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Weekly Thoughts: Not a Zero-Waste Disney Trip, but One to Remember

Natalie Kay


We’re Engaged

hah, I bet many of you are thinking - ‘I thought you were married?’. After 6 years and baby, we are finally doing what all the other couples do :D I’ve never been a big wedding person, but now that we are engaged and thinking about who we want there to witness our marriage, things are starting to get bigger than I had thought. I’ll talk about all my wedding planning in future blog posts, but first.. the ring!


I told Travis years ago, if he was ever to propose, I wanted a pearl ring. I love how engagement rings were once pearls instead of diamonds. The history always intrigued me, and the aesthetic felt right. Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend to me. Vintage pearls are much more special ;) We don’t know exactly how old this ring is, but we can at least trace it back to the 1920s. I’m just still in shock on how beautiful it is - Travis did amazing.. I figured he would though. He can be pretty good like that.

He proposed to me during the end of our Disney trip. We took Elliott down to Orlando for a few days to celebrate his first birthday. We were watching the fireworks, and he asked right before the finale. I did not see this coming at all. Our friends who came with us were holding on to the ring, and left to go back to the hotel before he did it. I despise staged engagements, and Travis knows this. I don’t like when people take photos and everyone claps. We were in the middle of a crowd with thousands of people, and not one person even knew it happened. Elliott was there, the fireworks were going and everyone was focused on the castle. A couple even asked if we could take their photo after it ended. It was perfect.

can you do Disney zero-waste?

This was tough for me, and to be honest, I gave up after the first afternoon. I thought I would be able to come out of this trip with not creating any waste, but that was impossible for me - especially having Elliott to look after. What we did do was bring our own water bottles, which I think is essential when visiting the parks. It is so hot, and there are tons of places to refill your bottle. Buying water at the park is rather expensive and .. wasteful. What got me was eating out. Pretty much anything you bought food wise would come in a disposable container. I packed Elliott some snacks, but we needed to buy actual meals - and most of the meals were quick and through a cafeteria line. Even though I made some mistakes on this trip, I think I will feel better prepared for the next. We used to go the parks quite a bit, and I never really thought about my impact during my leisurely time. I’ll make sure we do better next time, and then maybe I can write a guide to help others who feel overwhelmed like myself - especially for the mamas!

Also - We didn’t buy any souvenirs except a Pikachu for Elliott at Epcot {not Disney related at all, hah}, and my Minnie ears are ones I’ve had for years and wear every time I go!

Disney is sustainably chic, too

I have to give credit to Disney and their effort on being more sustainable despite the great amount of people who come to their parks everyday. Epcot has its own greenhouse that supplies for food for several of the parks restaurants, and they recently have given up plastic straws. To find more information on their green initiatives, you can check out this fact sheet - here -

Elliott’s birthday is tomorrow on Mother’s Day, and we will be starting our search for a wedding venue on Tuesday! I’m also speaking on a sustainability panel next week.

More to come <3