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Fair OOTD | Weekend Wheels

OutfitsNatalie Kay

It’s been a while since I’ve taken my beach cruiser out of storage. My pregnant and postpartum body has needed a little break from biking, but I think I will be able to get back into the swing of things in the next month. For now, it’s long jogs {okay, fast walking} on the beach with my amazing Speed Stroller and some great fitness wear perfect for Florida weather. 

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Barbara Essential Multi-Sport Tech Capri, Perspective Fitwear $100
Not only are these the most comfortable workout pants I own, they also come equipped with SPF 50+, a back pocket AND extra seat padding for when I take my bike back out. I love how the Barbara Essentials come up around my waist to support, yet, flatter my post-baby figure. They are made right here in the USA with a signature fabric that has a four-way stretch for ultimate comfort. The COOLMAX® fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, fast drying and feels like butter. Unlike other fabric used for fitness wear, this kind is biodegradable. The average pair of work out pants will take about 200 years to decompose, while this one takes 3-4 years. Now, that’s something we can all jump up and down about! *bonus points for new mamas: the bike padding can help with that postpartum leaking*

Neven Low Sneakers, Yatay $222

Speed Stroller, Bumbleride $569


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Fair OOTD | Digital Girl

OutfitsNatalie Kay

If any dress can get you more questions of ‘WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!’ - it’d be this one! Every time I’ve stepped foot out of the house in this sweet number, the Mario-inspired pockets have grabbed everyone’s attention. & bonus points - it’s also been a great piece for breastfeeding with the front buttons.  

Shop the look:

Mustard Flower Pocket Dress, IKKIVI by Yogi $97
Probably the cutest dress I own, this IKKIVI piece {by designer Yogi} is made from handwoven organically dyed cotton. The pixel lotus motifs {from your favorite 90s Mario} are hand embroidered, and the most unique touch to this quarter-sleeve-button-down-shift-like design. Quality is seen through and through, and you know the hands that created the fabric have been doing so for a long time. The Yogi focuses their sustainable collection around the revival of raw fiber and indigenous textiles. Their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, ‘Life in Technicolor’ contrasts 90s, 8-bit pixelated video games with natural cotton and old weaving techniques. It’s the coolest balance to see the local and digital world combined.

IKKIVI is a curated online clothing store dedicated to slow fashion and Indian designers. See all the collections, here.


{sandals for day}

Double Strapped Sandal in Green, October Jaipur $66

{boots for rain}

Minimalist Olive Ankle Boot, Alice + Whittles $96


This Fair OOTD has certainly made me want to take out my Mario Kart again :P How about you?

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Fair OOTD | Back to the Grind

OutfitsNatalie Kay

The Only Way I Know How to Celebrate Labor Day.. Working ;)

Summer is leaving, and the hustle & bustle of getting back to school and work is underway. This season transition is always a pretty hectic one for me. I’ve already, at this point, started my holiday content and am well into working my 2019 schedule. Everyone is back from their vacations so my short summer work days are at an end. Luckily, it’s the perfect weather for sitting outdoors and working. All I need is some comfy clothes and some water nearby and I’m all set for a productive day! {oh & a babysitter…}

Shop the Look:

>ful™ bottle, FluidStance $24.99
I am loving the vintage milk bottle style of the >ful. This water bottle is made right in the USA from non-toxic glass. For every purchase, 1% will go to First Descents, a non-profit giving free outdoor adventure experience trips to young adults who are fighting cancer. The >flu’s sleek look is great for the office {no matter where it might be}, and, as always, "we eliminate the need for plastic water bottles, which are the scourge of the environment" - Gabe, The Office. By the way, how cool is the wood print? It’s actually printed fabric produced in the USA, and can be found in three different colors - Blue Ash, Timber & Driftwood {pictured here}. Being the beach body that I am, I couldn't resist the Driftwood!

iPhone Case, PelaCase $39

Hygge Robe, JJWinks $110

Dress, LA Relaxed use code CHIC25 for 25% off

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Fair OOTD | A Mama & Baby Look

OutfitsNatalie Kay

It might sound silly, but I do try to coordinate mine and Elliott’s outfits most days. We don’t have many similar pieces, but if I can get us in the same colors {along with some contrasting like the blue and pink here} then I’m happy with that. After I get him all dressed up, I have to take some photos, right?! He is somewhat unenthused as I skip with him gleefully in my arms to the beach to snap some shots. Maybe one day he will have as much fun as me?! Or, I’ll just hear, ‘why mom? can’t I just go and play in the water?’. I’ll keep you posted ;) 

Shop the Look:

{for mama}

Koa Kimono, Arraei Collective $195
Arraei Collective is using natural fibers to create effortless sustainable clothing fit for a minimalist closet. The designs can easily be added into your existing wardrobe - and I’d start with this kimono! The Koa can be found in a 100% hemp natural beige or this beautiful autumn digital print on 100% linen with both fabrics being OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified. What I really like about this piece is its versatility. The kimono looks great closed for a more tailored look, or open for a more relaxed feel. Arraei goes full circle when it comes to sustainability - packaging is eco-friendly, paper is recycled, hemp twine for hang tags, cotton labels, certified & organic fabrics, digital printed on linen instead of regular dye processes, hemp fabrics are un-dyed & unaltered, fair trade, and always made in Vancouver to support local business with the sustainable circular economy in mind! 

Silk Camisole in Blush, Sassind $66

Morgan Sandals in Licorice, Oka-B $40

{for baby}

Grey Stripes Suspender Crop Pants, Mini-Cycle $28
How cute are these?! I think one of my favorite ways to dress up Elliott is in overalls and suspenders. He just looks so sweet and put together, while being rather comfy! Mini-Cycle is a super cool concept for us parents because we all know how quickly our little ones grow out of clothing. I mean, it’s ridiculous how fast! This site allows you to purchase from conscious, quality baby & kid brands {from newborn to 8 years}, and then sell it back after they can no longer fit into it.

How the Mini-Cycle concept works: First, you pre-cycle and buy from them a new or used garment, then you mid-cycle and trade in the clothes you purchased before to get paid, and last they re-cycle by washing, repairing and repurposing to sell to other parents.  Mini-cycle has officially created a closed-loop cycle for 'mini' fashion!


Sustainably Supported by Arraei Collective & Mini-Cycle. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

Fair OOTD | One Dress, Multiple Ways

OutfitsNatalie Kay

I love when I’m able to take one garment, but dress it up in multiple ways, and continue wearing it season to season. This dress from Visantine Collective is the perfect example of a versatile garment. 

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Gray Tencel Night Shift Dress, Visantine Collective $240
Made from one of the best fabrics, Tencel, the Night Shift Dress slips right over your head without a need for any closures. One of my favorite parts about this dress - pockets! I feel like for many of us, pockets are always that extra added bonus. I absolutely love how this dress lays on the body, and with ever step, moves with such grace {I tried to capture that in photos, but it doesn’t do it justice!}. If you don’t know much about Tencel, this textile is derived from wood pulp and processed within a closed-loop system with organic solvents. This means, water and solvents are continuously recycled instead of dumped out with each new process. Visantine Collective believes in producing clothes slowly and locally. This particular dress was sewn in Wray, Colorado a few hours from their headquarters in Laramie, Wyoming. Visantine Collective is currently working with local seamstresses, and has worked with 3 talented designers from the University of Wyoming. This slow fashion brand hopes to connect the maker to the wearer, and show just how similar both these roles can be. Check out their interviews, here! You may find my good friend, Rachelle, in there ;)

I wanted to show you a few examples of how you can style this dress from early to late summer & then fall..

{sandals for summer} 
Menorquina Gaudí Flat, Mamahuhu $58

Double Strap SandalOctober Jaipur $66

{flats for fall}

Black Tatreez Flat d'Orsay, Darzah $189

{& a look for night}
Audrey, VEERAH $268

Blue Pottery Duffel, October Jaipur $105