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Your eco-friendly bag where versatility and style meet, eba totes are designed for both your personal and 'active' life. No more carrying around several bags to separate your day out - the eba tote is perfect for groceries, travel, the gym, diapers... you get the point ;) Besides being multi purpose, this tote is one of the first to contain a waterproof compartment. That's right! No need to worry about those inventible spills or wet bathing suits we throw in from the day at the beach. Make your life easier {while looking good} and click below to find out more about the tote made with the modern woman in mind...

Let's start with the inside of your new tote. Like I mentioned before, the lining is waterproof. It is made from recycled materials, and is even stain resistant. Designed for your multifaceted life, there are two interior compartments: (1) The "personal" side, which comes with a zipper pocket and large inside pocket (2) The "activity" side, which comes with a elastic bottle holder. How awesome is that?! I've never seen a 'sustainably' minded bag with so much function & style. 

The outside materials are Ultrafabric® vegan leather and USA made linen. The eco-friendly vegan leather is moisture, stain & mildew resistant. Keeping their carbon footprint down, all bags are sewn right here in the States in LA. I was very impressed with the quality, and think the concept is fresh and much needed. Eba totes receives 5 shining stars from me!! 

For us, we know that there is always more we can do in order to reduce our impact on the world, so we strive to reduce our eco foot print with every new line, whether its through materials, production, and even packaging, we will aspire to do a little better with every bag.
— Eba Totes

Stay tuned for your chance to win the beautiful Indigo Tote {pictured above} on Instagram starting this Sunday! Shop eba tote's entire collection - here - & follow on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  

Now, go simplify your life & get yourself a new tote ;)


*dress by Stormie Dreams*