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Sustain Luxury

An online store connecting consumers to luxurious clothing & accessories made with sustainability in mind. 

After writing and promoting sustainability the last 5 years {2.5 for the blog} I am still finding it quite difficult to convince others that sustainable goods, particularly fashion, can have a 'luxury' and sophisticated feel. I tell distant family or friends about what I do, and when I say 'sustainable fashion' they say 'oh, like hippie hemp stuff?'. I don't blame them for the confusion, I know this journey is relatively new, but they did get the 'hemp' part right ;) With Sustain Luxury, we hope to put those preconceived notions to rest. They take a lot of time curating the best of the best well-constructed, environmentally-friendly clothing. Their designers must have pride in what they do, and always strive to create the most sustainable product possible. We know it may not always be perfect, but supporting the brands who are taking the right step forward is so crucial at this point in time. 

In addition to choosing brands who align with their principles, Sustain Luxury has recently launched their own collection of basics. It features tanks, tunics and tees in black & white made from bamboo and organic cotton. They want their fabrics to be kind to Mother Earth, and be able to decompose later on. Not only are fabrics carefully chosen, they also want to produce close by so everything is milled, designed & made in Canada. See the collection below {each piece comes in both B&W!} - 

Audrey Tee  |  Ellen Tank  |  Bobbie Tunic

To shop everything Sustain Luxury visit - here - They have about 10 other fabulously sustainable brands to look through, including one of my favorites Indigenous. 

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p.s. use code sustainablychic for 15% off!!! Who isn't always in the market for some great basics?! :P