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From an early age, Kristen Bringe wanted to help the world and protect the environment, but it wasn't until later on in life she started practicing her values as a consumer. With a background in graphic design, attention to detail and aesthetics were high on her list when purchasing. Noticing a lack of choice in high quality sustainable and ethical products meeting her design standards, her struggle turned into something positive and from there Whistlethorn was born. Inspired by the Whistling Thorn Acacia Tree, the tree provides shelter and nutrients to ants, who in return work hard to protect it. The relationship between the tree and the ants act as a metaphor for the Earth and its people, making the name Whistlethorn very fitting for a sustainable store!

Click below to read more about Whistlethorn and my zero-waste starter kit.

P.S. There's a pretty awesome Giveaway about to happen, too!

The gallery above is made up of a few products off Whistlethorn I have my heart set on. Kristen has such a good eye, and that Moscow Mule Kit is too chic for words. 

I get on the topic a lot about what constitutes a 'sustainable' product or 'sustainable' lifestyle, and the truth is, it is different for everything and everyone. I love how Whistlethorn describes their products by stating: 

We have come to the realization that there are no “sustainably perfect” products. Everything has an environmental impact, no matter how small. We curate products that we find to be the best in terms of both sustainability and ethics in the whole supply chain, while also meeting our high aesthetic standards.

Kristen tries her very best to live a zero-waste lifestyle, so it is no different when conducting business. They are plastic-free, and use 100% recycled materials for shipping. Even her products convey a zero-waste life, like my Zero Waste Starter Kit! The kit contains two reusable napkins {durable AND adorable}, and a salvaged 32oz mason jar. Great for on-the-go, and perfect for those leftovers when eating out. Pretty easy to start your zero-waste journey, now, right? 

The Black & White Recycled Cotton Beanie will be given away on Instagram starting this Tuesday the 15th! Made in Detroit by Meghan Navoy, the beanies are created from upcyled yarn  in pre-loved sweaters. This hat is seriously soft, and can be worn throughout the year because of its lightweight cotton yarns. Plus, its unisex, so this giveaway is for everyone! 

Ready to start a journey to zero-waste with Whistlethorn? Use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 10% off your entire purchase! Get social and follow on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.