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Winter Glow Done Organically

Natalie Kay

Organic Skin USA

Say Good-Bye Sally Hansen, and Hello Eco Tan! 

During the winter, we tend to lose the glow we worked so hard to obtain over the summer - at least I do. I'm a Florida baby, and I love to lay out in the sun {with SPF, always}. For us *safe* sun soakers, the winter can last forever. Lucky for us, there is a better alternative to keeping a tan all year. Eco Tan offers us vegan tanning and body products, which you can find on Organic Skin USA. 

Eco Tan was created by Sonya Driver after her sister was diagnosed with Melanoma at age 30. Sonya did a ton of research on finding a toxic free and sunless alternative to tanning. She came to find out, there was nothing organic or safe being produced. Thus, Eco Tan was born to fill the market, and help create a product that would both benefit and 'tan' the skin. 

Why do you see two bottles?

The Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub works as prep or to remove an old tan. It targets stretch marks, dry flaky skin, cellulite and pigmentation. It also helps hydrate the skin. The scrub is made from  lemongrass, coconut oil and macadamia oil. 

The Invisible Tan works overnight. Apply before bed and wake up with a beautiful glow!

P.S I do recommend washing your hands after. No one wants tan palms! 

All Eco Tan products are made with only organic & natural Ingredients, certified by the Organic Food Chain, accredited toxic free, cruelty free, vegan and licensed by PETA.

We can all sleep confident knowing exactly what is going into our skin.

Happy Tanning!