses eco-friendly packaging that is either recycled or Forest Stewardship Council certified. 

What I'm Using

Spearmint Flavored: Definitely my favorite, and makes your mouth feel so refreshed and clean. I've always been more of a spearmint fan than a peppermint so this one has hit the jackpot for me! 

Lemonade Flavored: If you have more of a sweet tooth, this is for you! While it's super subtle, you know it's inspired by a cool cup of summer lemonade. Wishing I had this growing up instead of bubblegum flavor. It runs circles around it! If you have children, I would definitely consider getting this flavor. 

Where to Buy

WITH MY has 15 days left on their Indiegogo campaign. To back this great project click here

Happy smiles, everyone! 

More Dry, Less Frizz & Damage-Free | These Organic Cotton Towels Are Your Wet Hair's Go-To

BeautyNatalie Kay

Lakeshore Dry Goods

Ever since I was a little girl, I've used a towel to dry my hair. It's the first thing I do before stepping out of the shower. With long hair, you kind of have to. Otherwise, your wet hair gets in the way of drying off properly. Until now, I've always had a cotton terry towel for this. Just your normal bathroom towel. As of this month, I'm officially done with that. The Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towel from Lakeshore Dry Goods is exactly what my hair has always needed. To say I'm excited to find this is an understatement, I'm ecstatic - such a practical creation - one you scratch your head and think, "why didn't I come up with this?!'. Pam beat us to the punch one sunny summer day at the beach. She had read a beauty tip in a magazine telling her to use a soft cotton t-shirt towel to dry her hair. Sitting and listing to the waves, a new business venture idea was born. 

Why I Love The Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towel

1. It's practical. Especially living by the ocean and a pool, I spend a lot of days with wet hair. Having one of these towels has cut my dry time in half. I use one every time I wash my hair, as well. Seriously - one of my beauty musts!!! 

2. The material. Each towel is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton {with low impact dyes}, and is incredibly lightweight & soft. It's a t-shirt type fabric with great stretch retention, too. Plus, they are made right in the US {Detroit}! 

3. The prints. Okay, how cute are those flamingos? I mean, really.. I love a fun animal print, and this one screams my home state of Florida. There's even a pretty floral one, too. That's next on my list... 

My Favorite Prints

I keep the Polka Dot print in my bathroom, and the Flamingo at my grandparent's place {that's where the refreshing pool and beach reside}. I think going for 2-3 prints is most convenient if you are a busy-body like me. Shower, pool, gym - repeat :D

Where to Buy

Shop all prints & patterns of Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towels at Lakeshore Dry Goods

& don't forget to stay up-to-date on Instagram

One of Pam's favorite parts about owning this business is getting to pick out new fabrics and threads so we can't wait to see what she has in store!! 

Have an easy, breezy time drying off at the beach or pool or shower or gym or you get the point ;)

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#periodpositivity | Be Kind to the Planet & Your Body with hannahpads

BeautyNatalie Kay

& their Certified Organic Cotton Cloth Pads

It's a topic I feel we don't touch up on enough, but the way you decide to handle that time of month can have a negative or a positive impact on you and the environment. Whether it be the cup, tampons or pads, I know we all have our preference and some of us {myself included} will dabble in all three depending on the day. However, there is one option I find to be the healthiest for my body, as well as less wasteful than its alternatives - & that's the pad. While I typically go with organic tampons & cups when I'm out and about, pads are my go-to at home and the days I have more control over {obviously not spending my beach days in one!}. I've had numerous women over the year tell me how they prefer to use pads, but the conventional ones you usually find at your local grocery store are full of chemicals and additives. Luckily, hannahpads wants to treat your most sensitive area right so they only use organic cotton! Plus, their prints are super cute. It's almost exciting to use them...

Important to note: As someone who lives with a blood disorder, I've always been told by doctors to use pads in order to lessen bleeding. I notice a difference in flow depending on what I use so I always found this to be good advice! Just in case you wanted some, too :D

Okay, so we know organic cloth pads are the most natural way to deal with bleeding. Now what about the environmental aspect? They say women use up to 16,000 pads & tampons throughout her entire life. Disposable items take a crazy amount of resources to create, and most of them are even individually wrapped. That's a ton of waste we can avoid. With hannahpads, your organic cloth pads last you years and then they biodegrade. Not to mention, you are saving thousands of dollars by switching to reusable cloth. 

hannahpads are unbleached, undyed & chemical-free organic cotton. Instead of a PUL layer, they use a special waterproof coating to allow air to flow through more freely which is recommended by Greenpeace. 

Now, we all have different bodies and flows so hannahpads has us covered. You can choose from 6 different sizes {pantyliners, small, medium, overnight, ultra overnight & super ultra overnight}, and you can buy them in singles, multiples or sets. They even have a few extras you shouldn't leave your cart without. Their Probiotic Soap is full of effective microorganisms working to clear the pad of unwanted bacteria. The sweet Pouch is made to keep all of your hannahpads together, and they even have a Hanger to make drying easier. 

Besides the beautiful patterns, I love hannahpads because they work - they are comfortable, leak-proof AND eco-conscious. What more do we want on our periods? {I guess some good snacks :P}

To shop their entire collection, click here. 

If you live in Canada, click here.

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