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A Couple Years Later, I’m Still Drying my Hair with These Amazing, Organic Cotton Towels

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Lakeshore Dry Goods

You know a product is a keeper when you aren’t in your own home and miss it. That’s how I am with these towels. I have one at my grandparents where I frequent often because I can’t wash my hair and not have one on hand. I LOVE these towels, and even carry one in my car & handbag for those ‘just in case’ days.

Reasons to Love Lakeshore Dry Goods

Quality, 100% Organic Cotton: Each towel is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton with low impact dyes, and washes very well. It's a very soft, t-shirt type fabric with great stretch retention, too. Plus, they are made right in the US (New York)!

Super Practical & Zero-Waste: These towels are used a lot in our home. Not only in my hair, but for Elliott as an actual towel after his baths and in my diaper bag for changing tables. They are a great size to carry around. Now, they are making drawstring bags with their leftover scrap fabric, and those are coming in handy, too! All my little things I throw in my purse now have little homes & I use the bigger drawstring bag to carry a towel around.

Cuts Drying Time Down: I have a lot of hair, and it takes a long time to dry with a blow dryer. Right when I get out of the shower, I put my hair up in one of these towels for about 15 minutes. It cuts my drying time by a few minutes! I think most of us women are quite busy, and anything to save us time is fine by us :D

What I’m Using

Where to Purchase

You can find the entire towel and drawstring bag collection - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all new prints on Instagram.


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Fitting in Some Self-Care Time with The Pioneers of Fair Trade

BeautyNatalie Kay

Ten Thousand Villages

I’m sure most of you reading this post have heard about Ten Thousand Villages, you probably might even have one near where you live. Throughout the last five years, I’ve directed a lot of family and friends to this wonderful store because it truly is an experience. Especially for everyone I knew who was visiting Asheville, I would tell them ‘you need to go to Ten Thousand Villages!’.


Reasons to Love Ten Thousand Villages

Putting People & Planet first for Over 70 years: More than just a store, this market-to-market movement is connecting us to some of the most talented artisans all over the world. Our purchase is directly contributing to sustainable livelihoods, and keeping crafts original. Every product celebrates culture and the planet, so you know not one is compromised for the other.


The Enormous Product Range: If you haven’t had the joy of visiting one of their shops, you need to go online and do a quick go through of all their categories. They probably have one of the most comprehensive lists of ethical and fair trade goods of any store I’ve seen.

Easy Gift Shopping: Eek, I think I screamed for joy out loud at the coffee shop when I realized you could make a wedding registry through Ten Thousand Villages! Sign me up, please. Much more my style ;) Besides being able to make a registry, they have an awesome gift guide for all different occasions and budgets.


What I’m Wearing

Paisley Cotton Robe: Out of all the categories, we are going to be focusing on their bath & body section which is perfect for a day of self-care and relaxation. This particular robe is block-printed by Aravali, which is a for-profit company supporting around 150 artisans in the Jaipur area. Block printing has to be one of the most interesting ways of creating design on fabric because it is rather labor intensive and requires great skill. They create a design on a wooden block and carefully dip it into dye and then onto the fabric until the entire fabric is covered. How beautiful is this paisley?

designs by  Aravali

designs by Aravali

more fair trade products to add to your self-care days…

Cat Nap Velvet Sleep Mask

Cat Nap Velvet Sleep Mask

Pedicure Friend Seahorse

Pedicure Friend Seahorse

Natural Hemp Washcloth

Natural Hemp Washcloth

Coffee Ground Exfoliating Soap

Coffee Ground Exfoliating Soap


Where to Purchase

You can shop Ten Thousand Villages online - here - or check out their list of brick-and-mortar shops. There may be one near you! Also, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all new products on Instagram.


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Clean, Ethical & Sustainable Curated Boxes, This is a Wonderful {& Affordable} Way to Learn About New, Conscious Products

BeautyNatalie Kay

Botanic & Terre

If you’ve been following along the past few years, you may have remember seeing this box on the blog before. It’s evolved to offer more than just beauty products, and this new box is amazing! All the brands included in the Botanic & Terre Winter Box were completely new to me {& the serums are on top of my beauty list, now}.

Reasons to Love Botanic & Terre

Consciously Curated: They go above and beyond to find you some wonderful, conscious products every three months. Each quarterly box contains 5-8 items with a value of $250+ for only $69.95 {$263.80 a year}.

Great way to learn about sustainable products: It’s my job to learn about sustainable brands, and I had yet to come across the great ones included in this box. If I’m learning something new, I’m sure many of you will appreciate this subscription, too!

Affordable: Some of the products within the winter box are priced higher than the entire box! How amazing is that?! That’s some incredible savings for clean, quality products.

What’s in the Box?

{psst.. this box is valued over $300}

Melie Bianco Aly Crossbody: I’ve been wanting a crossbody style like this for a while, and the burgundy color is perfect for my wardrobe {don’t forget to specify which color you want at checkout - olive, black or burgundy}. The chrome rings add a little something special! & for my vegan friends, this guy is completely cruelty-free <3

Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster Serum & Daily Repair Moisturizer: Okay, I may have found my favorite serum and moisturizer, yet. This stuff is total luxury {at the price of $90 & $195, you’d hope so}! The serum works to protect against the harsh environmental elements, while the moisturizer repairs your skin for a younger, smoother and healthier looking glow. I’m not sure my skin has been this soft before!

Audre Leigh Botanical Candle: A blend of eco-soy and coconut wax, this eco-friendly & vegan candle has been such a refreshing scent in our bedroom. I absolutely love its inspiration - ‘the light of lanterns lining cobbled streets, a blend of star anise and tangerines’ - how romantic!

Where to Purchase

Sign up for their quarterly, auto-renewing subscription for $69.95 - or, if you are looking for a one-time buy, it’s $79.95- & always free shipping for US & Canada. Plus, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with new boxes and products on Instagram!


Sustainably Supported by Botanic & Terre. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

The Future of Natural SkinCare is Low-Waste and Supported by Science

BeautyNatalie Kay

Au Natural Skinfood

Beauty is the smallest section of my blog because, to be honest, it’s difficult for me to find natural products I instantly fall in love with. I’ve had several samples sent to me over the years, and every once in a while I find something worth sharing and adding into my routine. Here is one of them! This skin care regimen is not only thorough, but it’s refillable, researched and all around ethical.

Reasons to Love Au Natural Skinfood 

Skinfood, rather than Skin’care’: Most skincare you find, today, acts more as a bandaid for skin issues. Au Natural works to improve the overall health of your skin by eliminating bacteria and strengthening the natural barrier. After Trinity BioActives Laboratories conducted cell research with the ingredients Active 16+ Manuka honey and pure bee venom, they found skin cell renewal increased by 80% compared to other natural skincare products. To see more of their research click here

Healthy, Ethical Ingredients: All the ingredients used in Au Natural products come from nature, and are ethically sourced in New Zealand. Besides the two ingredients mentioned above, Au Natural uses oils from the fruits of kiwi, avocado, grapes and many different berries. Read their entire list of ingredients here. It’s truly amazing what nature can do for our skin! 

Easy to Refill: This is such a high selling point for me because {like most of you} I am extremely tired of throwing out beauty bottles. They say we individually go through about 24 plastic bottles a year in our skincare routine - that’s 1,400 in a lifetime! Even if bottles are recyclable, there’s a high chance it won’t ever be recycled. When you need a refill of your Au Natural, they send it to in a biodegradable plant-based bag to help avoid sending more bottles to the landfill. How amazing is that?!

What I’m Using

Essentials Kit: I highly recommend starting with this because it’s a complete, yet easy, skincare regimen. It comes with their popular Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser, Prepare Brightening Lotion & Toner, AM Day Serum, PM Night Creme. My skin absolutely loves it all {but I have to say - I’m always a bit excited to put on the PM Creme because it smells so good - a great way to end the day!}.

Dr. Au Face Oil No.1 with Retinol: This beautiful, sparkly bottle of goodness is great for regeneration and the health of our skin cells. It absorbs easily into dry skin with no oil residue. I’m not super familiar with anti-aging oils, and this is the first one I’m trying… but I’m 30 this year, so it’s about time!

Dr. Au Superfruit Eye Serum: Such a nice, cooling sensation, this eye serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. I love putting this on first thing in the morning.

On-the-Go Mineral Powder: If you are looking for a light powder foundation with SPF, this is the one! It packs an SPF of 25 without clogging your pores. 

Where to Purchase

You can find Au Natural Skinfood’s entire collection online - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with new products on Instagram

Sustainably Supported by Au Natural Skinfood. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored

Certified Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free, This Skincare Line is Using Hemp to Make Our Skin Feel Great

BeautyNatalie Kay


You may remember seeing Hempme’s Face Cream on my blog a few years back. I loved the fact the product could be marketed easily towards men and women, AND it was rather unique with its ingredients. It was the first product I have ever tried which used hemp seed oil - and it’s great! Plus… they come in biodegradable tubes and are now selling at Urban Outfitters in the US!

Reasons to Love Hempme

Hemp Seed Oil: There are so many benefits to this ingredient, I could write pages - but I’ll keep it simple. Hemp Seed Oil, also known as “the most balanced seed oil”, is rich in several antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and even plays as a low broadband spectrum UV protectant (SPF 6) while enabling you to get your Vitamin D from the sun. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and doesn’t block your skin pores. Hemp Seed Oil also contains all 21 known amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. The coolest {& probably most unique} thing about this oil, is its optimum essential fatty acids ratio. Essential fatty acids are what help build healthy cells, and this is the only plant containing a perfect ratio for human health.

Other Beneficial Ingredients: Besides hemp oil seed, Hempme products are packed with several different ingredients to help nourish the skin - including; chamomile extract {anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic.}, aloe vera {improves blood flow and soothes the skin}, pomegranate extract {prevents moisture loss in skin cells}, jojoba oil {locks in moisture to protect from the elements}, kakadu plum oil {great source of vitamin c} and pink clay {helps reduce irritation and inflammation from irritating skin conditions}.

Easy on the Skin: Both the cream and cleanser are very light, and work on all different skin types - even dry and sensitive types! I really like the way my face feels after using the duo. Soft, refreshed & clean :D

What I’m Using

Certified Organic Face Cleanser: This is a new product for me, and I was surprised by its color the first time I used it! I guess it should have been obvious to me with the pink clay ingredient :P I love using this cleanser in the morning because it feels rather cool on the face making it a great, fresh start to the day. 

Certified Organic Face Cream: After using the cleanser, I go for the face cream. What I really enjoy about this product is how light it is on the skin. I don’t feel as if I’m caking my face on with cream, but it still feels very hydrating.

Where to Shop 

You can find Hempme products online - here - at Urban Outfitters! Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with everything Hempme on Instagram


Sustainably Supported by Hempme. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored